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Chang’e 2 Moon Photos

Finally some coherent Chinese moon probe (Chang’e 2) photos are released, along with one of the Chinese bosses of course.

Released with some fanfare (that’s the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, there. [Editor’s note: originally had Jiabao as the “head of state”; that would actually be the president, Hu Jintao, not the premier, Jiabao]), the images get more or less straight to the point: they’re of the Bay of Rainbows (Sinus Iridium), which China has slated to be the potential landing location of it’s Chang’e-3 rover mission.

The images include a 3-D map, and have a resolution of ~1.3 meters (for comparison, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has resolution up to 1 m

Check out the official Chinese release page for all the images 🙂 (A rough translation notes the last image is labeled as “antarctic”, so it’s unclear if that’s also a Bay of Rainbows crater, or one near the lunar south pole.)

I find the crater at the Lunar South Pole kind of interesting, kind of looks like a blast area for propulsion.

Which feeds into the artificial Moon theory.

No way, eh?

China Reveals First Chang’e-2 Photos!