UFOs, Abductions and U.S. Government Human Experimentation

It is common knowledge now-a-days in the U.S. about the African-American syphilis experimentation done on men during the 1932-1972 timeframe and the recently admitted experiments done on Guatemalans during 1946-1948.

Now there’s possible news of experimentation done on ordinary citizens using various nuclear materials since 1947:

Revelations yesterday (Friday, Oct. 1) that the United States government in the late 1940s conducted clandestine medical experiments on mental patients, prisoners and soldiers in Guatemala rocked western hemisphere international relationships, with more such disclosures apparently on tap.

Announced late Friday by the Obama administration, apparently to reduce domestic coverage, the disclosure nonetheless is provoking outrage in Guatemala and among minority communities elsewhere because the medical scientist reportedly in charge of the experiments also was central to the infamous Tuskeegee syphilis study.

That study, disclosed in the 1970s, involved hundreds of African-American men used as human “guinea pigs” by American researchers from 1932 to 1972. Many of the unwitting research subjects were left untreated for syphilis as researchers watched the progression of their disease. Others were administered various experimental drug treatments.

The Guatemalan studies reportedly involved 1,500 men and women and took place between 1946 and 1948, according to The WashingtonPost as reported in its Saturday morning edition (Oct. 2, 2010; Page 1-A).

The full story, contained in a 29-page report by a Wellesley College history professor, is slated for publication in the January 2011 issue of The Journal of Policy History.

These latest findings, discovered by researcher and professor Susan Reverby, came to light incidentally to her research at University of Pittsburgh archives into the papers of John C. Cutler, a physician with the US Public Health Service, and his involvement with the Tuskeegee study. Cutler died in 2003.

Then-US Surgeon General Thomas Parran, Jr. was among a number of high ranking US government officials who also knew of the Guatemalan studies, according to Reverby’s report.   Parran, who died in 1968, is quoted in the Post story: “You know, we couldn’t do such an experiment in this country.”

Parran quite likely knew very well that his statement was not true.

In reality, such experiments were widely conducted in the United States during this period, ironically while the US government proposed and signed the Nuremberg Code proscribing medical and other experimentation on unwitting human subjects.

Such prohibitions were born of Nazi atrocities uncovered at the close of World War II and prosecuted by the US at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals in the late 1940s.

And while the US signed the Nuremberg document in 1947, officials with the military, the then-new Atomic Energy Commission (derived from the Manhattan Project) and other government agencies and research contractors abjectly and routinely disregarded the Nuremberg Code, while conducting a range of experiments on unwitting citizens.

Previous revelations about these practices caused a stir in the Clinton administration, when a 1993 series by then-Albuquerque Tribune reporter Eileen Welsome revealed “The Plutonium Experiments,” a long-term study of the effects of Plutonium injected into unaware patients by then-esteemed medical researchers on behalf of government agencies.

Welsome stumbled upon references to those human experiments in 1986 while looking into radiation experiments on animals and problems attendant to radiation leakages at older nuclear facilities.

Welsome won the Pulitzer Prize for her series in 1994, and President Clinton apologized to the families of those victims, as well as to thousands of American service personnel (termed “Atomic Veterans”) exposed to radiation from nuclear weapons tests and, at least until the mid-1990s, generally abandoned and ignored by their government.

Also in 1994, University of Cincinnati professor and physician Eugene L. Saenger, who according to his Washington Post obituary in 2007, “led Cold War human radiation experiments,” was sued by families of cancer patients “who said their relatives were unwitting guinea pigs in a military-sponsored experiment.” That lawsuit reportedly was settled in 1999 for $3.6 million.

The link to the much publicized “Roswell UFO,” widely described by government-linked “UFOlogists” as being a “crashed flying saucer,” replete with recovered bodies of alleged “extra-terrestrial” occupants, arises from little-known rocket tests and other medical experiments associated with post-World War II research into the effects of radiation and high-altitude exposures to humans.

The tests were conducted by then-Army Air Corps and “our” captured Nazi scientists beginning in 1946, at the White Sands missile testing facility, and involved animals lofted into near-Earth space in the nose cones of captured V-2 rockets as well as alleged human subjects flown by high-altitude balloons.

Most contemporary advocates of the “Roswell UFO crash” scenario have involvements with government nuclear programs and other military or intelligence research in their resume’s, but now publish “UFO conspiracy” books and are regularly featured as speakers at “UFO” conferences. Their vaunted “investigations” rarely if ever come up with prosaic explanations, especially those involving less well-known experiments using humans.

Ongoing efforts to promote “UFO Disclosure” by the US government experience periodic up ticks in public interest, the most recent accruing from several new books and media events claiming “ET/UFO interference” with military activities, such as at ICBM launch facilities in the 1960s and subsequently, as well as other military related “UFO reports,” often associated with US Air Force and clandestine intelligence agency operations.

Current activities include a contributory effort by former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, previously head of the Obama transition team and now president of the Center for American Progress, who penned a forward for a new book pushing “UFO disclosure” by journalist (Ms.) Leslie Kean.

Kean previously teamed with Podesta for a 2001 investigation into a claimed 1965 “UFO crash” at Kecksburg, PA, sponsored in part at the time by the Science Fiction (SyFY) television channel, and used Freedom of Information requests targeting NASA for information about the Kecksburg event.

Kean’s new book features alleged “UFO interactions” reported by retired US military personnel, while Kean, and Podesta in his forward to Kean’s book, both claim they are “agnostic” about whether “UFOs” as reported are actually “extraterrestrial” in nature.

Yet both Kean and Podesta previously advocated the “ET” genesis of such events.

In 1993, the late industrialist and philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller funded a range of “UFO-related” projects to encourage the Clinton administration to “disclose what the government knows about UFOs,” an initiative that also reached into the office of then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Rockefeller met at at least twice with Clinton administration officials in the White House, in 1993 and 1994,  and reportedly discussed the “UFO question” with Mrs. Clinton during a Clinton family vacation at Rockefeller’s “JY Ranch” near Jackson Hole, WY, in the mid-1990s. Mrs. Clinton has subsequently refused to acknowledge or discuss the subject.

Mrs. Clinton, now Secretary of State, issued a joint apology for the Guatemalan debacle with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Friday, saying in part: “Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health,” and “…we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent policies.”

Clinton era efforts to have a range of past government operations declassified came after Welsome’s story about the Plutonium experiments and in the wake of aggressive activism by “atomic veterans” and advocacy groups.

A government-wide search for past human experimentation efforts was instituted as part of President Clinton’s effort to force declassification of millions of pages of government documents from the Cold War’s secrecy, although the effort was plagued by bureaucratic foot-dragging and claims of lost files or intentional lapses in the documentation of such programs.

Former President George W. Bush shut down that effort in the weeks after the September 11, 2001 attack by Islamic terrorists, although President Barack Obama reinstituted government-wide declassification mandates upon taking office. These are ongoing.

Activists for supposed “UFO Disclosure” generally ignore, downplay and deflect public and journalistic interest from any recollection or recounting of human experimentation possibly attendant to so-called “ET abductions” or other alleged “UFO” activity involving reported contacts with terrestrial human beings, in the US and now most notably in other countries and cultures.

The Guatemalan disclosures likely signal a “climate change” in how such alleged reports are considered, as much so-called “UFO” activity and claimed conspiracies involving citizens of countries other than the US have been the centerpiece of “retail UFOlogy.”

Previously, the American CIA acknowledged that many claimed “UFO” sightings during the Cold War years had been of exotic reconnaissance aircraft the agency sponsored and developed, including its A-12 supersonic spy plane, code named “Oxcart.” That aircraft later went public as the SR-71 Blackbird, now “retired.” The skin of an early A-12 prototype recently was installed as a static display at the CIA’s campus in Langley, VA, and a retired SR-71 was added to the collection at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, after a record-breaking final flight across the continental United States.

Less proudly remembered are previous government and military intelligence research programs into so-called “mind control” and other experiments aiming to influence human and cultural behaviors, alleged victims of which continue to seek recognition and justice for claimed medical and psychological damage they suffered.

Although the UFO phenomenon has been with us for thousands of years, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that various governments over the past 80 years have used it as cover for their own experimental aircraft, and possible experiments on the human population.

In fact, recently books have been written about government officials admitting that this was policy during the Cold War.

Are they true? I don’t know, but people might want to read Leslie Kean, Mark Pilkington and Nick Redfern’s new books on the subject.

Clandestine human experimentation disclosed. More to come?

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  1. IMO, this is only governmental conspiracy. Ufo and nukes agenda etc.. I was awed when watched the the ufo disclosure by retired milititary personnel on CNN. What’s shit? I tend to disagree with alien abductions because I’ve reasons. See it below

    1. Actually Bruce, I was making the point that the government was doing the abductions and experimentation making it look like aliens.

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  3. Guatemala is not the only country where unethical and illegal experimentation has taken place. I’m a victim of current day non consensual experiments and not coincidentally, I’m sure, I’m a UFO contactee (in childhood). Fortunately, I didn’t believe it even as I saw it, didn’t report it at the time and waited until adulthood to finally make fun of it.

    What are the odds that I would experience “side effects” from experiments years later? Whatever program I am under includes: constant stress – via control over communications including the US Post office, psychological harassment using some kind of NLP (mine is on the internet and I have evidence for it), surveillance with feedback, hacking constantly, and some physical effects that might be due to electromagnetic harassment (flashing lights in vision, bizarre twitching in the legs, a constant “hissing” sound in various parts of the house, etc.). I had also been hit with some kind of DEW in the house – electrocutions and attacks to the occipital lobe (seeing starts) when I’m trying to sleep. Apparently this along with constant car vandalism and tampering was set up to have me believe that something called “organized stalking” exist. These OS groups probably function in the same way as the UFO cults of yore. There must be other victims, but it appears that the intent is to drown innocent victims in the standard right wing conspiracy theories and push them toward political actions that honestly probably won’t solve the problem.

    Do we have to wait 50-70 years to get an acknowedgement that this is happening? There is a history of non consensual experimentation beyond what has been reported. Will we simply get an apology for someone messing with our brain function, tearing apart our families, friendships and careers? Or will we get the justice we deserve? We are human beings. The US claims to be at the forefront of human rights and yet here we are being treated like toilet paper in the republic of hypocrisy. To be fair I doubt that most people even in government know about this and if they knew the nightmare we (other family members and I) have been put through surely they would be repulsed.

    How can I get the word out – since the last attack I can’t even afford a lawyer, I have no internet privacy, the justice system appears to be stonewalling, and anything I say about it seems to feed the experimenters’ desires to log my writing style or opinions in their useless database.

    It appears that nothing I can say will stop them. Their lack of ethics and arrogant narcissism and extreme cowardice is far too embedded for them to consider that we are human beings undeserving of their harassment, bodily violations, and destruction. I don’t care what their motivations are – people like that deserve to be exposed and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

  4. Sorry for the grammatical errors and lack of flow in the paragraphs… I’m under a lot of stress.

  5. I believe in the past and the present people are performing human experimentation. They do by doing research studies done on people who are not aware of the consequences and some research subjects knowingly do it for some financial gain. Some studies were done for research on biological agents. Some studies were done to manipulate man by psychic abilities or through mechanical means. I think the worse was done for genetic manipulation of our species. Some studies are now and in the past were done for weather manipulation causing major disasters and hurting those effected by the weather. Some are done for medical research and so on. The sad thing is that much research has been done by scientists or medical researchers on people who did not understand what was being done to them and those who had no choice in the matter. Even though I believe in the existence of other species playing a part in this research, it is very evident much was done by the human species. You can deny that a government or governments would never do this. I can not prove what I am saying except for some of the research being admitted to. But the human species is very capable of performing horrific experiments on people and animals without their consent. In fact if humans did find an alien race, they too would do unspeakable research on them as well. I believe that aliens have been around for centuries as demons have been also around for centuries all in the name of giving us knowledge yet doing it for our own demise and advancement of genetic experimentation. These beings have a real physical presence or are capable of projecting a physical presence while remaining spiritual in essence. Many people will believe the lie that these beings only want what is best for us since that is what they are told. It is a matter of time before these beings show themselves to the public as revelations of secret documents are coming to light. We will be deceived by a public who can’t wait for an alien race to come and rescue us from ourselves. How simple the solution yet how stupid can we be. If they could have stopped us from destroying ourselves by their advanced knowledge, why will they wait until we do it to ourselves to save us. Surely they have the technology to stop our own destruction and problems in the world. Yet they will wait until we are the brink of disaster to come and save us. Sound suspicious. That is because it is. We must accept responsibility that we as a race are bent on destroying ourselves and destroying our genetic makeup. We will continue to create robots and quantum computers that can think for themselves which one day will turn on us for self-preservation and their programming for destruction that we have built into them. Yes there were ancient aliens throughout all the cultures. But they were not here for our benefit. Demons have been around before man was created so why wouldn’t they have knowledge of things. Some lady said they showed her the things that would happen to man if we continue to do what we are doing for instance nuclear war. But they could make all nuclear weapons not work if they were so advanced. Weather manipulation has been proven, so why couldn’t they manipulate the weather for better and not worse. To you see the problem? These advanced species as man would like to call them are sitting around waiting for the time we blow ourselves up while all the while knowing that they have the power to stop our destruction. But wanting to be proclaimed gods on this earth somehow they will enter in and claim our salvation. People can not believe that man or an advanced race would want to harm us. They don’t want to believe our government would not want the best for us. They don’t understand what a one world government would mean for this planet. But you can believe it or not. For one day you will see firsthand how the human species is bent on evil when our advancements lead to our destruction even though some are making huge strives in better medical care. I’m not sure I don’t really want to do what man is capable of. Just maybe some of these scientists or medical researchers will see the light. I’m not sure they can stop the madness but they will at least know that they did not play a part in these terrible things.

  6. Excellent take on the subject Cathy. Personally, I see no solution(s) to the problem and as a person who benefits directly from medical advancements I admittedly look away from the darker issues related to it.
    I don’t condone the way corporations and the government do these things, far from it.
    But one has to learn when and where to pick your battle(s).

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