Daily Archives: December 13th, 2010

Paracast: The Kivas of Heaven

I was in an “Ancient Aliens” mood yesterday and caught up on some of the more recent Season 2 episodes on YouTube (and drove my wife nuts LOL). Some of them referenced the American desert Amerinds’ (Hopi, Apache, Ute, Navajo) legends of sky people and how they helped The People as they came out of the Earth to populate the world again after the destruction of the previous one (Hopi legends speak of the impending destruction of this one). Which leads into last night’s Paracast with Gene Steinberg and co-host Chris O’Brien as they interview researcher Gary A. David, author of “The Kivas of Heaven: Ancient Hopi Starlore” . In it David speaks of ancient desert Amerind legends and how they relate to other ancient cultures, specifically Ancient Egypt. Good show.

Paracast Interview with Gary A. David