UFOs and Nuclear Weapon Sites

UFOs and nuclear weapons sites is a subject I’ve come across the past few years and probably to my detriment I passed it by without reading more about it. Of course I’ve read and heard the name Robert Hastings come up more than once and he’s had more than one interview on several of the podcasts I listen to, Paracast being the main one.

From what little I understand, over the past sixty some odd years, UFOs buzz and scan nuclear weapons sites (or have buzzed and scanned), shooting out beams of light. They sometimes trigger weapon count-downs, or in alot of cases, stop or interrupt count-downs for whatever reason. Possibly to show they have the means to do so at any time they wish.

Now there are retired military personnel who worked at these sites over the years stepping forward to tell their stories about UFOs and how they interacted with these nuclear missile sites; stopping and starting countdowns, messing with the workings of the missiles and sometimes messing with the military personnel themselves:

Consider it the second barrel of the double-barreled shotgun, or the “two” of the proverbial “one-two punch”; the first being Leslie Kean’s new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record and now the upcoming press conference being co-hosted by researcher Robert Hastings and former missleer (Minuteman I launch officer – Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander) Bob Salas.

Hastings writes:

“Declassified U.S. government documents and the testimony of more than 120 former or retired military personnel have established, beyond doubt, the reality of ongoing UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons sites. While most of the incidents apparently involved mere surveillance, in a few cases a significant number of nuclear missiles suddenly and simultaneously malfunctioned, just as USAF Security Policemen reported seeing disc-shaped craft hovering nearby.

On September 27th, during a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. , six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will reveal their own dramatic experiences involving UFOs at nuclear weapons sites. One of them, former Minuteman missile launch officer Robert Salas, is co-hosting the event with me. We hope to draw worldwide media attention to this vital issue by presenting the testimony of highly-credible individuals who witnessed extraordinary encounters which have officially been kept secret for decades.

Five of these veterans were rigorously screened by the Air Force and authorized to launch or otherwise work with Weapons of Mass Destruction. Of the remaining two, one headed-up a USAF communications center where he learned of UFO activity at ICBM sites; the other witnessed a UFO directing laser-like beams of light down into a major military base—including the nuclear weapons depot, according to the radio chatter he overheard.

At long last, all of these witnesses are coming forward to say that, as unbelievable as it may seem to some, UFOs have long monitored and sometimes tampered with our nukes. If ever there were a front page story, this is it.

At the press conference, Mr. Salas and I will be asking simple questions: Why do UFOs continue to appear at nuclear weapons sites, decade after decade? What might these incursions indicate about the intentions and goals of those who presumably pilot these craft? Why has the U.S. government chosen to keep the American public, and people everywhere, in the dark about these dramatic developments? Hasn´t the time come to speak the truth?

The purpose of this short article is to introduce, in alphabetical order, the individuals who will participate in the upcoming event:

Dwynne Arneson, retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel, was the Officer-in-Charge at the Malmstrom AFB, Montana, Communications Center in 1967, when he read a classified message concerning the sighting of a UFO hovering over one of the base´s Minuteman I Launch Facilities (silos), just as several missiles mysteriously malfunctioned. Although Arneson can not recall the designation of the missile “flight” mentioned, researchers now know that two UFO-related full-flight shutdowns—involving 10 missiles each—took place at Malmstrom in March of that year, at Echo and Oscar Flights.

Bruce Fenstermacher, retired USAF Captain, was a Minuteman III missile launch officer (Missile Combat Crew Commander) stationed at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming in 1976. His Security Alert Team reported a cigar-shaped UFO hovering low over his launch capsule, then ignored a direct order to pursue the object after it raced away and began moving from missile to missile in his flight. Fenstermacher´s squadron´s missile crews were briefed about the incident and told never to discuss it with anyone.

Charles Halt, retired USAF Colonel, was the Deputy Base Commander at a joint Anglo/American airbase, RAF Bentwaters, in 1980. Among other events, Halt observed a disc-shaped UFO directing beams of light down into the base, at one point near the nuclear Weapons Storage Area (WSA), according to several Security Policemen on duty there.

Robert Jamison, former USAF Captain, was a Minuteman I missile targeting officer (Combat Targeting Team Commander) at Malmstrom AFB in 1967. He helped re-start the stricken missiles at Oscar Flight, where Bob Salas was on alert duty at the time of the full-flight shutdown. Jamison says that his team was explicitly briefed about a UFO-connection with the incident before going into the field, thereby corroborating Salas´ report of a UFO being sighted as it hovered over the Oscar Launch Control Facility at the time of the malfunctions.

Patrick McDonough, retired U.S. Navy Intelligence Command Master Chief, was a U.S. Air Force geodetic surveyor at Malmstrom AFB in 1966. A disc-shaped UFO briefly hovered some 300-ft. above his team as they worked at a newly-constructed missile silo. They fled the scene, rolling their truck in the process. A Montana State Policeman responding to the accident told the team that some 20 UFO reports had been made that night by civilians living in the area.

Jerry Nelson, former USAF 1st Lieutenant, was an Atlas-F missile launch officer (Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander) at Walker AFB, New Mexico in 1964. His security guards reported a UFO silently hovering over the Site 9 launch capsule on half-a-dozen occasions over the period of a month or so. The object directed a spotlight onto the missile, frightening the guards. Nelson´s reports to the base command post were seemingly ignored at the time, however, evidence has come to light suggesting that the incidents were classified Top Secret.

Bob Salas, former USAF Captain, was a Minuteman I launch officer (Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander) at Malmstrom´s Oscar Flight, on March 24, 1967, when all of his missiles dropped-off alert status—malfunctioned—just as one of his guards reported a UFO hovering over the Launch Control Facility´s security fence gate. Salas and his missile commander, now-retired Col. Fred Meiwald, were debriefed about the incident and asked to signed non-disclosure statements by an agent from the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Meiwald has confirmed that, shortly after the malfunctions occurred, a two-man Security Alert Team was sent out to one of the flight´s missile silos to investigate a tripped alarm there. Upon approaching the site, the team saw a second (or the same) UFO hovering near it, whereupon they became frightened and quickly returned to the Launch Control Facility.”

“To present their information in the most credible manner possible, Mr. Salas and I have asked each of the press conference participants to sign legal affidavits attesting to their experiences. Those will be posted at this website following the event.”

Given the number of these retired folks stating that they’ve experienced anomalous events while stationed at these bases is interesting because it does give their stories some credence. And given the fact that military folk are trained observers (I can attest to this), it gives them further credibility.

My question however is this; “Why would aliens mess with our land based nukes?”

I would see it if these weapons were small, aircraft loaded types that could be used on hard to access or mobile targets.

But ones designed to wipe out cities?

Well, if they could control them, it wouldn’t take much to wipe out the primitive’s cities and not waste your own reserves.

But then you would have to clean up the radioactivity, fallout and poisons if you wanted to use the planet’s resources.

It’s still alot of work.


Retired Military Personnel To Confirm UFO Incursions at American Nuclear Weapons Sites

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  2. Same question here: “why would aliens mess with our land based nukes” possibly they haven’t implemented negative energy weapons or so devised in sci fi, into a concrete one. I doubt if conspiracy would ever be over. Believe it or not!

    1. Perhaps I should’ve asked the question; “Why would aliens care if we nuked ourselves to smithereens?”

      If they were truly alien, they wouldn’t give a good goddamn if we died or not.

      That’s what makes me think they’re Mac Tonnies’ “cryptoterrestrials.”

  3. Recent announcments RE: a September 27 press conference at the NPC, Washington, DC to address “the vital issue of UFO incursions at U.S. nuclear weapons sites” is a pathetic joke on the American public. The organizers of this sideshow, Robert Salas, co-author of “Faded Giant”, and Robert Hastings, author of “UFOs and Nukes”, claim to be witnesses to “one of the top ten UFO cases best supported by the evidence” — the Echo Flight case analyzed in “Faded Giant” and a primary point of discussion for the announced conference. We have repeatedly proven that they have lied about this UFO case, and we’re asking that representatives of the press and members of the Congressional staff invited to the conference examine the evidence that we have collected, in order to prepare themselves for this joke of a news conference.

    The organizers claim that in March 1967, UFOs interfered with the operations of two silo complexes attached to Malmstrom AFB, Montana and armed with Minuteman I missiles. These events are said to have occurred at Echo Flight on March 16, and Oscar Flight on March 24. The USAF officers manning these launch facilities dispute those claims. To understand the actual events of March 1967, including the incidents at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight, we encourage you to examine without any cost whatsoever the narrative discussing these incidents at http://www.scribd.com/doc/26641522/Americans-Credulous-by-James-Carlson, and more recent discussions at http://www.realityuncovered.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1688&sid=da8c688fe79cb16fb02369bcdb065e69, which will eventually be added to the original Americans, Credulous narrative. We strongly recommend examining the articles at http://www.realityuncovered.net, specifically the 4 recent articles by Ryan Dube.

    The commander of Echo Flight on March 16, 1967, MAJ (Ret.) Eric D. Carlson, very recently released the following definitive statement:

    “Let me start by stating that, as best as I can recall, my only contact with Salas and Hastings has been on the phone. … I have talked to a newspaper writer in Great Falls, several years age, and a TV producer from one of those UFO shows. With both these individuals I denied any knowledge of any UFOs at Malmstrom. In addition, I stated that there was no, repeat no, incident at Oscar flight as Salas maintains. The man is either lying or delusional.

    “My memory is quite good regarding the events at Malmstrom and there is no doubt in my mind that there were no reports of UFO’s and no incident at Oscar flight. I will be willing to discuss this with anyone who is truly interested in the facts.”

    His deputy commander at Echo Flight, COL (Ret.) Walter Figel, Jr., has also insisted that UFOs were not involved, and adds that his version of this event has been distorted by both Robert Salas and Robert Hastings in order to give the impression that an actual UFO was involved. He asserts very strongly that no UFOs were involved, nor were UFOs ever reported.

    Robert Salas’ commander at Oscar Flight, Frederick Meiwald, insists that he doesn’t even believe in UFOs — a strange comment to make in light of Salas’ insistence that a UFO took out the missiles at Oscar Flight during an incident that emptied completely the security command post of all armed personnel in order to face down this threat. One would probably expect the commander of Oscar Flight, after experiencing such a watch, would have changed his opinions regarding UFOs, and yet, it did not.

    It is a remarkable and shameful measure of journalism in the world today that the press has largely ignored the insistences of these primary witnesses that no UFOs were involved with any equipment failures at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967, preferring instead to rest their reporting with the prevarications of people like Hastings and Salas. On September 27, hold these men accountable for the paranoia they profit from, the lies they tell, the many lives they have been prepared to reduce in stature for their own aggrandizement, and the reputations they have consciously set out to diminish.

    1. Now that’s a rebuttal!

      I won’t be at this conference, but I’m sure others who are reading this will be.

      If anyone has any updates on this please email me at dad2059@yahoo.com or stardad9591@gmail.com and I will post both sides to this argument!

    2. I feel that testimony against testimony is invalid evidence. Who’s to say someone hasn’t put anyone one of these people in a situation to lie. The fact is, that evidence needs to be proven, and while testimony is a great start, lets see some evidence brought out. If it can be proven false, lets see evidence that it is false. If its real, there will be proof.

      1. That’s the trouble with the UFO field, most evidence is partial or anecdotal and testimony is easily discounted.

        Could these guys have been told to lie? Maybe. But I would still believe a vet before I would a politician.

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  5. You really should read my book, “Americans, Credulous” — it’s free and can be downloaded at scrib’d. The entire evolution of Robert Salas’ story indicates his dishonesty. Everything that’s ever been documented supports his dishonesty. I don’t just insist that he lies and neither does my father, so we’re not relying on testimonial evidence alone, and we never have. I’ve documented numerous lies that Salas has told — and these are lies that simply cannot be ignored. I’ve spoken to all of the witnesses, including Salas’ own commander — he has lied completely from day one, and I have documented exactly where and when he has done so, and none of it rests solely on my father’s testimony.

    Salas lied again throughout his little press conference! He once again evoked the names of my father and Walt Figel as having confirmed his version of the Echo Flight events, and he did so only days after both men very strongly asserted that they have never confirmed UFOs at Malmstrom. His only response to that strong insistence was to produce tape recordings that were supposedly from 1996, that seem to suggest the presence of UFOs as testified to by Walt Figel, but that have also never been published before. If those tapes were actually available to him in 1996, which was before he wrote any articles for publication anywhere in the world, why didn’t he use them then? He never even mentoned Walt Figel until the year 2000 or so. Why is that?

    Walt Figel was in a hotel room ten miles away from the press conference they held, and yet, he wasn’t even invited to attend. If his testimony is so strong, why wasn’t he there giving it with the other witnesses? Does that sound convincing to you? Does that sound like my father’s testimony is all I’ve ever discussed in relation to this case? Do you believe Salas is convincing? Because that is what you also have to examine — you can’t just say “we’ll never know what happened because all the evidence is testimonial.” You also have to take into account credibility; you may not know what exactly happened, but credibility can tell you exactly what did NOT happen.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that my father has never confirmed UFOs anywhere on the entire planet, and yet Salas again stated that his Echo Flight story was supported by Eric Carlson, commander at Echo Flight. If my father’s confirmation was so strong, why wasn’t he invited to testify that Salas is indeed telling the truth? These are definitive lies that Salas told in front of the entire world just yesterday!!

    There is no doubt whatsoever that from at least 2008, Walt Figel, the deputy commander, has insisted very strongly that UFOs were not involved at Echo Flight, and reaffirmed this in one of the strongest and most finalizing statements this controversy has ever produced only two days ago! And yet Salas once again insisted that the deputy commander at Echo Flight, Walt Figel, also confirmed his version of the events in 1967, and he once again told that lie yesterday!

    Just because you can lie with a straight face, doesn’t mean that your testimony is convincing or honest. It just means you can lie with a straight face … Salas’ behavior was undeniably sickening — not convincing or honest. That is my opinion. Salas told a number of bald-faced lies, and has been doing so since 1996. That is a fact. If you want to read the statements that my father and Walt Figel have made in regard to Echo Flight, go to the Reality Uncovered website. Both are very, very clear and very convincing and very recent. Robert Salas, however, is neither convincing nor honest, and he has proven this repeatedly. He LIED in front of the entire world just yesterday, and that lie has been repeatedly proven, even as recently as the day before his press conference! That may not convince you as to what happened, but it should sure as hell convince you that Salas’ claims are false. He made assertions regarding confirmations of his story from my father and Figel that both men have repeatedly insisted did NOT occur. Does that tell you NOTHING?

    My father has never confirmed UFOs at Echo Flight — and he was the commander. Salas says he did, and that he has a letter from my father that proves this. He has, however, never made that letter public, and we have no idea what it says, or if it even exists. We do know that my father was interviewed in the 1990s by a reporter from Great Falls, Montana, and a television producer from one of those UFO shows on cable, and that he told both of them that UFOs were NOT involved. We also know that he has strongly denied the involvement of UFOs in recent interviews with Reality Uncovered. And yet, Salas still claimed he confirms the UFOs, and he did so very publically. That alone should tell you SOMETHING.

    If you want to believe that those 1996 tapes of Walt Figel confirming UFOs at Echo Flight are real, then you have to assume that Figel’s repeated denials of that UFO from 2008 until today are false. You have to assume that he’s now lying — because his most recent assertions are absolute fact that cannot be dismissed. But before insisting that his denials are lies, ask yourself one question: in 1996 Robert Salas was still telling people that he was at Echo Flight when a UFO took the missiles offline; if he knew the whole story from the mouth of Walt Figel, the deputy commander at Echo Flight, why was he insisting to everybody else that HE was the deputy commander at Echo Flight? It wasn’t until 1997 that Salas started telling people he was mistaken, that he wasn’t really at Echo Flight, that he was actually at November Flight. And, of course, he eventually had change THAT story, too.

    So how did Salas finally determine that he wasn’t the deputy commander at Echo Flight as he’d been affirming from the very beginning of his ministry? Is it because he had spoken to the actual deputy commander, Walt Figel, in 1996, as he now claims, and realized then that he must have been wrong, that he wasn’t actually at Echo Flight? Not exactly … Hell, in 1997, he still wasn’t talking about Walt Figel at all. He wasn’t even talking about Echo Flight.

    “I recalled something my commander had said during our incident. After we reported the incident to the command post, he had received a call from another LCC. After that call he turned to me and said, ‘The same thing happened at another flight.’ With this ‘new’ recollection, I began to question if I was at Echo during the time of our incident since I knew I was assigned to the 490th Squadron, which did not have responsibility for Echo Flight.”

    In 1997, Walt Figel was nowhere near this little folk tale Salas was shopping around. And yet, Salas now says he had Figel on tape by the summer of 1996. There’s nothing honest about these people, and there’s nothing convincing in their claims, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that all of his evidence is testimonial or anecdotal. We know Salas is lying, because he has told a whole lot of very definite and easily proven lies. How could that possibly lead anybody to wonder what actually happened? My father has never changed his story — he has always said the same thing: UFOs were not involved. Only Salas keeps changing his story.

    In addition, I have never allowed my assertions regarding this case to rest solely on what my father told me, on testimonial evidence alone. That was just the beginning of my research — I trusted him enough to believe him, but I conducted a whole Hell of a lot of research and interviews and looking for the documents and records myself. I uncovered a TOP SECRET NOFORN ICBM History at George Washington University that had only been declassified in 2004 that discusses the Echo Flight failures — and that document, a document with a much higher classification than anything Salas or Hastings have ever produced, was never examined by anybody researching Echo Flight until I found it and pointed it out. Do you have any idea how many ex-missileers who were also stationed at Malmstrom AFB in 1967 that I have hunted down and spoken to? Salas and Hastings discuss 5 or 6 pages of FOIA documents in support of their claims, but I have published 80-pages of FOIA documents that discuss Echo Flight that they have ignored.

    I’ve asserted so often that people who haven’t familiarized themselves with this case shouldn’t reach conclusions, that it makes my head hurt to keep saying it. It isn’t just an “I said and then he said” type of discussion. EVERYTHING points to Salas and Hastings hoaxing this story and trying to earn a dishonest dollar off of it. There is a LOT of evidence to look at, and my father’s insistence that Salas is a liar is not the only little point that needs to be understood if people genuinely want to understand this controversy. It only starts with my father.

    It ends, however, with Robert Salas, who has only convinced people that he has a valid point to make, because he is a liar who has had a whole lot of practice.

    1. Thank you for commenting here Mr. Carlson, it’s good of you to stop by.

      I have a couple of questions, you say Capt. Salas is outright lying and your father backs this up, is your father still alive and why doesn’t he come out and say Salas is lying?

      It would be a relatively easy thing to do now-a-days with blogs, Facebook and all.

      And I will check out your book, it sounds like it might be an interesting read.

  6. Check out the interview with my father at Reality Uncovered — he’s very much alive and has been saying for years that no UFOs were involved at Echo Flight. Figel’s most recent statement is a very strong denunciation of this UFO crap as well, probably the strongest denuncuiation this case has yet produced, and he made that statement 3 days ago; it’s also been published at Reality Uncovered. And yet, Salas actually evoked both of them as having confirmed his story of UFOs. Salas did lie, my father is still alive, and he has come out and said Salas is a liar — if I remember correctly his exact words were “he is either delusional or lying”. I would strongly recommend everybody read the first five articles listed at http://www.realityuncovered.net — they all deal with Echo Flight and they absolutely damning to Salas’ and Hastings’ case. The fact that these discussions have been ignored by so many otherwise intelligent people makes me want to throw up.

    And you’re right — it was an easy thing to do, and it is available on the Reality Uncovered blog. But nobody seems to give a damn.

    1. Thanks for the reply Mr. Carlson and I’ll read the articles at http://www.realityuncovered.net.

      I think maybe the reason people are ignoring your father is because that isn’t what they are willing to hear; they want to read/hear about aliens and UFOs and if they’re going to save us from ourselves.

      But UFOs exist. And as my armchair research continues, I’m discovering they might not be extraterrestrial, but something different altogether.

  7. You may very well be right. I have never asserted that the Echo Flight case is the final word on anything involving UFOs anywhere else in the world. It isn’t even the final word on UFO cases that may contain similar elements. Frankly, I don’t know that much about other UFO cases — Echo Flight is the only case I’ve really examined in any detail whatsoever, and I only did that because I trust my father to tell me the truth. My examination, has, however, raised a large number of very serious issues regarding the credibility of the witnesses who have reported on this case, as well as the ethical qualities possessed by those who have put forth this case in full knowledge of the details exhibited. I have reached no conclusions at all regarding UFOs in general, because I don’t know enough about the subject — it’s very complex and very extensive, as I’m sure you’re aware. But I think I do have a unique perspective regarding the events on Malmstrom AFB in March 1967, and that’s what I’ve been trying to share with everybody I can who is otherwise interested in UFOs.

    1. James Carlson is a deluded liar who has polluted the Internet with his fantasies. Audio tapes of my (and Bob Salas’) interviews with Col. Walt Figel–James’ father’s missile deputy commander–confirm that a UFO was indeed present when the missile shutdown incident took place. My article “the Echo/Oscar Witch Hunt”, posted at UFO Chronicles, has links to those taped interviews. Listen for yourself and then draw your own conclusions about who is telling the truth, me or Carlson.

      1. Listen for yourself and then draw your own conclusions about who is telling the truth, me or Carlson.

        I’ll have to take you up on that Mr. Hastings.

  8. The most amusing part of Robert Hastings’ otherwise trivial rebuttal is the fact that he’s still relying on Colonel Walt Figel’s 2006 interview. I told him then that nothing in that interview said “UFO”, so he said, “fine, I’ll interview him again” and did so in 2008. But even then, he failed to get anything at all that was definitive. It was just more of his crap.

    However, when I interviewed Figel, he told me immediately, and without having to coax it out of him at all, that UFOs were not involved, were never reported, and were not investigated in accordance with active USAF regulations. He also said that he told both Robert Salas and Robert Hastings this, but they chose to ignore that part of his claims.

    Raymond Fowler’s notes from 1996 indicate that Salas was lying to him as well — he told Fowler that he had contacted both my father and Walt Figel, and that they confirmed his UFO stories, which is complete garbage. My father has never confirmed UFOs at Echo Flight, and he was very clear about that in 1996, and in Ryan Dube’s Reality Uncovered interviews in 2010. Colonel Figel was also very clear: “I have always maintained that I do not nor have I ever believed that UFOs exist in any form at any place at any time. I have never seen one or reported that I have seen one. I have always maintained that they had nothing to do with the shutdown of Echo flight in Montana.”

    Salas insists otherwise — he’s got it all on tape, he says, and he allows Robert Hastings to publish them instead of the more recent statements that Hastings insisted for over six monbths that he had and was going to reveal. These “recordings” apparently were made in 1996 — but ask yourself, why the Hell didn’t Salas publish them in 1996? Why did Hastings wait until 2010 to post them, while he was insisting to everyone that he had recent recordings from 2010 that reveal my supposed “lies”? I can remember 1996 very well, and I remember my father telling me that the producer of “Sightings” asked him about Echo Flight and UFOs, and he told me then — as I’ve discussed elsewhere since 2006 — that he could have been on TV, but they wanted him to say UFOs were involved, and he refused to do so, because he’s an honest man. In Salas’ emails to Raymond Fowler, however, he insists that both my father and Figel confirmed his UFO stories, and that the show aired without either one because the producer didn’t think it was a good idea for some unstated reason. So he was actually lying to people who were willing to trust him on the matter as far back as 1996!

    Hastings is even worse, because he comes in with B.S. and expects you to accept it whether you trust him or not. The only thing I’ve ever had to do to impeach what he has to claim is tell the truth, reveal the documents he and Salas have purposely ignored, and reinterview his own witnesses. And none of them have anything to say that’s worth listening to! For God’s sake, listen to the man — he still insists that Figel’s testimony proves a UFO took out Echo Flight! He refuses to recognize that nothing in any of his interviews with Figel supports the case, and doesn’t acknowledge at all that Figel says “I keep telling them that UFOs weren’t involved, but they keep saying they were.” So Hastings is either brain-dead, or he’s … well, there is no other choice. He’s an idiot. He keeps promising undeniable evidence and he keeps showing up at the ball game with nothing. His 37 years of “UFO investigative experience” has done nothing for him, if he can’t even get a single interview right.

    And he says I’m polluting the internet? When I take a witness statment, at least I can go back to whomever I’ve interviewed at any time and ask “this is what you said, right?” and they will ALWAYS say “yes.” Hastings has to reinterview over and over again, and he still can’t get a definitive statement. Or maybe he is getting definitive statments, but he isn’t making those definitive statements public. I only mention this last, because Colonel Figel told me repeatedly that he’s mentioned all of this to both Hastings and Salas and they ignored him.

    What else did Colonel Figel say? Good question! He said “your dad has not lied about anything nor do I believe that he is even capable of lying about anything at all. He was, is, and always will be an honorable man.”

    He said, “Bob Salas was never associated with any shutdown of any missiles at any time in any flight and you can take that to the bank. Just think about this for a split second. He is a person wrapped up in UFOs to the Nth degree. Yet he could not remember he was not at Echo. Then he thought he was at November – wrong again. Then he thought he was at Oscar – wrong again.”

    He said, “There is no record about anything happening at November or Oscar except in people’s minds that are flawed beyond imagination. Salas has created events out of the thin air and can’t get the facts straight even then. My best friend to this day was the flight commander of the 10th SMS at the time. He and I have discussed this silly assertion in the past couple of years – he thinks it is all madeup nonsense for sure. I put both Salas and Hastings in touch with him and he has told them both that an incident at November or Oscar never happened. In addition he was subsequently stationed at Norton AFB where the engineers tested the possible problems. No little green men were responsible.”

    Colonel Walt Figel told both Hastings and Salas everything, and they have repeatedly lied about it. And yet, people like Paul Kimball, the film-maker behind “Best Evidence”, refer to my attempts to introduce Figel’s actual claims as “a drive-by character assassination”, simply because I’ve told everyone that both Salas and Hastings are complete and utter liars, and not a couple of guys who have tried to make a coherent argument but unfortunately got a few facts wrong, and thereby reached the wrong conclusion. Well, excuse me for calling a “pig in a poke” a “pig in a poke”. They didn’t make a couple of errors in judgment — had they done so, that’s what I would have said, but they didn’t. They LIED about Echo Flight and Oscar Flight. They INVENTED the UFO they have publicized. They are both FRAUDS. They have created and publically affirmed a UFO HOAX. There is no plainer way to say what they have done except to call it what it is: a LIE, a FRAUD, a HOAX!

    And American UFOlogy is absolutely filled to the brim with people like this. Leslie Kean publishes a book that is so full of facts that she’s lauded repeatedly as an exhaustive researcher, until people start checking the facts and realize she’s made some intolerable errors. Her defense? “I didn’t write that part of the book.” Well, her name is on the frigging cover!! Her take on Echo Flight? Salas’ work is sound. What a joke! People like Stanton Friedman refuse to look at any actual research or documents that Salas and Hastings have ignored regarding these cases, because, like Raymond Fowler before him, he trusts that Salas is an honest man. Well, I don’t give a damn how much you like the guy, if he’s a liar, that’s what I’m going to call him. But I’m not alone out there, like Hastings and Salas are, because Walt Figel and my father, the only two people in the capsule when the missiles started going offline at Echo Flight, say the same thing! Did Leslie Kean even ATTEMPT to interview the only men who were actually on duty? Hell, no! Frankly, that’s NOT good research, and her name’s the one on the cover.

    Figel insists that “Nothing in that urgent SAC message even hints of UFOs at all and I think that it would if the official logs or telephone calls had referenced that fact.” That’s a very good point — did Hastings mention that? Has Salas? Hell, no! What a silly question.

    In reference to CUFON’s article about the event, Colonel Figel states very clearly that “When it happened, neither your dad nor I were “visibly shaken” by the events. It was just another day with a unexpected event in our lives. It was rather underwhelming at the time. No one rushed out to see us, no one made us sign any papers, no one interrogated us for hours on end.” He has also repeatedly insisted that this is exactly what he told Hastings and salas. Does that sound to you like Hastings or Salas made a couple of innocent mistakes in their analysis of this event? To me, it sou8nds like they LIED about everything. And that’s exactly what I’ve said from day one.

    Hastings is more than welcome to make whatever public claims he wants, but Hastings is a liar and a fraud, and people should take that into account when they read his little UFO commentaries.

  9. I just wanted to add a quick addendum. Some weeks ago, I received an email from Raymond Fowler; he basically asserted that the entire Echo Flight scenario originally put forward by Robert Salas in 1995-96 would always be looked upon as a valid alternative to the claims that my father and I have made, because it’s supposedly a well-known fact that the USAF has lied continuously about UFOs since the 1940s. I don’t want to get into that discussion, because I don’t know a whole lot about other UFO incidents, and I don’t think such matters are even relevant to the claims that have been asserted regarding Echo Flight here and elsewhere. What I do believe is necessary to mention, however, is my insistence that’s it is not only laughable, but insulting as well, that people like Raymond Fowler, Robert Hastings, James Klotz and Robert Salas would insist without authority, good reason, or the smallest measure of evidence that my father has been lying to his family for 43 years simply because the USAF “ordered” him to do so. After all, it should be apparent to everybody by now, that the USAF has no intention of ever prosecuting anybody for the “crimes” that Robert Salas supposedly committed when he divulged the “truth” about this incident that occurred in 1967, whether for speaking the truth about UFOs — as Salas, Fowler, Klotz and Hastings insist — or for discussing an event that the USAF declassified decades ago — as we have actually proven. Who has been arrested, or even threatened, as a result of the “truth” Robert Salas has divulged? Nobody. What possible reason could my father have for lying to his own family regarding this relatively small and insignificant matter for 43 years? None. What possible reason could Robert Hastings, Robert Salas, James Klotz and a herd of others have for lying about this relatively small and insignificant matter since 1995-96? I think most folks can come up with a good half-dozen applicable reasons in less time than it takes me to say, “have a great week, and I’ll talk to you later.” Thank you.

  10. I wanted to let you and your readers know that I’ve recently posted a new article on scrib’d entitled “Echo Flights of Fantasy – Anatomy of a UFO Hoax”. It’s located at http://www.scribd.com/doc/42303580/Echo-Flights-of-Fantasy-Anatomy-of-a-UFO-Hoax-by-James-Carlson and I’d like to know what you think. It’s written as a general article regarding the Echo Flight hoax that’s been perpetrated since 1995, but since this hoax was only made possible as a result of the UFO rumors that were associated with the original event in 1967, I particularly wanted to account for them. I have no doubt that the conclusions I’ve reached explain everything sufficently. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been granted access to a number of personal records regarding the suspicions voiced by NICAP investigators at the time, and examined with all the benefits of hindsight, they make it very clear how those persistent yet inexact and poorly defined rumors came about and why they have continued to have any influence at all, even though they were entirely baseless, irrational, and lacking an appropriate foundation. It also makes very clear that the poor research conducted by UFO “investigators” and “analysts” since that time is the only reason such rumors have been given any “second wind” at all. If it wasn’t for such people and their persistent refusal to look at all of the evidence available, nothing about the Echo Flight Incident would ever have been condsidered “memorable”, let alone one of the top ten UFO incidents supported by the most reliable evidence. Thank you — and I hope you read it; like everything else I’ve made available in this field, it’s free.

  11. I do trust all of the ideas you’ve introduced on your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are too short for starters. Could you please extend them
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