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NAU and NWO Updates from Prison Planet

North American Union Updates (NAU):

Lying To America

Federal bill would rob poor, benefit corporations

White House prepared to open U.S. air routes to Canada, Mexico

Who voted yes and who voted no on the amnesty bill?

Bush calls Immigration Bill ‘Amnesty’

US Army Pushes For Amnesty Bill Fast Track So It Can Recruit Illegal Aliens

New World Order Updates (NWO): 

New documents link Kissinger to two 1970s coups

Planet of the slums: UN warns urban populations set to double

Along with matching Pentagon 50Year Plan:

EU backs anti-terror deal with U.S. on bank data

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‘Colonial’ Slavery

More from Prison Planet:

America is investigating whether forced labour was used to build its vast new embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

Disaffected employees have alleged that workers from Asia and West Africa were deceived in Kuwait into flying to Baghdad by being given boarding passes that said Dubai for chartered flights to Iraq. Once on the ground, an unspecified number of labourers had their passports seized, effectively trapping the workers in Iraq for the duration of their contracts.

Although the labourers are relatively well paid, receiving $1,000 (£550) a month, they endured harsh conditions on the site.

Why, oh why does this not surprise me? From time immemorial, empires have used some form of slave labor to build their monuments of occupation to show the natives who’s in charge.

The company, First Kuwaiti General Trading & Contracting, is headquartered in Dubai and has done building projects for the American Empire before, they just got caught this time around.

And guess who’s old company is going to be headquartered in Dubai in a few months if you don’t already know? That’s right, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

What’s a little slave labor among friends, right?

US Used Forced Labor To Build Iraq Embassy  

Wednesday Open Thread

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Sunday Morning Talking Bobble Head Open Thread

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Breaking news from Raw Story

I know this is Friday Science Class, but this is important to people who believe in civil rights for everyone, not just Americans.

H1B and H2B guest worker programs are designed for companies that have a shortage of skilled labor. The program enables them to import specialists from overseas, often for a fee through a broker.

This system is abused, and it abuses. After you read the following, think to yourself; Shouldn’t we be teaching what we used to teach in school during the 1950s, 60s and 70s so we can have skilled workers once again?

You be the judge.

Exclusive: ‘Human Trafficking’ Of Foreign Workers In U.S. State