The Paracast: “In Search of the Men In Black”

This past Sunday (12/26/10) Gene Steinberg and co-hosts Chris O’Brien and Greg Bishop speak with Tim “Mr. UFO” Beckley , Claudia Cunningham, and T. Allen Greenfield about the ubiquitous “Men In Black” (not the movies) and the role they play in the paranormal.

As a subject, I know very little about the Men In Black, except what they do in the “Fringe” TV series. Theories go from government agents to servants of the grays. Listen to the podcast and decide for yourselves.

In Search of the Men In Black Roundtable


2 responses

  1. Dad,

    What did you think of the latest Paracast episode with Dr. John Brandenburg? I rather enjoyed it.


    1. I liked it too and I was going to post on it, but I got distracted by other tasks.

      More and more mainstream scientists are coming out of the closet and discussing these more “odd” subjects that others have poo-pooed over the years.

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