Cool Colorado UFO Pictures

Let us take our minds off from the horrific event that took place a few days ago in Colorado and look at these UFOs flying formation in a thunder storm there last Friday.

If I was of a conspiratorial bent (LOL) I would ask if these UFOs were a portent of those events.

Some folks would say yes, some would say “are you nuts?”

You be the judges.


The Daily Weird     UFOs  Is the Media Ignoring a Stunning Set of UFO Images?      July 12, 2012 12:09 am     Greg Newkirk     9 Comments  Some intriguing images snapped by a photographer in Colorado have been causing a quite a bit of discussion online this week, but the real question is why they haven’t been causing more commotion in the media.  Professional photographer Greg Archer took a few shots of a lightning storm over Castle Rock, Colorado on the 6th of this month, but the most striking objects in the photo aren’t the streaks of lightning tearing through the sky, but rather the mysterious lights hovering uniform high above the tree line.

Some intriguing images snapped by a photographer in Colorado

Photos emerge of Colorado UFOs

Links courtesy of the Daily Grail.

3 responses

  1. While I’m certainly not an expert, the subject of the photographs — this being the lightning — suggests strongly that the film was exposed for a period significantly longer than a normal photograph. This in turn suggests that the “object” could be a single craft with a flashing light as opposed to numerous targets flying in formation. This conclusion is also supported by the relatively equidistant spaces between each light. Whereas that doesn’t rule out completely the possibility that the single craft is a UFO (and I’m not terribly knowledgeable in regard to aircraft or satellite lighting protocols, so for me at least it is indeed unknown), a single craft would, I imagine, be easier to explain. Just an observation — I’m certainly not trying to develop an argument supporting a more prosaic explanation, and like I said above, I’m nowhere near being an expert on photography or aircraft lighting credentials. It is something to consider, though.

    1. Hi James. It does look like one craft if one looks closer. I just thought it was astounding just to get these photos during a lightning storm!

  2. No variation in formation + night leads me to suggest that the scene was photographed from behind glass and the dot points of light nominated as “UFO” are really reflections of lights from behind the photographer.
    Nice try ;0)

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