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Anonymous “Tough Guys”

Here is something that angers, no, pisses me right the “F” off. Anonymous tough guys threatening female bloggers:

A female freelance writer who blogged about the pornography industry was threatened with rape. A single mother who blogged about “the daily ins and outs of being a mom” was threatened by a cyber-stalker who claimed that she beat her son and that he had her under surveillance. Kathy Sierra, who won a large following by blogging about designing software that makes people happy, became a target of anonymous online attacks that included photos of her with a noose around her neck and a muzzle over her mouth.

As women gain visibility in the blogosphere, they are targets of sexual harassment and threats. Men are harassed too, and lack of civility is an abiding problem on the Web. But women, who make up about half the online community, are singled out in more starkly sexually threatening terms — a trend that was first evident in chat rooms in the early 1990s and is now moving to the blogosphere, experts and bloggers said.

It takes real courage to threaten people over the Internet, huh, “tough guys”?  The Tubes run rampant with all kinds of incivility, particularly on the political blogs. My blog “mother”, KayInMaine, receives almost daily threats from trolls who can be traced back to oil companies in Texas. She hits a nerve with them obviously, but that doesn’t stop her one bit. In fact, it fills her with more resolve than before! But I know in the back of her mind, she worries and it taxes her mentally and physically. She fights for what’s right and I support her efforts 100%. If she asks for help, I’ll gladly give it, no questions.

Today’s cliche is “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”. Express your opinion, but don’t bully or threaten people because you believe you have the drop on somebody. The somebody might have the drop on you.

Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers