Daily Archives: May 15th, 2012

Welcome to Immortality

As I was trolling across the Innertubes this morning, I came across a story that was almost like one of my St. John Lamont short stories.

Only instead of waking up to Lucifer, imagine waking up to lawyers.

Almost the same thing I guess.

A science fiction story about what you see when you die. Or: the Singularity, ruined by lawyers.


If you liked this, you may also enjoy two novels that provided inspiration for it: Jim Munroe’s Everyone in Silico, where I first found the idea of a corporate-sponsored afterlife; Rudy Rucker’s trippy Postsingular, which introduced me to the horrifying idea of consciousness slums.

I have read Rucker’s Postsingular, it is one of the most quintessential stories of the Technological Singularity I ever read. Definitely worth the time to peruse.

Welcome to Life

Thanks to Red Ice Creations.