Falcon 9 Static Fire 2 a Success

On December 3rd, 2010 SpaceX attempted a static fire test of all nine Falcon 9 engines on it’s second rocket with the first Dragon capsule to be launched December 7th, 2010. The first attempt was aborted because of excessive chamber pressure in one of the engines and in spite of the rapid recycling procedure the SpaceX launch crews are perfecting, another attempt was scrubbed. But on Saturday December 4th, a successful firing of all nine engines occurred and the rocket with the first operational Dragon capsule is cleared for it’s three day launch window, December 7 – 9, 2010.


This is an important milestone for the COTS program that will resupply the International Space Station given that the Space Shuttle is having severe mechanical/safety issues, probably due to their age.

Not only that, NASA is once again gripped in political drama that keeps it from doing it’s mission, and the definition of that mission.

2 responses

  1. A buddy of mine works for SpaceX, so I’ve been able to hear all kinds of great stories about how much they went through for their past launches. The nice thing is that the 8 or so SpaceX employees I’ve met (all of whom work on launches) are incredibly nice and down to earth people.

    1. I kept track of the Falcon/Dragon mission from launch to splashdown yesterday and it was freaking awesome!

      It reminded me of some of the old Gemini launches I saw as a kid.

      If companies like SpaceX can utilize and modernize mainstream chemical rocket technology to lower the price to get to lower earth orbit, I say f*ckin’ good on them!

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