Chinese UFOs and Spy Games?

According to Gary Bekkum of, not only the Russians are involved in international spying and UFOs, but the Chinese are into it up to their necks:

The Internet is buzzing over a reported sighting of a UFO over China’s Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou on July 7, 2010.

According to ABC News, the unidentified object was taken seriously by air traffic controllers, who immediately grounded planes ready for takeoff and rerouted incoming flights to other airports.

Contentious speculation about the nature of the object ranges from a secret Russian or American stealth plane, missile, satellite, or drone; to wilder claims of extraterrestrial visitors.

Chinese civilians also reported seeing an unusual aerial phenomenon just prior to the  Xiaoshan Airport incident.

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) confirmed to ABC News that the incident remains under investigation. One unidentified source reportedly leaked that Chinese authorities had determined that there was “a military connection” to the UFO incident.

Interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial visitations has been fueled by popular science fiction and recent statements from scientists about the potential for alien life forms. The discovery of numerous planets beyond our solar system and rumors of government cover-ups of an alien presence have increased informed speculation about otherworldly visitors to Earth.

Stephen Hawking, the world’s most recognizable physicist, recently warned about the dangers of making contact with an advanced alien civilization.

Bob Bigelow, an entrepreneur at the forefront of the privatization of space travel, told the New York Times, “I’ve been a researcher and student of UFO’s for many, many years…Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters…People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.”

Past investigative efforts of unusual phenomena by Bob Bigelow involved a former high-ranking CIA official and scientists who continue to consult to the US government on matters of exotic phenomena, like teleportation.

Off the record comments provided on background appear to confirm concerns by the US government over a ‘phenomenology problem’ possibly linked to the appearance of UFOs, or even official contact by the government with an extraterrestrial presence visiting the Earth.

Declassified CIA files offer evidence to support the idea that intelligence agencies have actively used UFO reports for psychological warfare. The involvement of past and present government employees and consultants with persons interested in investigating the UFO phenomena suggests on-going government interest in the topic, which is related to advanced theory and experiments in alternative propulsion and energy technologies.

Spy Games in the world of UFOs

In March of 2010, Laura Bradshaw Eisenhower Mahon, the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, reported an attempted recruitment into a secret black program involving missions to Mars and other esoteric topics associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors. Ms. Mahon’s mother, Susan Eisenhower, consults to the US government on energy and nuclear issues. Persons Ms. Mahon associated with the black ops mission are known for their interests in alternative energy and nuclear powered rocket technologies, as well as other more exotic phenomena previously investigated by the US government.

Some Chinese researchers are known to be exploring similar exotic phenomena, including science fiction inspired mind-to-mind communication (telepathy), psychic remote sensing or remote viewing for espionage, and the use of high frequency gravity waves for communication.

The recent expose’ of a Russian spy network operating inside of the US provides an explanation for some of the interest by intelligence services in weird and unexplained phenomena. In the case of the Russian operation, the spies’ goal was to network with persons of interest connected to US policy consultants and decision makers.

In the case of the alleged ‘UFO Spy Games’ a similar goal might involve using exotic topics like psychic powers and UFOs to build connections to government consultants and policy makers involved in energy, space, and military technologies.

In addition to the more down to Earth explanations, sources have come forward to reveal the existence of government programs investigating the use of unexplained phenomena for intelligence collection.

Psychic spying, or remote viewing, was explored by the US intelligence community for more than three decades, according to declassified files. According to multiple unnamed sources, the National Security Agency, and possibly the Defense Intelligence Agency, continued to investigate so-called psychic phenomena following the 9/11 attacks. Unverified claims include the use of the psychic spies to locate Saddam’s hideout in Iraq, and to locate secret underground nuclear facilities in Iran.

The rumored contact by the US government with extraterrestrial phenomena is known as the CORE STORY.

If the UFO phenomenon is not only experienced by people in the US and Russia, but China too, it stands to reason they are also studying the psychic aspects of it.

And studying psychic effects to gain an upper hand in the spy game is perfectly natural. The US and Russia have been doing it for decades and China as a rising power would be remiss if they didn’t take advantage of it.

Whether this is all ‘woo‘ or not is another matter.

UFO Over China: Is there a connection to the UFO Spy Games?

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  1. Overall it is a kinda bad journalism. Full of misinformation nothing else.

    1. Maybe, but you have to admit it’s quite entertaining, is it not?

      Bekkum’s site could be part of a government plan to ‘inoculate’ the public about our place in the universe per the 1960s Brooking’s Institute Report.

  2. I’m agree with you Mr. Bryan. I haven’t visited Bekkum’s site yet. I recommend you to go through forgetomori blog. Mori has done a nice stuff there. I’m pretty much agree with him.

    1. Yeah, I like Mori too. He usually gets the info right out there pretty fast. I should add him to my links.

  3. All images can be seen from 1month before this news.

  4. Thick Black Theory…

    …an interesting post over at…

  5. A logo, accompanying punch line and rest of the content of a portal needs to be secured against any republication or use by any other party…..

    Like videos on the internet. I think people should have to have proof, cause there are a lot of trolls, you know people with no life that have nothing better to do than screw things up for everyone else…..

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