It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

The above canard from an old 1970s ad campaign may sound corny now-a-days, but in this case it might apply.

That’s not a tiny man. That boulder – shot by Icelandic photographer, volcano adventurer and overall awesome guy Ragnar Sigurdsson – stands 15m high, weighs about 1000 tons, and it wasn’t there a few days ago. Who put it there?

This guy:

I call him Mike, but you know him as Eyjafjallajokull. Its impact is still being felt in Iceland. This boulder came out of nowhere after the unpronounceable raging mountain melt the glacier that was trapping it. Glaciers are slow but irrepressible forces of nature that wrap and drag everything on their way. Unfortunately for the glaciers, volcano lava, win like scissors over paper.

One must remember that as we study esoteric anomalies and science, we encounter things we never considered to be reality, but are real none the less.

Here, in this particular instance, we witness the awesome power of Mother Nature approach that lofty realm and a person must also include her in our studies.

Who Put This 1000-Ton Boulder Here?

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