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Inexplicata: Huge UFO in Peru

On January 4th, 2011 a huge “mothership” UFO was seen hovering above Barrios Altos in Peru.


Residents of Barrios Altos claim having witnessed what could well be the first UFO sighting of 2011. With the video in hand, one expert has already attested to the authenticity of the homemade recording.

The shots were taken on Tuesday, January 4 from Jirón Wari in Barrios Altos, where a group of neighbors equipped themselves with two camcorders and taped — from different angles — the oscillating movements of an unidentified flying obect for nearly 30 minutes.

“It’s a UFO. You’d have to be somewhat thick to deny it,” said Julia Gutierrez, one of the witnesses, who further added that it is common to see such sights in the area, which tend to leave local residents shaken.

“It’s definitely a UFO. It’s only necessary to corroborate with the Jorge Chavez airport to see if any unidentified radar contacts were picked up at the time,” notes UFO expert Mario Zegarra in a statement to ATV.

South America according to Scott Corrales has historically had more UFO sightings than North America and more acts of violence committed by the occupants as well.

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