Inexplicata: Alleged Humanoid Figure Photographed

The South American UFO blog Inexplicata reports that a recent photo of a “humanoid” was posted on another blog recently, supposedly un-retouched:

Sebastian Aranguren, writing for the July 12 2010 edition of Diario Popular, discusses an unusual photo of an “invisible humanoid” whose presence was captured only by a digital camera after the waters of Laguna del Monte were inexplicably stirred as if by an external force.

The photo was taken by an anonymous businessman from the city of Almirante Brown. Luis Burgos of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía and his photo analysis team have determined that it is a “clean” image showing no signs of manipulation. “There are very few photos of humanoids in the world,” Burgos is quoted as saying, “and this case acquires major significance in national ufology.”

The photo was taken on March 14 of this year — Easter Sunday — at 15:56 hours by “Ivan” (surnames withheld) in the company of his wife and children.

Diario Popular’s blog has disabled the photo copy function. Those interested in seeing the “Laguna del Monte Humanoid” for themselves can click — the FAO researchers say the image shows a neckless figure wearing a sort of diving suit that sags at the knees. “The intruder appears to be standing on the water itself, looking back at the eyewitness…

I saw the photo and was unimpressed by it. Pareidolia anyone?

Then again, it resembles the grey alien archetype slightly, so who knows?

Argentina: Alleged Humanoid Figure Reported

An invisible humanoid photographed in Lake Monte

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  1. Hola, soy IVAN, el que tomo la si quieren una copia e in formacion escriban al e-mail. (por favor en castellano) que les mandare una desde ya muchas gracias.

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