Daily Archives: October 22nd, 2010

Impromptu Conversation Between Mike Clelland and Chris Knowles

On October 13th last week, UFOs appeared over Manhattan Island as seemingly predicted by former military person Stanley Fulham. The mainstream media carried the UFO stories all day long, especially when it was found out the UFOs were nothing but balloons.

Esoteric researchers Mike Clelland and Christopher Knowles were emailing each other on October 21st discussing the possible meaning of the memes that are being spread about the “balloon” sightings of last week and it was quickly decided between the two of them that the subject would make a very good, quick podcast and they did one. The following is a most excellent talk between the two which covered many themes and memes. Enjoy.

Conversation Between Mike Clelland and Chris Knowles about the Events of October 13th, 2010