Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbeck Video

Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbech, two of alternative research’s leading personalities get together to discuss various topics of esoterica, history, and science. This is a rare piece and probably should be viewed a couple of times to fully take in the subject matter. Very entertaining.


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  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    Well, you’re right, it is a long video, and I intend to watch all of it when I get the time. I did watch it up to the 46:59 mark where the English fellow states his belief that man must do something to avert the coming catastrophe. Of course, I disagree, knowing that Armageddon must come to pass if the human race is ever to be emancipated from the oppressive satanic regime currently in control of this planet. I do agree, however, that there is far too much discussion which only leads to more and more confusion and uncertainty, and a more proactive course of resistance against the powers-that-be would, if nothing more than accelerate the final crisis to enable emancipation, help alleviate for a time their oppressive hold on us.

    I think the speaker is very knowledgeable, nonetheless, although ignorant of certain key aspects – particularly where the Ark of the Covenant is concerned. Primarily, the Ark was constructed as a visual aid to Israel in that it helped reinforce and drive home certain eschatological and theological facts about the plan for man’s salvation; i.e. the construction of the Ark, it’s temple, materials used, layout… all of these serving some use in the illustration of certain biblical facts. One example is the use of gold in it’s construction. Beyond the very good theory that it might have certain desirable insulating benefits in separating humanity from the toxic presence of the Holy Shekinah, it probably best serves as a reminder that the law is of utmost importance to God and to man, and that only the very best materials should go into the facility designed to hold it. The fact that a certain tribe (the Levites) was entrusted with it’s transport and care shows the importance that God places on the clergy and it’s mandate to provide a reference toward God and spiritual things. There are probably good and sound scientific reasons for many of the things that God did and instructed others to do, which cannot be discounted.

    I’m not keen on this guy’s emphasis on the use of mind-altering substances as some means toward higher understanding. After all, it was the promise of forbidden/unseen knowledge that got us all in the mess we’re in to date. God has always desired that we turn to Him and not within ourselves, as we are not perfect and how can perfection be obtained from imperfection? True, the ancients did place great importance on seers and dreams, and God used dreams and visions as a means of instruction on account of this. Nevertheless, we now have scripture as a moral and technical guide and any further information would probably be redundant.

    Anyway, I intend to view the rest of this video and I’ll be commenting on it, so keep your old jar-headed shorts on, Marine, I shall return.


    1. The Highwayman | Reply

      Well… there’s not a lot in the remainder of this video that’s unfamiliar, particularly in regard to Mayan beliefs and pyramid technology. Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan serpent-god is synonymous with most of your pagan deities, perhaps even more prominent due to the fact that in this case Satan does not shed the serpent image he was tagged with by God in Eden. The serpent has long been worshiped as a creature of wisdom and enlightenment, those very things that Satan promised man if he would adhere to and worship him instead of the Creator. Pinchbeck is communing directly with fallen angels in his drug-induced journeys and runs the risk of being led off on dangerous tangents. Of course, the enemy’s objective is to lead men away from the Source of true understanding and ultimate salvation and this is accomplished handily through the introduction of various and spurious pseudo-sciences and beliefs. It’s dangerous to hand over your mind and body, willy-nilly, to other entities, especially supernatural ones. Our will is the only thing that we can truly say is ours, and once it is surrendered, such as is the case that comes with the use of any hallucinogen or alcoholic substance, one can be led just about anywhere, intellectually or otherwise.

      Hancock is more impressive to me as someone of an intellectual mind. The former seems more interested in taking chemical trips of fantasy and less concerned with the actual science or archaeology of the paranormal and esoteric. I think Pinchbeck will end up frying his brain while Hancock may actually stumble onto something more along the lines of truth. He’s certainly getting close on a lot of fronts… but, not wanting to be a blog-hog, I’ll wait for the inevitable critique from my old jarhead buddy before I go any further. There’s a lot of ground covered in this video and maybe there are some points that you find more or less interesting that escape me.

      1. Pinchbeck historically has advocated the use of mind altering natural drugs in his theory of ancient man’s formation of gods and other superbeings and alternate universes. In my personal experience, I never opened doors to other universes through the use of LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and mescaline. Heck, even the heathen Aldous Huxley experienced another realm while taking mescaline! LOL!

        You’re quite right that Hancock is the scholar of the two and will eventually gets the answers that he seeks.

        Whether he likes the answer when he stumbles across it is quite another matter. 😉

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