Secret Map of Britain

I don’t usually use the Above Top Secret site as a reference, but this came through The Debris Field and a site named ‘what’s all this, then?’ and it piqued my curiosity.

The title of the article is “The Secret Map of Britain” and it’s not entirely what you think it is:

A recent thread at ATS caught my eye. It’s called Secret Map of Britain. Being an Anglophile as well as a conspiracy dude concerned that that wonderful set of islands is turning into a police state, I just had to read it, anticipating who knows what sort of cartographic wonder to be revealed.

This thread turned out to be an intro to the lead video of a most enjoyable documentary called Secret Map of Britain, made by a Mark Thomas, a fellow I’d not heard of, likely as I don’t watch telly anymore and am an American besides.

There are in fact some interesting cartographic items noted, same sort of thing we get over here. It’s not a conspiracy theory romp, there are nothing but factual fascinating stories. Secret bases, underground facilities, MI5, MI6 and more!

It is really more to do with the nature of secrecy in Britain in general; and a lot of items of interest to illustrate that are explored, well as much as can be accomplished with out getting themselves thrown in the slammer. It is also a real hoot to note the wonderfully polite security and police personnel they run into. That sure wouldn’t happen here!

One interesting story, denied flat out of course, is that an American bomber, apparently carrying nuclear weapons, crashed and burned at a US base in the UK. High level deposits of reactor-grade nasties are now spread around the area in question, the segment includes footage of soil testing and an interview with the most prominent victim to date.

I had never heard of many of the stories presented in this documentary, if you are in the UK I’d seriously suggest watching it, especially for the segment on your telephone service and info on how to get vital info out of your councils. If you’re not local I’d still suggest watching it as it’s really well done and this Mark Thomas is an excellent and entertaining guy.

The mention of a crashed nuclear bomb carrying aircraft perked my ears up because I have significant members of my immediate family in Britain, so I want to pick their brains about this.

I haven’t seen the documentary yet either and I definitely intend to, pronto.

I’m not an Anglophile like the author of the ‘what’s all this, then’ site, but it might behoove me to become one, at least for a time.

In my stories, the European Union forms a major portion of my fictional Northern Hemisphere Union of which the old UK has considerable influence along with the old elements of the United States. So the NHU has a major “anglophile” flavor to it.

*sigh* Another lead to track!

The Secret Map of Britain

ATS Secret Map of Britain Thread

2 responses

  1. I watched the whole thing… what a joke our society is! These elitist bastards couldn’t find their nose with their finger, yet they still have the majority of the ‘publick’ hornswoggled.

    It is true that the publick have more access than they know. Trouble is, when enough of them start exercising their freedoms, they change the rules or lie their asses off, citing “security concerns.” Marine, the bottom line is that they have been allowed to get on top and now they’re in control. They have the military and the guns, and we have nothing.

    Just one thing: I have a friend who has gone head to head with the system and has removed himself, his wife and two daughters from their (Canadian government’s) registry, i.e. birth registry, social insurance, etc. They legally drive without operator’s permits, pay no income tax, and they are allowed to do it, because, we all can and he knew WHERE and WHO to talk to. The forms and procedures are there, though you have to go through bureaucratic and legal hell to get them. I know that I will eventually come to the place where I will follow him. I’ve sat on this knowledge for years and it becomes a matter of conscience.

    The system will never do anything that is for the best interest of their citizenry. It is a sham and evil to the core, as this documentary plainly illustrates. People that still believe in the system are fools and morons, not to put too fine a point on it.

    1. I think if I owned my own property free and clear, I probably would’ve gone “off the grid” years ago.

      But since I rent and have no storage we’re doomed.

      Time to buy more ammo..

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