Is the Star Child Skull the “Wedge” to the Future?

Lloyd Pye, an independent researcher and another ancient alien supporter just might have the one thing Sitchin or Von Daniken doesn’t have.

Physical evidence to back his claim.

The Star Child skull supposedly is a human/alien hybrid whose remains were found in a Mexican cave, along with a human female skull decades ago. Recent tests on the Skull showed that it had a human mother, but the father was indeterminable.

Recently another, more advanced DNA test was done on the Star Child Skull.

Was it alien? Well watch the video and find out.

Star Child Documentary


3 responses

  1. I think you should also read about elongated skulls which were obtained from Inca civilization. Sometimes it is also presented as evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

    1. True, but this skull has fibers spread through-out it’s structure that are anomalous.

      Testing has yet to determine what they are.

      I don’t think the creature was biological, but was a manufactured, genetically engineered pseudo-biological entity.

  2. I can’t read this $h1T! WTF!

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