More Ancient Lunar Cover-ups

For years there have been rumors of spaceships and aliens on the far side of the Moon. In fact, the rumors have recently started since the US once again canceled another return to the Moon program (although it was rife with price over-runs, time slips and political pork).

Is the Moon occupied by an alien race? Or even more strange, by vestiges of an ancient human culture from an earlier age of advanced civilization that was spread through-out the Inner Solar System?

As Alice said, “…curiouser and curiouser…”


Timex Watch Found on the Moon

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  1. Dad – maybe you can help me out. Is there a name give to the theory that there was an previous space-faring civilization on Earth? On and off I try to search for information on this but when you type in ancient advanced civilization you get stuff like ‘Sumer’ and such. I thought I heard a name give to the idea that before our current history, another civilization rose to advanced technological levels on our little blue world.

    1. Atlantis comes to mind, but that legend varies between space traveling to little better than Greek.

      Lemuria is another advanced society legend, one that pre-dates Atlantis. That society supposedly had space travel. They were located in the Pacific Ocean near Japan.

      The Sumerian legend of the Anunnaki dates them to 250,000 years ago, about the same as the Biblical Nephilim (Giants).

      The thing is that legends of these beings/culture is all over the world, which would theorize that there was a planet-wide advanced, technological culture tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years ago.

      Mainstream science think these guys are crack-pots, but read up on stuff from Zecharia Sichen, Richard Hoagland, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, Michael Cremo and last but not least, Erik von Daniken.

      Bauval and Schoch are scientists/engineers, but read Hoagland, Cremo and Hancock. They theorize on possible antediluvian space-faring cultures.

      As you can tell, this is a favorite subject of mine.

    2. Or they could be what Bruce suggested…cryptoterrestrials! 😉

  2. I think they are cryptoterrestrials. They might have evolved due to parallel encephallization.

    1. Hmm..Mac Tonnies would’ve agreed with you Bruce! 😉

  3. Right, of course — I didn’t know if there was another name for a possibly ‘Human’ civilization and not a crypto one. Or more specifically, an umbrella term for this sort of idea.

  4. dad2059 :
    Hmm..Mac Tonnies would’ve agreed with you Bruce!

    hmmm..worst thing is here. I haven’t even get a single chance to talk with Mac. Deirdre, Preterrestrials isn’t good word for such civilizations?

  5. Bruce:

    Preterrestrials is just fine, but I was looking to find more information on the topic and was curious for other types of words I could search for. Pretrerrestrial brings up some info, but I thought I had heard another term used for this theory in the past — I believe I may have heard db use it on the Paracast, a long time ago, but cannot for the life of me remember what it was or if maybe I just made the whole thing up in my head, lol.

  6. Deirdre:
    I doesn’t seem if a particular ‘term’ matters much for such civilizations. I believe such civilizations existed once and perhaps now somewhere in another galaxy. I don’t believe in such civilizations, based on anecdotals and folklore around us. I believe because it’s logical and plausible.

  7. Hey Bruce

    I really don’t care what terms are used, I just am interested in reading more about the ideas behind and wanted to know possible other terms that were used so I could search those ideas out online.

    Thanks for you input.


    1. Wont you want let me know, what kind of ideas, are you searching for?

      1. Bruce-

        I’m interested in continuing this conversation with you. If you;d like, email me via my contact form at Interstellar Housewife ( begin correspondence.

  8. If anyone seems to be disagree, I’m ready for full discussion over such civilization only from scientific and logical perspective.

    1. I think she was looking for something like “Atlantis” Bruce, not crypto “non-human” cultures. 😉

    1. Deirdre, are you out here late playing with the neighborhood kids again? LOL!

      That could get you into trouble y’know! 😆

  9. Deirdre:
    I’m unable to contact you. Just send me counter counter argues to this mail bruceleeeowe(at)

  10. Bruce I think you’re misunderstanding my interest. I don’t have any counter arguments. I’m not looking to debate the probability but rather explore it. That’s all.

    And I did in fact receive your email via my contact form — I will respond this weekend.

    Take care,


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