More Chinese UFOs

The Chinese have a different take on UFOs; they call them UFOs. No mention of little green men, grays or any of that nonsense.

From Technorati:

China’s People’s Daily Online, the official news agency of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in China (CPC), is reporting that two students photographed a UFO above the city of Pingyao September 22 while taking nightscape photos during the 10th Pingyao International Photography Festival.

Over a 40-minute period, the students snapped roughly 200 pictures of the UFO, which they described as “a sphere with two flickering columns on its two sides,” but which could not be seen with the naked eye.

The only published image, shown here, does not impress. Grainy and indistinct, it’s typical of the vast majority of UFO photos.

But the real story isn’t the photo. It’s People’s Daily’s persistent willingness to report UFO sightings without flip comment, specious hypothesis, de rigueur debunker counterpoint, or meteorological speculation.

The People’s Daily headline is straightforward: “UFO photographed over ancient Chinese city. ” Not “Purported UFO…” Not even “Suspected UFO…”

There’s no reference to Little Green Men and no evidence of any invitation extended to air traffic controllers, military spokespeople or government officials to make official non-statements.

It’s just so … so … Un-American.

Maybe to the Chinese UFOs are just things to be dealt with on a practical basis? But there’s generally no news about their military jets chasing these objects all over the place.

Apparently the Chinese have no lore about alien abductions?

UFO photographed over ancient Chinese city

Chinese Media To U.S. Regarding UFO Coverage: Grow A Pair

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6 responses

  1. why must they be students who photographed the ufo, and not some respected famous adults who work a good job? the photograph is grainy and poor, and yet we have so many good camcorders available in china that people carry around with them in their cel phone. all poor quality photos taken by kids and students and people not working jobs when they see them, proves they are all phony scams to promote an unreputable business activity in china

    1. What business in China would benefit from a UFO scam?

      Not being smart, just curious.

      I think it looks like some winged UAV.

  2. china daily online sells more newspapers and gets more viewers this way

    1. china daily online sells more newspapers and gets more viewers this way


      Yeah, maybe they should get better pictures. 😉

  3. they rely on fuzzy photos to further hide what are apparent poorly built ufo models. Notice how many photos have lights shining, without any purpose for a ufo. China People’s Daily Online needs to clean up their act, because their news stories are fictious, and their photographs are lousy. A 40 minute encounter of 200 blurred photos of an obvious faked model is even more absurd to believe could ever happen.

    1. Maybe they’re trying to compete with All News Web and the Enquirer?

      Seriously though, if that’s the case it puts a bad image on a UFO field that’s already fragmented and poo-pooed by the mainstream. Too bad.

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