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Messages to ET / V-2s and UFOs

Over across the Pond to Merrye Olde UK, there was a contest to gather up some messages to send through the aether to potential alien civilizations who happen to have a similar cult of SETI.

This is in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of SETI and the publication of Paul Davies’ new book The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?

After reading some of these entries, I’d hate to ask them for job references!

Over the years, there have been many explanations for why alien life forms – if they exist – have failed to make contact with the Earth. But after extensive research, The Daily Telegraph can unveil the real reason: they have far too much good sense.

A month ago, we helped launch a competition to find the best messages to be sent hurtling into space, in order to mark the 50th anniversary of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programme and the publication of The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?, a new book by the astrophysicist, Paul Davies. The winning entries will be announced this Friday (the first day of National Science and Engineering Week), and then beamed out into the stars from BT’s Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.

We were vaguely expecting the entries to be uplifting and spiritual – messages of interstellar peace and love, that sort of thing. But how wrong we were! Almost 1,000 suggestions came flooding in from all over the globe, but they painted a picture of a planet that is such a miserable place to be that you wouldn’t blame ET for legging it back to his distant star.

For what would he learn about mankind? First, that we are vicious, creatures who have already done a great job of wrecking our home. “Please kill us now … have no mercy,” urged a gentleman from Indiana. “We are evil and you must defend yourself.”

“Keep away from this planet,” agreed Pamela from Sicily. “Mankind is only intent on depleting, abusing and destroying [it]. They will do the same to yours should they find it. Mankind is the worst virus in the universe. You have been warned.”

Nick from Calne was equally blunt: “If you manage to work out how to travel to us, don’t bother, as we’ll probably probe you, try to blow you up or worse still, steal your technology and invade… Have a nice day.”

Rob from Georgia, meanwhile, was prepared to throw the rest of mankind to the lions: “Dearest Aliens, If you choose to conquer Earth, please do not kill or enslave those of us who can name all 12 men to have walked on the Moon. We are the ones worth keeping around.”

Seema from Elgin had a compelling reason for ET not to bother with us: “If you’re planning to visit our planet, please know you will need to remove all metal from your person, take your shoes off and submit to a full body scan, carry all liquids/gels/aerosols in clear plastic bottles no bigger than 3.4oz, surrender all cigarette lighters and batteries, pack all jams and jellies (but pies can be carried on)… Oh, yes. Welcome to the Earth!”

As if all that negativity wasn’t off-putting enough, another theme came through loud and clear from the entries: even those elements of humanity that aren’t genocidal are terrifically needy. “Come and say hello!” begged Doug from Dublin. “You have already made our mistakes ages ago, come and tip us off and save us a lot more grief!”

“There are billions of us, yet we feel utterly alone,” lamented Stacey from Calgary. “We strive to find the meaning in our lonely lives, and maybe you can help us. Call soon.”

Not that I’m a fan of intentionally broadcasting our presence into the void anyways, but any alien civilization receiving this message would think we all need some kind of psychological therapy!

But standard thinking is that any aliens receiving radio messages from us would be many thousands of centuries into the future and we’d be long dead.

Or we would’ve taken over their planet and colonized it.

So What Would You Say To ET?


On the other side of the coin, where some believe that aliens are/have been already here, we have information that proposes that the US Army not only captured crashed UFOs post-WW2, but they drew them in by launching captured German V2 rockets!

The White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico played a significant role in the testing of German-captured V-2 rockets in the mid and late 1940s. From this massive range the fierce rockets were regularly launched. These complex devices of destruction were propelled through the air to test the hurl of explosives at an enemy.

But new research reveals that the V-2’s also somehow “attracted” UFOs- and that our military even purposely cast up V-2’s that were mounted with cameras to take motion pictures of the discs! A world-famous physicist, a former state congressman, an expert radar operator and a government atmospheric scientist all confirm: flying saucers were drawn to the V-2’s and were filmed by the pernicious projectiles- and there may well have been a Roswell crash connection!

First-Ever Photo of the Horizon of Earth (From V-2 Rocket, 1946)

Developed at the end of the Second World War by Nazi Germany, the V-2 was the world’s very first long-range combat-ballistic missile. As the single most expensive development project of the Third Reich, it was also the first human-made device to achieve suborbital flight. The progenitor of space flight and of all modern rockets, these tubes of terror were horrifying weapons that killed many thousands of people in Antwerp and London and destroyed critical Allied infrastructure. The V-2s were captured by our nation’s military upon Hitler’s defeat and taken to the U.S. and reassembled.

Tested for killer power at White Sands, the V-2 also provided something that is little-known to most, even today: never before seen aerial views and perspectives of the skies and earth. This was achieved by skillfully placing still-photography and motion picture equipment onto the rockets…

(Extremely Rare Video Clip of a view from a V-2 Rocket Camera:)


The film above shows a captured V-2 rocket being used as a test platform for the US space program. The date of this incredible footage is November 22, 1946.

This seems to add some credence to Stanton Friedman‘s “nuts and bolts” theory of UFOs, that they’re advanced alien spacecraft checking out us local primitive natives.

Time will tell as more info either gets pried or leaked out.

Of Roswell & Rockets: The Secret V-2 Flying Saucer Film

Secret Space – Aliens and the Illuminati?

Far be it for me to be a conspiracy monger (heh-heh), but here is a little tid-bit from 2005 that accuses NASA of being in cahoots with the Illuminati and why we haven’t been back to the Moon in over four decades (and we’re still not going back there, the Constellation Project is cancelled) if we had ever been there at all. (Recent photos indicate we have been though.)

Below is a YouTube clip of Secret Space, a movie that’s chock full of said conspiracies. It has all you want; aliens, Nazis, NASA, Illuminati and UFOs.

It has David Icke though. So take it as you will.

Secret Space


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Soviet UFO Killer, the Detroit Frontier and Happy Birthday Marines!

Aviation history is one of my hobbies and this particular item turned up in my daily search; The Soviet Fighting Nazi UFO Flying Fortress:

During an early voyage of the experimental Kalinin K-7, the aircraft crashed, killing fourteen passengers and forcing Stalin to scrap the project. But an artist has reimagined an alternate history where the Soviet flying fortress takes on Nazi flying saucers.

Aircraft designer KA Kalinin designed the K-7, a massive and extremely expensive prototype plane that briefly carried passengers during 1933. However, the plane crashed in November 1933, causing the project to be scrapped before more prototypes could be built. These images imagine a battle-ready version of a plane similar to Kalinin’s K-7, with enough firepower to take down another non-existent vehicle: the Nazi flying saucer.




The Nazi UFO-Fighting Soviet Mega-Plane That Never Was

From Futurismic:

Heidelberg community art project, DetroitLast time we mentioned Detroit here, it was in the less-than-cheerful terms of it becoming a growth region for private security patrols, and the web is full of similar stories charting the Motor City’s decline in lucid hand-wringing detail. But what if they’re ignoring the positives in favour of those apocalyptic headlines and photos?

Aaron M Renn at New Geography makes the point that the city’s administration seems unwilling to face up to the extent of the problem, but also highlights the pioneering atmosphere that Detroit’s “urban prairie” is nurturing. The withering of local government leaves spaces of opportunity for innovative approaches to low-budget living to take root… and while the living ain’t easy, the make-do attitude of the American pioneer spirit seems to be making a return [via Warren Ellis].

Urban agriculture projects are gathering pace; out-of-town artists are moving in, attracted by the low housing prices and the blank-canvas vibe of a city that’s been all but abandoned by consumerism. [image by jessicareeder]

In most cities, municipal government can’t stop drug dealing and violence, but it can keep people with creative ideas out. Not in Detroit. In Detroit, if you want to do something, you just go do it. Maybe someone will eventually get around to shutting you down, or maybe not. It’s a sort of anarchy in a good way as well as a bad one. Perhaps that overstates the case. You can’t do anything, but it is certainly easier to make things happen there than in most places because the hand of government weighs less heavily.

What’s more, the fact that government is so weak has provoked some amazing reactions from the people who live there. In Chicago, every day there is some protest at City Hall by a group from some area of the city demanding something. Not in Detroit. The people in Detroit know that they are on their own, and if they want something done they have to do it themselves. Nobody from the city is coming to help them. And they’ve found some very creative ways to deal with the challenges that result.

Imagine for a moment that this trend continues – might Detroit become some sort of independent city-state, a mildly anarchic rough-and-ready town where the price of freedom is a willingness to work hard for yourself and with your neighbours? How many more cities in the Western world might go the same way as manufacturing becomes increasingly outsourced overseas and/or roboticised? How will national governments react to these places – will they abandon them to the whims of their new residents, or struggle to control them in the face of diminishing tax revenues and the spiralling costs of law enforcement?

I’m not naive enough to imagine Detroit becoming some sort of hippie utopia, but I think it has the potential to become a new type of post-industrial city – but that will depend on a lot of different factors. Should the government be involving itself more closely in these early stages, or will a hands-off wait-and-see approach prove more effective?

It sounds like Detroit is already post-apocalyptic in scope, not only in the inner-city, but in the old ‘burbs too.

I wonder if that’s where the burgeoning biotech industry in Detroit will get their ‘feed-stock’?

Detroit: The New Frontier?


I would like to wish my fellow Marines (vets like me and current) a special Happy 234th Birthday and one day perhaps there will be no need for a Marine Corps.

But until that day, SEMPER FI my brothers and fight the good fight.

No matter what the fight.



The RAND of UFO and/or Nazi Space Tech

In recent posts I have either written or ‘cut and pasted’ about the Pentagon’s technology arm, DARPA, enabling it to receive a lot of attention and deservedly so.

The ‘black tech’ they are engaged in has the ability to affect not only the people in this nation (US), but other nations across the planet because of the Pentagon’s reach.

But there is a think tank that is DARPA’s ‘grand-daddy’ and has the same reach and has had as much, if not more influence on the Pentagon’s reach around the world.

The RAND Corporation’s (Research And Development) history dates back to the end of WWII (1946) and was a project of the Army Air Force. From its very inception, the RAND corporation has been involved in the blackest of the black tech, mainly in the technology of space flight.

According to author and researcher Anthony Bragalia ( records are scanty on this guy ), RAND from the beginning was involved in the ‘back engineering’ of UFO technology to be adapted to the US Army Air Force’s nacent space program:

From its very inception, the men of RAND knew much about saucers.

RAND was conceived by Donald Douglas, CEO of Douglas Aircraft (and a protege of Dr. Jerome Hunsaker at MIT) along with two military officer luminaries. These officers carried with them significant “UFO histories.” The officers behind RAND were Major General Curtis LeMay (the US Air Force’s Chief of Development) and General Hap Arnold (considered the “father” of the modern U.S. Air Force.)

In May of 1948 RAND was separated from Douglas Aircraft and became its own operating entity. Among RAND’s earliest government reports was the release of the enigmatically titled, “Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship.”


General Curtis LeMay

LeMay expressed deep interest and concern about the flying saucer phenomena. More than this, LeMay himself was a keeper of the purported 1947 Roswell UFO crash debris.

This was revealed in a stunningly candid interview with the late U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater (a former U.S. Presidential Candidate, Major General and Command Pilot) was General LeMay’s professional associate and close friend. LeMay’s UFO involvement was related by Goldwater in a live worldwide broadcast with CNN’s Larry King in 1994. The USAF had just issued its report that debunked the Roswell crash of 1947 as a Mogul balloon. Goldwater (who died just a few years later) informed King that he knew the truth to be far different.

The Roswell Mystery again rears it’s ugly head and it is the ‘Thing that will not Die’, even after all these years.

I’m not going to try to explain Roswell. Many, many more people experienced than I have researched this to death and there’s still no satisfactory answer and I suspect there never will be.

That doesn’t mean that the RAND corporation wasn’t researching advanced space tech in secret, oh no.

It is no secret the military and the various ‘alphabet soup’ spy agencies have used the UFO phenomenon over the past 65 years to cover up black-tech projects. Area 51 is the chief example in this. I’m proposing that RAND was researching a source more down to Earth.

So to speak.

The Nazi government was into more, let’s say, ‘non-conventional’ military research in 1944 to 1945 as they grew more desperate to beat back Allied advances toward their country.

One of those ideas was to produce a ‘world encircling’ space ship that would be able to bomb enemy territories hours after launch:

In its operation, the Antipodal Bomber was a hybrid of aircraft and orbital spacecraft. It was to take off from a special rocket sled running on a monorail. When it reached 1640 ft/sec, it would lift off and climb to operational altitude in a steep, near-ballistic trajectory. But the Silver Bird would shut down its engines before attaining orbital velocity. It would sink back to earth until it bounced off the upper edge of the atmosphere. The bomber would proceed to the target like a stone skipping over the surface of a pond. After dropping its weapons, it would continue on around the globe to its base.

As near as we know, the Sänger aerospace plane got no closer to the hardware stage than the afore- mentioned wind-tunnel models. Germany’s other notable manned space venture, on the other hand, was a member of the V2 rocket family. Many of its elements were actually tested using sub-scale, V2 components. The A9/A10 project was a two-stage, hypersonic, semi-ballistic manned bomber with a planned 3000-mile range. Taking the aerodynamics of the experimental, winged A4b version of the V2 for their starting point, the engineers at Germany’s Peenemünde rocket center added a pressurized cockpit, landing gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, and a turbojet sustainer engine. They planned to mount this A9 on a huge A10 booster, in essence a V2 grown to monstrous proportions. 



The A9/A10 composite would take off vertically. After staging, the A9 component would follow a ballistic trajectory to the edge of space, 210 miles up. It would then fall back to earth until, 750 miles from its base, at an altitude of about 30 miles, and at speeds of over 8000 mph, the wingborne portion of the flight began. The A9 would approach its target in a high-Mach, unpowered glide. Forty-five minutes into the mission, it would release its modest one-ton bomb load, start the turbojet, and turn for home.

The most ambitious and, perhaps, delusional of the Nazi space schemes was a 1945 project for an orbital space station armed with a death ray, a huge space mirror. In 1929, Herman Oberth had proposed a potentially practical space station that served as the basis for the later project. But the 1945 station was to be one giant mirror fabricated entirely from metallic sodium. Over-sized V2 rockets were to carry the thing to its 1500-mile orbit in prefabricated sections. Here, Nazi spacemen would assemble it , using electricity provided by a system of solar-fired boilers and steam-driven dynamos. Breathable oxygen would come from pumpkins grown under flourescent light. When they were finished, the crew would steer the station over target nations, focus the sun’s rays, and burn cities and boil reservoirs.

The space station is patently ridiculous, even today. It is hard to say how practical either of the rocket plane schemes could have been either, given the state of the art in the 1940s and the ever-worsening shortages of rare metals and petrochemicals. The German engineers appear to have grossly underestimated the thermal loads on a winged re-entry vehicle. These would not be on the order of an Apollo capsule, but they would still pose a formidable problem. Stainless steel might not be up to the job and was hard to fabricate. Titanium was still in the future. Inconel and the nimonic alloys that made the X-15 possible were still a few years away. Even now, the only working aerospace plane, the Space Shuttle, has to have ceramic tiles over all highly heated surfaces. Propulsion would also be a problem. As the new masters of German science, the US and USSR, discovered in the 1950s, V2-type engines could not simply be scaled up in the manner planned for the A10. Sänger-style, single-stage-to-orbit systems are still no more than a dream after sixty years.

Even if the A9/A10 or the Antipodal Bomber had been built and made to work, one wonders what it would all be for. A paltry ton of high explosive could hardly have a measurable effect on the war. It could never justify either program’s staggering cost in money, raw materials, and industrial capacity. Some writers have suggested that one or both was an intended delivery vehicle for a Nazi nuclear weapon. But the Nazis had no hope of fielding an A-bomb by 1944 or 1945. In any case, it would be decades before nuclear weapons could be had in 2000-4000 lb packages (the Hiroshima and Nagasaki weapons weighed in at around 10,000 lbs each). The Nazi space program is thus best understood as little more than a self-indulgent delusion, one of many that occupied Germany’s bunker-bound leadership and self-serving intelligentsia as disaster and defeat overtook the nation they professed to lead.

Could this be what RAND’s “Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship” report is actually about?

And the military just happened to fortuitously use the Roswell Incident as cover? Or actually create the incident?

We’ll probably never know the truth. Everything is a puzzle within a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.

And in that, the MICC spin meisters have accomplished their mission.

All we can do is throw opinions out there and perhaps hook a big fish.

Or an old tire.


Weird Science: German Military Spacecraft of World War 2

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