Boeing and Bigelow March On

While the Congress-critters of the US guvmint still hassle over Mr. Obama’s FY2011 budget for NASA, aerospace companies Boeing and Bigelow release images of their capsule and space station:

Boeing [NYSE: BA] released artist’s renderings of its Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 spacecraft during a media briefing with Bigelow Aerospace today at the Farnborough Airshow.

Boeing is maturing the design of its CST-100 spacecraft under an $18 million Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) Space Act Agreement with NASA. The CST-100 can carry a crew of seven and is designed to support the International Space Station and the Bigelow Aerospace Orbital Space Complex (as shown in image MTF10-0006-01).

The CST-100 will be bigger than Apollo but smaller than Orion, and be able to launch on a variety of different rockets, including Atlas, Delta and Falcon. It will use a simple systems architecture and existing, proven components. The “100” in CST-100 refers to the 100 kilometers from the ground to low Earth orbit.

The CST-100 also looks smaller than SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, but the Dragon is a multi-purpose vehicle designed not only for humans eventually, but initially for cargo delivery and bringing cargo back, like the shuttle.

The CST-100 is designed just for human taxi service to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

I think that Boeing/Bigelow will be sending folks to the ISS before the government backed Orion.

Don’t you?

Boeing CST Spacecraft to Provide Commercial Crew Transportation Services

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    1. The House version of the FY2011 NASA budget cuts more of the commercial investment than the Senate version and cuts the overall NASA budget by 15% while mandating an overhaul of the Constellation Program.

      All it does is just providing the District Centers with project pork without actually flying anything because the costs will just keep going up and up over the years.

      Like now.

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