More Moon Madness on the Paracast

In an interview by Gene Steinberg and co-host Christopher O’Brien of David Hatcher Childress on the July 18th Paracast, the Moon once again (and other objects in the Solar System) get the esoteric treatment in issues such as; the perfect size of the Moon during total solar eclipses, the supposed ‘ringing like a bell’ during a lunar landing, glass towers, rows of alien ships in a crater and of course, the aliens themselves. Fun interview!

David Hatcher Childress Interview

8 responses

  1. I enjoyed it! Wasn’t there a old tired theme of alien bases?

    1. Yeah, but it’s still fun to speculate on the Moon bases, even if it’s kind of tired.

      We won’t know unless we go back.

  2. I don’t know if I should write this comment or not. Today I read your comment at accelerating future
    so sad!! I don’t like that comment.

  3. Boy, that’s an old comment, you read things back that far?

    Oh well, that’s life, or death my friend. Maybe medical science can keep me a step ahead of the Ol’ Reaper long enough so I can upload myself?

    I’m not bettin’ on it though. I hope when it’s my time to go, I’ll go gracefully.

  4. Hey.. I think it’s enough time for you. In 15years, we would have cure to that disease, I bet. Though I’m not among one who can suggest you any cure.but give a try to yoga. May it help you. Delete this comment, I’m very sad reading that comment. Seriously.

    1. Yoga? I actually considered that.

      Requires discipline, something I lack. 😆

  5. Sometimes it suggest a satire conspiracy theory about moon. Why not?

    1. See, I told you it was fun. 😉

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