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Philip K. Dick – A Day In The Afterlife

For all of you PKD fans out there, here’s a treat.

While trolling (trawling?) for posting material this a.m., I ran across a little Twitter announcement on Greg Taylor’s Daily Grail site with a link to a site that was showing a Philip K. Dick documentary on the BBC. (here)

Now, after doing some re-reading of PKD’s classics and doing some research on the man himself, in my opinion he wasn’t croggled on drugs all of the time. But with this caveat, he did his fair share during the 1950s and 1960s and he was trying to stay clean during the writing of his Exegesis, although he had a doctor’s prescription for pain medication for headaches. Whether that had an influence on his writing the Exegesis is conjecture at best.

But who cares?

The Exegesis remains one of PKD’s most prolific work and at least three of his sci-fi classics stem from it’s sibling, VALIS; The Divine Invasion , The Owl in Daylight , and Transmigration of Timothy Archer .

A Day In The Afterlife Part 1


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