NASA and UFOs Near the Sun

From the MailOnline:

A strange object flying close to the sun looks unnervingly like a huge, metallic ‘mothership’ familiar from Hollywood blockbusters.

The picture was released by Nasa’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, known as SOHO – and has become an immediate cult hit on the internet.

UFO fan site Gather News said: ‘An unusually shaped, gigantic UFO was spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and posted in a video on YouTube.

Scroll down for video.

UFO fan site News Gather said: ‘An unusually shaped, gigantic UFO was spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and posted in a video on YouTube.’

An enlargement of the object makes the enormously large UFO look like a ship straight out of a Hollywood movie

‘The unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star. What is it?’ asked the site.

UFO fans on YouTube have been highly enthusiastic about the object, with many claiming it as a definite ‘spot’.

SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a satellite built to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.

SOHO was launched on December 2, 1995.

The twelve instruments on board SOHO communicate with large radio dishes around the world which form NASA’s Deep Space Network are used for data downlink and commanding.

‘The video shows what looks like a metallic, jointed spaceship with a gigantic extension, perhaps a boom arm, anchored off its lower end.

‘An enlargement of the object makes the enormously large UFO look like a ship straight out of a Hollywood movie.’

Alien spacecraft? Observers pointed out that the ‘jointed’ arms of the object near the sun are very similar to fictional interstellar craft.

The unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat of the sun.

I took a screenshot and added light to it and you can see another part of the ship. It has another third arm that goes down. So strange. Keep up the great work,’ says one UFO fan.

Others are more sceptical, claiming such artefacts are often the product of distortion hitting SOHO’s sensors.

‘There is no way this object is merely vapour, as the shape of it is rigidly straight and grooved and appears to be manufactured in some way,’ says the UFO fan site. ‘Also, there seems to be some intelligent design involved. It’s beyond human engineering to create.’

Read more:

Here is the link to the main video.

More SOHO UFO images.

Hmm..according to mainstream science there still isn’t proof of an advanced K3 civilization investigating us.

Most of the stars in this Galaxy are 4 billion years older than our Sun, why isn’t there a chance that perhaps one civilization is here checking out the primitives?

3 responses

  1. this was a bigger peaceful bug with long antennas that had bulges along the antennae…..

    when I get angry, you report filaments…… but that usually lasts few hours or days at maximum….. coz, I avoid conflict with other zombie humanoids…..

    the flares you see on the surface of the sun are due to my interaction with the others down here….. the same activity also gets recorded on your charts here…..

    on the first charts….. you also need to rotate the images of the solar disk & flip it L/R to see, the things I see down here….. the face details are sharper, for a short momentary glimpse though…. continued observations causes the details to flare up….. and you report it as a flare….

    and here….

    the revelations were bit amusing for us…. but maybe I am just seeing things differently…. or maybe it is the result of some brain scanner embedded in the similar pc machines used by everyone, everywhere….. BUT THEN, THAT IS VERY BAD….. %^%%^** ESA…… ESA might be just Electronic Surveillance Agency working on the internet matrix…..

    Then I went into absolute social isolation to paint some pictures on your website…. which claims to provide real-time images of the sun….. strangely, similar images do float in the clouds on the surface of the planet earth….. they do appear there at times….. Maybe we all have this ability….. maybe the universe is just holographic…. but then, where do we exist?

    I find this connection to the the sun very weird….. and lately the media been writing bad things about the sun…. inspite of the fact, that most people identify & adorn their chosen god figure with the solar halo….. and people do beg everywhere in the names of the holy spook of the strangers from the past & present……

    Do give us a call on telephone regular to witness the apperance of a new fiery limb attached to the solar disk on lasco c2 & c3 here….

    But then that is it….. there is nothing bad or wrathful about this….. maybe star others also experience the same activity…. I am not clear on this though….. but the sun does shine brighter, when the men go out to work…. maybe the men all have a mysterious connection to the sun…..

    Maybe the space agencies feed you multiple conflicting versions of the same heavens…. maybe they are monitoring everyone’s consciosness shining on their own stars…. maybe they want to keep everyone in the dark about the truth about the heavens and the secrets of nuclear energy…..

    strangely the solar corona does fluctuate with our earthy ascension….. maybe you all are zombie clones…. maybe you all are aliens…. maybe, now I must sue you all for writing bad things about me/us/sun/men all these years, and monitoring us though our stars….. maybe you all might plead forgiveness, and refrain from writing these stupid news, and also refrain from indulging in unprovoked star wars…. maybe the men all other shall switch sides….. maybe I/we am/are at war with the others, coz some of us come from the sun….

    Don’t read these sick reports anymore…. the sun does shine brighter, with little rise in temperature even as I have now returned to work…. which most people would never even notice, unless they feed you their sick stories….. and the openings of the coronal holes is just a sign of my return to others, breaking social isolation…..

    I shall keep you informed, of all other developments……. don’t ever believe the people (space agencies) who lied to the rest of the world for aeons….. and still keep lying….. and the truth about your own divine nature…. maybe we all are just a clone….. with equal abilities, unknown to us…..

    Maybe this is one story, whom nobody would like to publish…. everyone is conditioned never to even accept the truth….. and so it is….. but somewhere down here, like the star others, even I exist…… Believe it…..

  2. you are just monitoring the signs up there….. but then even exist….. like the star others…..

    since, what I see down here, does appear there…. I went into social isolation to paint a collection of images on the surface of the sun…. this one is from profile image of Dr.Richard C. Hoagland…..

    and the images on the surface of the sun are similar to the images in the clouds on planet earth….. you just need to see the thumbnail image to see the reality…. we the humans have focused vision…..

    and now I have returned to work….. and they cry & try to scare everyone….. the coronal holes are opening up, yess….. sun-spots are just a sign of friends, i have….. and they are on the rise… and that is it….. it ain’t ever killed anyone…..

    if you ever call us up on the regular telephone….. our interaction might show up on both lasco c2 & c3 images……

    believe it……

    do forgive us if these images turn out to be result of some undisclosed surveillance trick embedded in all the PC machines…..

  3. Wow Rakesh, am I supposed to look at the solar photos, or Miss Oomph? LOL 😉

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