Now for a little “Pro” Singularity Tech

Last week I showed a couple of points against a technological singularity happening, but today I’ll show how a Singularity is being actively pursued by governments and corporations via the Internet.

From Red Ice Creations:

This is an interesting commercial for BBC’s “Superpower” about “The Extraordinary Power Of The Internet”. Showing how humanity is being turned into “Aliens”? It’s just one more tidbit of “Alien” entertainment that we’ve been getting lately.

Watch out they are Waging Peace!


It has been rumored the Internet started turning “self-aware” or attained consciousness 2-3 years ago and the very first thing it did was to camouflage itself from its main predator.


Which would make sense. Because if we can create it, we are the only ones to destroy it.

But that’s not the goal of the powers that be.

More “ET” Entertainment – BBC’s Intriguing “Superpower” Commercial


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