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Until later Grasshopper…

David Carradine, the star of the 1970s television series “Kung Fu” and the title villain of the “Kill Bill” movies, has died in Thailand, The Associated Press reported. The United States Embassy in Bangkok told The A.P. that Mr. Carradine had been found dead in his hotel suite in Bangkok, where he was working on a movie. He was 72.

Mr. Carradine was part of an acting family that included his father, John; his brother, Bruce, and half-brothers Keith and Robert; and his nieces Ever Carradine and Martha Plimpton.

After a short run as the title character in the 1966 television adaptation of the Western “Shane,” he found fame in the 1972 series “Kung Fu” as Kwai Chang Caine, a wanderer raised by Shaolin monks to be a martial arts master. He enjoyed a career resurgence in recent years when he was cast by Quentin Tarantino in the action movies “Kill Bill: Vol. 1″ and “Vol. 2.”

There was a later update that claims a hotel maid found Carradine with a rope around his neck. That would be a shame if that’s true.

Carradine, no matter how he met his end, has paid his due upon this plain of existence. He owes nobody but his immediate family an explanation if there is one to be had.

The learning continues Grasshopper…

David Carradine Dies

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Long Bet Update

I’ve been surprised by the sizable reaction to my bet with Tibor Pacher, not just in terms of comments here but in related e-mails. For those of you who missed the original post, I found Tibor’s prediction that the first interstellar mission would be launched by 2025 to be an irresistible target. Tibor posted the prediction on the Long Bets site, and the way this works is that someone willing to make a bet on the prediction puts down the money upfront and challenges the predictor to match it.

Negotiations follow, the outcome being that if the terms are worked out and the bet is accepted, it is finalized. Both parties send in their money, and the money grows over the years in a long-term investment portfolio called the Farsight Fund. Ultimately, either the Tau Zero Foundation or (Tibor’s choice) the SOS-Kinderdorf International, will enjoy the result.

Now that Tibor and I have finalized the terms, the details will go up on Long Bets as soon as our funds arrive (which should be in a few days). Until then, I thought you might be interested in some of the details we settled upon. Among other things, we have agreed that:

  • The mission can be a manned or unmanned, either a flyby probe or a spacecraft intended to be captured by the target star’s gravitational field. The mission will have been designed expressly as a mission to another star, and as not an outer-Solar System mission that simply keeps going, with a star more or less along its route of flight.
  • The allowed launch location of the spacecraft is any place in the Solar system within the orbit of Neptune, either from the surface of a Solar System body or from any orbital position.
  • The mission duration must be less than 2000 years.
  • As a minimum requirement for the mission the spacecraft shall be capable of delivering data for at least one scientific measurement.

The actual text of these details and a few other matters will be posted soon on the Long Bets site — I’ll provide the link once it’s available. And as I’ve told more than a few people, I would be delighted to be proven wrong on this matter, for it would mean that our technology is advancing at a far faster clip than I currently assume, and also that enough public support will exist to make such a mission possible. That sort of optimism (even though I think it’s premature) is a bracing tonic after the weekend’s loss of NanoSail-D, a solar sail deployment experiment.

I have to hand it to Paul and Tibor, they have a lot more optimism than I can claim, or wish to have. The loss of the light sail experiment makes number three loss that I know of ( previous Russian and Japanese experiments were destroyed during failed launches ). And of all provable mainstream concepts, this one is sure to work. If we can only get the damn things into orbit to test them!

Then maybe centuries hence, our descendants can have their own legend of The Lady Who sailed The Soul.

Of Solar Sails, Bets and Optimism

Asteroid Terrorism, alien bases and “Kinda-sleezy” HAARP

If we, people living on Earth, are unlucky, then Apophis, a 390-meter asteroid flying toward the Earth, “will smack right into us in 2036,” according to Andrei Filkenshtein, a Russian astronomer from St Petersburg.But if we are lucky, the asteroid, already dubbed a space terrorist, will fly by at a distance of 40,000 km, the orbit of a communications satellite, in 2029.

Reading tealeaves and hoping for the best is not, of course, the ideal way of avoiding a disaster, which is certain to occur should such a large space body collide with the Earth. It would change the climate all over the globe. If it fell into the ocean, it would produce huge tsunamis and evaporate billions of tons of water vapor that would prevent sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface for a long time. In other words, it would be the end of the world.

When I first saw the words “asteroid terrorist”, I immediately thought the article was explaining how asteroids could be used to “terrorize” other nations and groups of people on this planet.

The idea isn’t new, especially in science-fiction. Sci-fi author Larry Niven used the idea a couple of times in his Known Space Series about a race of beings called Pak and once more with Jerry Pournelle in their ‘The Mote In God’s Eye’.

The method is simple really, just attach a reaction mass motor of any type to the asteroid and bring it into orbit around the Earth. If someone pisses you off, decelerate the thing and time it to come down on your target. Boom! No more enemy!

The trouble is, there’s too much collateral damage, you’re bound to make your habitat uninhabitable!

Fortunately, that’s not what the article is about!

How To Deal With Asteroid Terrorism


Timothy Good is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the UFO phenomenon.

For more than 40 years he has studied the controversial subject, having interviewed thousands of witnesses worldwide, many from military, governmental and scientific backgrounds.

Timothy has written numerous best-selling books on UFO’s and aliens – which he calls ‘the most highly classified subject on earth’ – and has acted as a consultant to several US Congress investigations into the phenomenon.

An international lecturer, in January 1989 following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Timothy became the first UFO researcher from the west to be interviewed on Russian television…

In highlights, Timothy discussed:

  • The explanations behind the current UFO craze sweeping Britain
  • The declassification of thousands of government documents relating to UFO’s on May 2008 and what this means
  • His belief that aliens are here on earth – in bases dotted around the planet – and how world governments have been – and may still be – in liason with them
  • How aliens have influenced the genetic makeover of human beings
  • How the west has secretly developed advanced weaponry to deal with a possible intergalactic threat
  • Famous UFO cases – including Rendlesham Forest
  • How the United States and British governments have secretly spent millions of pounds attempting to solve the UFO mystery and that it is ‘the most highly classified subject on earth’
  • Linda Moulton Howe gave a July 9th interview on Binnall Of America on these very subjects, including her 1979 ‘A Strange Harvest’ which is about animal mutilations and her first experience with the UFO phenomenon. I was greatly swayed by Tim Binnall’s interview of her and she never once strayed from her answers to the questions and no ‘hmmming’ and ‘hawing’ like people do when they are trying to BS someone.

    As for this guy Tim Good in England, well, credibility is hard to come by when the discussion of UFOs, the world governments and alien bases are involved. Even if someone legitimate from high up just ‘happens’ to develop a conscience and spills the beans here, no one will believe them because the sheeples’ conditioning run too deep.

    There are alien bases on Earth

    Linda Moulton Howe’s Interview


    Lastly, my buddy Geezer Power has been interested in government ‘Star Wars’ tech and how it’s being applied against US citizens and other governments that don’t toe the corporate elite line:

    Interview With Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Radio Farda Correspondents Golnaz Esfandiari and Mosaddegh KatouzianSecretary Condoleezza Rice


    Prague, Czech Republic ( July 8, 2008 )

    QUESTION: Madame Secretary, thank you so much for this interview with Radio Farda. Let me start with a question that’s on the mind of many Iranians these days. Will there be a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities?

    SECRETARY RICE: Oh, we believe very strongly and President Bush has made very clear that this problem with Iran about its nuclear technology can be resolved diplomatically. That is what we’re working on. We want very much for the Iranian people to be able to have good relations with the United States. There’s no reason that this great civilization with a great history and a great culture should be isolated from international politics. And so there is a diplomatic way to do this, and that’s why the United States, as a part of the group that is Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China, has made a proposal to the Iranian Government that we hope they will accept.

    QUESTION: Madame Secretary, Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful and, defying UN resolutions, continues with the enrichment of uranium. Is it a precondition for United States for bilateral talks and for lifting of the sanctions for Iran to end its enrichment program, and could you perhaps envision future talks without preconditions?

    SECRETARY RICE: Well, the reason that it’s important for Iran to suspend its enrichment and reprocessing, to come to the table once it has suspended, is that we shouldn’t be in a position of talking while Iran continues to improve the very technologies that could lead to a nuclear weapon.

    But if Iran wants a peaceful program, it can have a peaceful program. Russia has a reactor, the Bushehr reactor. The United States has been supportive of what Russia is doing there. We have offered, in the proposal that the P-5+1 have made, to help Iran with civil nuclear technology at the highest possible levels. It’s just that when you enrich and reprocess, you are perfecting the technologies that can lead to a nuclear weapon; and because of the Iranian regime’s history of lying to the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, it can’t be trusted with enrichment and reprocessing. But it can have civil nuclear power. And so when the Iranian regime tells its people that the West is trying to prevent Iran from having very sophisticated technology, it could not be further from the truth…

    HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program). Supposed Weather modification, communication disruption and mind control Weapon. Extended Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI)weapon of the US military.
    HAARP has the ability of modifying the World’s electro-magnetic field.

    Geez has been greatly influenced by us tinfoil nuts lately and has done a good job spreading the fact that our “democratic” government is anything but.

    Condoleeza Rice Assures Diplomatic Solution To Iran

    A Plug for the Tau Zero Foundation

    Now we take a break from our regularly scheduled tinfoil to plug for an organization that just might literally take us to the stars, the Tau Zero Foundation.

    The name is taken from a Poul Anderson tale about a starship crew, using a Bussard ramjet type spacecraft, literally approaches tau zero, relativistic light speed. It outlives the Universe actually. But anyway, the Foundation is a collection of writers, businesspeople, scientists, engineers and other volunteers who are dedicated to finding, and funding ways to build actual, realistic interstellar probes. Any and all ideas are encouraged, though ideas within actual technological reach are given first consideration ( warp drives and wormhole gates are acceptable, but laser driven solar sails are given first dibs! ).

    Paul Gilster of Centauri Dreams is lead journalist and one of its first members. The Foundation is close to launching its website and since its an all volunteer group, donations are necessary to kick start this bad-boy and send it on its way! So give if you’re able.

    Despite all of the pessimism that gets expressed here at times, this is one of the few things we can control, for now. Even if the Pentagon does have its own advanced military space program, a non-militaristic program is necessary to offset the war-pig B.S. Hopefully the Tau Zero Foundation can accomplish its goal of perfecting peaceful methods of exploring interstellar space and creating realistic, multigenerational projects that’ll benefit all of humanity, not just a few.

    Tau Zero Foundation

    Sneak Preview of Tau Zero website

    UFOs, history and the hardware

    Ancient UFOs were my first ‘esoteric’ study, but looking back on it, there was nothing esoteric about it. Erich Von Daniken was pretty clear in his assumptions that what ancient peoples took for “gods” or “god’s chariots” were mechanical, material contrivances. Von Daniken’s photographic proofs of many ancient sites, stone architectures/carvings, artifacts and paintings of strange, hard to explain objects that could only be used as examples of ‘flying objects’ in relation to our own present day aircraft technology could these things only be hoped to identify.

    Von Daniken was immediately poo-pooed by the mainstream archeology community of course and in later years, many in the so-called esoteric community did the same. It must have been his rather flambouyant style that did Von Daniken in. There could only be one P.T. Barnum.

    Zecharia Sitchen is another proponent of the ancient UFO theory, only his was more refined and specific to one area, the Middle East. Namely the old Tigris/Euphrates valley cultures of the Sumerians, Ur, Uruk, Umma, Lagash, Nippur and Kish. The Sumerian city-states are reportedly the first (ur)ban cultures to arise from the Neolithic and the first to arise fully armed for advanced civilization, i.e., writing, numbers, laws, brick and stone buildings, roads, farming communities supporting the city, a ruling elite and most of all, standing armies.

    Sitchen’s contention is that the Sumerian culture arose so quickly, so advanced and so complete with no traceable primitive cultures to track back to means that maybe, just maybe, they had some help. So he studied the most obvious telling feature of the Sumerian civilization, its writing and language. Heck, why not? Let the Sumerians themselves explain how they came about!

    And here is how we know about the Annunaki, Nibiru ( Planet X ), Tiamat, the Adamu, Nephilim and other stories that have been handed down to us through Jewish and Christian scholars over the millenia into our Western Culture. Almost all the early chapters of the Torah and Bible are copies of the much older Sumerian texts, word for word, story for story practically. Scholars, both secular and theological have their disagreements with that statement, but I’m not going to go over that at this time. I’m going to comment on the hardware of the Annunaki.

    Below is a carving of the Annunaki giving the ancesters of the Sumerians (the Adamu) laws and civilization. Notice the obvious ‘manufactured’ look to it.

    Sumerian deity Ianna (?) or Dumuzi bringing the gift of culture to Uruk.

    Check out this site here if you wish to study more about the Sumerians and the Annunaki.

    In modern times, the nuclear engineer turned UFO investigator Stan Friedman is the most ardent supporter of the ‘nuts and bolts’ theory of UFOs, his studies go back to the time of the original nuts and bolts theorist J. Allen Hynek in the late 1950s, early 1960s.

    Friedman’s technological take on UFOs in understandable in my view because, let’s face it, how can a nuclear engineer look at it otherwise? C’mon! But the man is labeled a ‘fossil’ in some circles ( okay, he’s a senior citizen, but who ain’t gonna be unless ya die first, WTF! ) and a new wave of UFO theorists are taking the field, or already have taken the field, and have been advocating the ‘paranormal’ theory.

    But I wouldn’t throw Friedman’s studies out with the bathwater just yet if I were them. Check this out:

    Bird strike, or something else?

    Looks like something pretty solid hit here, huh? WTF was it?

    Is it paranormal, para-metal or Memorex?

    Read Ted Twietmeyer’s essay about this here.

    So what can we conclude from this evidence? The mainstream says, “What evidence?”, and then stick their heads back in the sand or posteriors. But what about my fellow skeptics out there, machine, or mental manipulation? Both maybe?

    Both? “C’mon Dad, yer over-dosin’ on yer seizure meds agin” you’re thinking.

    But maybe that isn’t such a wild idea after all. We’ll check that out later!

    Update: Check out Lloyd Pye’s site, and click on the ‘Intervention’ then ‘Sumer’ slideshow links. Pye is an advocate of Sitchen obviously, but the site is full of good information.

    UFOs and The Paranormal

    I haven’t written about UFOs in quite a while, and frankly, I really don’t know what to think about them anymore.

    Among my other research projects concerning alternative history, occult symbolism and transhumanism, my study of UFO phenomenon only started anew when I started to write fiction after a thirty year hiatus. Only then did I start to visit other sites, join their forums and ask questions.

    I discovered there isn’t any such animal as an UFO “community!”

    Crazy as it sounds, there are many disparate groups and cliques who really quite disagree with each other. And I’m not speaking about whether these groups actually believe UFOs exist or not, oh no, it’s a given they believe the phenomenon exist. The problem is whether the objects are “nuts and bolts”, i.e., actual material, physical air/spacecraft, or something along the lines of paranormal.

    Yup, paranormal like ghosts, poltergeists, ESP, demons, electronic voice phenomenon, angels, things that go bump in the night, yup, that paranormal.

    Now there’s good reasons for that group to hold to that frame of thought because of the very descriptive nature of the eyewitness accounts, i.e., extreme zig-zag movements of the UFOs, disappearing into thin air, appearing differently to different people, changing form in front of witnesses, beaming thoughts to people, you name it, archetypical paranormal stuff. The originator of this theory is Jacques Vallee. Vallee has been an UFO researcher for over thirty years and is a computer scientist by trade. He held to the nuts and bolts theory of UFOs at one time, but came to notice by way of eye witness interviews that the behaviors of the objects weren’t consistant with machine characteristics. Like I listed above, some witnesses described behaviors often associated with ghosts, like disappearing into solid objects, going through solid objects, splitting apart and recombining and so on.

    Another example of the paranormal theories of UFOs, and ‘aliens’, is the apparent ‘hauntings’ as I call them of people by aliens. Whitley Strieber is a case in point. Strieber is the author of the book ‘Communion’, wherein he is a victim of multiple abductions by grey aliens, or whatever they are. These beings can speak to and control Strieber telepathically, enter through doors, walls, roofs and anything solid at will and transport him to alternate realities of his lives in the many multiverses. Paranormal to say the least.

    Now I know certain people who read my blog will say, “Well, that’s easy, these beings are demons and are torturing Strieber and his ilk for fun and evil.” And then give a list of how demons fool and deceive us.

    It’s not that simple. Taking the religious way out is a cop-out IMHO (Sorry HW). Just like taking the paranormal explanation for this phenomenon is a cop-out. It is waayy too easy and convenient the plead the supernatural cause. And Strieber isn’t the only one, he’s just an extreme example.

    Not to belittle anyone’s experiences with this, it can be a truly terrifying and horrific event. Or it can be just as ecstatic as any mushroom trip or religious vision.

    And that is the crux of it at the end of the day, it is what the individual perceives of the experience or sighting that determines if it is of an UFO or religious event. It seems that it has common root causes or paradigms.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    Later, I will comment on the ‘nuts and bolts’ theories of UFOs.

    Whitley Strieber’s Blog

    Jacques Vallee’s Blog

    Paranormal theory of UFOs

    Conspiracy Archive

    Creative Destruction II

    Author’s note –

    This is a more refined draft of ‘Creative Destruction’ that was posted earlier on this blog. Nevertheless, the original will be incorporated after some editing and refinement, these parts are meant to be complementary and necessary for the story arc.

    I hope you will enjoy this particular draft better than the first.


    The amorphous roiling, massive orb had the appearance of a menacing, angry scarlet eye of a god.

    Incredible forces were coming into play; gravity, electromagnetism, the twisting, torsion of tortured space-time and quantum energies that Einstein could never have fathomed were combining into an action that could only result in one purpose.

    The destruction and transformation of a twelve and a half billion year old G2 type star.

    For most of its existence the small, ordinary star which spent most of its life two-thirds of the way toward the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy shone a dazzling, brilliant yellow. It wasn’t a particularly special galactic dezinen, more spectacular things existed in this galaxy such as neutron stars, fast aging brilliant blue giants, bright and dark nebulae, star streams and most of all, a giant dark singularity at its center.

    But there was one thing that made the small star kind of special.

    At one time a tiny, blue object had orbited it. The insignificant marbled speck had done a very special thing; it spawned a race of creatures that sought knowledge of its surroundings, bred, colonized, mutated into different species as they spread throughout the Galaxy.

    This event in of itself wasn’t all that extraordinary, the incident happened five billion years earlier in this galaxy and almost every galaxy in the Universe has its own version (or versions) of things known as “lifeforms”.

    As time passed, as the spawn of this race of beings separated into various branches that filled every niche of the Galaxy, the little yellow star witnessed many events. Within two thousand years the race that left the blue globe had adapted to and filled every asteroid, moon and planet of its system. The race was incredibly resilient, intuitive, curious, ingenious and aggressive. The last trait almost wiped out the race a few times during this period, but they were extraordinarily clever, and lucky. But as they spread throughout their System, they re-engineered themselves to fill the various ecological niches so as to take advantage of the local resources. Soon, because they engineered themselves to exploit their particular habitats, they didn’t covet their neighbor’s territory any longer, a trait and habit the race had for over ten thousands of years. Since they no longer desired each others possessions, tensions the race had slowly began to ebb, and finally tamp down to only embers.

    That’s not to say there was ever-lasting peace, there were small skirmishes over perceived ‘borders’ and matters of ‘sovereignty’, but all in all, no over-reaching “armageddon” threatened to exterminate the children of the tiny blue orb ever again. There simply was too much real estate and diversity for that to occur.

    This situation remained so for another several hundred thousands of years. Soon, small mobile groups of worldlets trawled the Outer Oort Cloud territories for resources. Some of these wordlets contained actual biological beings specially adapted to the cold outer territories. Some contained nano-biological beings, trillions and trillions that lived inside these artificial universes that seemed to fill their perception of all Creation. Yet others sought the bitter cold because of the intelligent, non-biological natures of the beings that inhabited these worldlets required the harsh environment in order to optimize their operation.

    Eventually, these mobile worlds wandered into the Oort Cloud territory of the nearest star system, its ancient name meaning “closest”, but the actual name is lost to history. By this time however, the beings inhabiting these worlds had evolved and changed many times over because many thousands of years once again had passed. But one trait still survived, curiousity.

    Of course, many attempts at interstellar travel have happened well before this time and several were successful by the various groups. There were even successful attempts at “time” travel, i.e., micro-wormhole pico-tech engineering. These endeavors were very heavily monitored and regulated however because of the very real and dangerous effects of this technology. The effects of creating different branches of reality was an unknown quantity at best and the sheer energies involved in creating the negative matter “cages” required to hold the wormholes open were extremely hazardous. Thus it was deemed that these matters were best handled in the frigid outer zones of the Oort Cloud and heavily guarded by nano-cloud entities capable of forming any shape, weapon and any ordinance required to protect the technology.

    The march of history pressed on. Centuries turned into millenia, millenia spanned into the hundreds of thousands. The hundreds of thousands turned into millions, thousands of millions, billions! The ebb and flow of civilization matched the eons, Niven rings and Banks orbitals came and went, habitats resembling spaghetti noodles spiraled from Mercury’s old orbit out into Jupiter’s, Dyson Shells enveloped the little star for a billion years in one eon, then melted away like dandelion seeds blown from the stalk.

    The nearby portion of the Galaxy changed and morphed as well during this time. The tiny beings, by any way they could spread from the tiny yellow star and within the time it took for the star to finally show its age, had filled almost every niche of the galaxy the same way it initially spread into its home solar system. Of course the creatures had long ceased to resemble its original form in most areas of the galaxy, but in some instances it retained the base hominid, bipedal form where it suited. After all, it was the base template for the species for its first two-hundred fifty thousand years for a good reason, it worked.

    One thing occupied the thought of the race in its various incarnations over the eons, where did the elders go?

    Within the first few thousand years of its spreading culture, the beings discovered radio waves, rocketry, electronics and all the things necessary to explore and possibly communicate with beings superior to themselves. There were several legends and stories concerning visitors to the small, blue world during the infancy of the race, but that in of itself is another part of this tale. For all intents and purposes of this part however, the human race and its disparate appendages discovered they were alone, to their great surprise and grief (and to some, relief).

    There were signs of earlier habitations on the worlds and solar systems the children of humanity discovered in their many travels. There were once great cities, world-cities and planetary sized objects that matched the Childrens many constructions in sophistication (sometimes more) and grace. But they were all corpses, shells and fossils. No sign of life of any variety was found on any of them. All were vacated and empty. It would be like finding a city the size of 21st century New York, Moscow, Mexico City or Shanghi completely emptied of people, pets, furniture, plants and anything that would give an indication of habitation.


    And nobody could figure out why. Until a chance discovery by entities whose natures were both biological and what would have been called “quantum computers” , of a very ancient, alien and abandoned artificial structure floating leisurely on the outer edge of the Orion Spiral Arm, in the great empty expanse of pre-intergalactic space. The discoverers (their names would equal “The Nostrodame”) found that the structure was internally similar to their own; great hollow spaces where traces of silicon-based biology once occurred and strata where faint traces of qubit activity could be measured. They originally theorized that they had happened across an abandoned polis of a branch of their own kind, but when the first analysis results were checked, the sheer shock of the findings were to unbelievable to bear.

    The structure was almost nine billion years old. Far older than the known civilizations whose remains so far discovered by mankinds’ various descendents and older than their own by at least six billion years. But that wasn’t the big shocker, oh no. When the internal environment of the fossil was deemed safe to explore, the polis sent expeditions of quantum beings to search for records or archives of any kind that would give a clue as to why these great structures of a previous galactic culture were left to the ravages of Eternity. Eventually, much to the dismay of the polis, the investigators did find the Archive they desperately searched for. And they managed to find an algorithm to unlock it and translate the storeroom of knowledge.

    Then they wished they hadn’t done it. But they had and the information they obtained would forever direct the course of Humanity’s Children for the next two billion years.

    For the Ancient First Ones had the capability to look forward into Time and view all possible Eternities at once. And the outcomes were the same in all of them. The Universe was expanding at an incredible rate, even billions and billions of years ago when the First Ones existed, and soon they discovered the Universe, and space-time itself was accelerating toward the speed of light and possibly beyond that. That meant the great spaces between the stars and all the myriad galaxies that made up the Universe would keep increasing and increasing exponentially.

    Forever and ever.

    Eventually there would be nothing but immense, cold, vacant areas where life and sprawling galactic metropoli once were.

    Heat Death. Entropy.

    Sometime, towards Eternity’s End, the space-time fabric could reach the breaking point of this Cosmic rubberband stretching and a bounce back effect could happen, but that was pure speculation at best and it might require a ‘helping hand’ to help trigger it.

    But that was theory and the First Ones decided it wasn’t their job to see this through.

    So they took the easy way out. They simply “bored” a hole in the Universe and uplifted themselves as pure “information” and escaped into a tenth dimension Universe just one Planck level below the eleventh “M-brane” that oversaw all.

    And it wasn’t just this fossil where this happened, it happened to all Ancient habitations at the same time. It was a coordinated effort.

    And they left the amoeba of Earth holding the bag.

    Continue reading →

    The Fallacy of Biofuels and GM Crops

    Here is a subject I might know a little about, farming.

    I grew up on a dairy farm in the 1960s and 1970s. I saw a lot of changes during that time, tractors getting larger, haying and grain equipment getting larger and cows getting larger.

    See the pattern here?

    But my Dad didn’t believe in that philosophy. Mainly because he couldn’t handle a business worth a shit, but some of what we did at that time had wisdom to it. Like breeding a first calf holstein heifer with a small breed like a Jersey so the calf wouldn’t be so big and cripple the heifer while she was giving birth. Or saving some of the previous harvests seed, like corn, oats or winter wheat for planting the next year. People call that ‘organic farming’ now, but back then it was SOP.

    Let’s take a look at organic farming for instance. To be certified ‘organic’, a farmer must prove that he/she hasn’t used any kind of chemical or artificial hormone on their livestock and feedstock for three years. Any and all seed must be of the heritage variety, no Monsanto, Dow Chemical or Bayer GM crap at all. And that’s a tall order now because these corporations have the seed market monopolized to the point where almost all farmers if they want to plant any crop, they have to use the dangerous GM stuff.

    I have four cousins who farm organically, one has done it for twenty years. There’s a market for it and the prices are high for organic commodities, thus they are able to make pretty decent livings from it despite the planned destruction of the family farm. Amish communities in Pennsylvania have been able to make good livings from classical farming methods for over three hundred years. It’s only been during the past twenty years they’ve had difficulties because their young people are leaving for the big city and corporate farms buying up all the good cropland.

    It is because of these corporate farms and the massive government subsidies they receive for growing corn for ‘biofuel’ that the current world food crisis is occurring now.

    And guess who’s in the thick of the biofuel debate now? That’s right, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential candidate:

    When VeraSun Energy inaugurated a new ethanol processing plant last summer in Charles City, Iowa, some of that industry’s most prominent boosters showed up. Leaders of the National Corn Growers Association and the Renewable Fuels Association, for instance, came to help cut the ribbon — and so did Senator Barack Obama.

    Then running far behind Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in name recognition and in the polls, Mr. Obama was in the midst of a campaign swing through the state where he would eventually register his first caucus victory. And as befits a senator from Illinois, the country’s second largest corn-producing state, he delivered a ringing endorsement of ethanol as an alternative fuel.

    Mr. Obama is running as a reformer who is seeking to reduce the influence of special interests. But like any other politician, he has powerful constituencies that help shape his views. And when it comes to domestic ethanol, almost all of which is made from corn, he also has advisers and prominent supporters with close ties to the industry at a time when energy policy is a point of sharp contrast between the parties and their presidential candidates.

    In the heart of the Corn Belt that August day, Mr. Obama argued that embracing ethanol “ultimately helps our national security, because right now we’re sending billions of dollars to some of the most hostile nations on earth.” America’s oil dependence, he added, “makes it more difficult for us to shape a foreign policy that is intelligent and is creating security for the long term.”

    Mr. Obama very noticably declines to mention the issue of the subsidies. It is a well known fact that Obama’s home state Iowa is the second largest producer of corn in the U.S. and Obama of course would be remiss if he left his clientel hanging should he be selected to be President.

    So how does the world feel about corn being diverted from food to fuel production? Well, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) makes a token attempt to protest biofuel subsidies in the U.S. and Brazil:

    As was widely expected, the U.S. and Brazil’s biofuel programs came under heavy criticism at the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) food crisis meeting yesterday in Rome. Jacques Diouf, its head, reserved most of his reprobation for the U.S.’s billions of corn ethanol subsidies (roughly $12b in 2006), which he said were depriving developing countries of food, reports The Guardian‘s Julian Borger.

    He accused the U.S. of diverting close to 100 million tons of cereals from human consumption to “satisfy a thirst for fuel for vehicles.” Officials from U.S., Canadian and European biofuel industries had written to Diouf prior to the summit to warn him not to lash out against biofuels — advice he clearly (and rightly) chose to disregard. Ed Schafer, the U.S. agriculture secretary, tried to deflect blame from the ethanol subsidies, claiming biofuel production only accounted for 2 – 3% of the rise in food prices.

    By comparison, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) research estimates that it has accounted for 20 – 30% of the price increases over the last 2 years. For its part, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) believes that biofuels caused nearly 60% of the increase in the consumption of cereals and vegetable oils between 2005 and 2007.

    Schafer also tried to peddle the canard that corn ethanol was an “efficient producer of energy,” despite mountains of evidence to the contrary (see this post about the significant land-use concerns).

    Please note that although Brazil subsidizes their biofuel industry, they use cellulose from switchgrass to turn into alcohol fuel, which isn’t food to begin with. But wholesale clearing of rainforest to grow it is a big issue. Thus this has ecological impact as well.

    So what to do? Well, quit giving corporate welfare to mega-farms for one thing. But campaign coffers are filled by corporate PAC money and Monsanto is a big player here. Not only that, Monsanto gengineers the seed for the ethanol:

    No doubt Monsanto plans to come up with new, “improved” corn seed products that will target new, improved pests, and will be able to resist new, improved herbicides. That is the treadmill that the human race has put itself on, and whether we’ll ever be able to get off of it seems a highly doubtful proposition, unless food prices rise so high that biofuels become politically impossible. But that dreary quagmire is not the point of this post.

    For some time, How the World Works has been convinced that the rush to biofuels will significantly boost the ongoing rollout of genetically modified organisms. There’s just too much money at stake in the energy business for it to be otherwise. The popularity of the latest biotech crops is a perfect illustration of this. These seeds aren’t cheap — they are top-of-the-line products. But for well-financed farmers and industrial-scale agribusinesses aiming to cash in on ethanol demand, seed costs are not a significant barrier. It seems reasonable to expect, in the not-too-distant future, quadruple- and quintuple- and sextuple-stacked hybrids that do all kinds of fancy things such as incorporate herbicide resistance, targeted pesticides, and modifications that make the corn cheaper and easier to industrially transform into ethanol

    So there it is in a nutshell. Or a GM corn kernal anyway. Follow the money and you will find how the world works. I have to hand it to the mega-corps though, they have managed to ‘collectivize’ farming to the point that would’ve made the old U.S.S.R. blanch. Or bow down to them.

    Well, the U.S. is due for a round of neoliberal corporate communism anyhow and the ‘green technology’ field is slated to be the next big bubble economic powerhouse. And corporate GM corn for biofuels plays a big part in it. Plus picking the wallets of the slaves to pay for it just sweetens the pot even more for these assholes.

    Also, don’t expect this to create any middle-class jobs for American citizens, most of the machinery that agribusinesses use are automated, even the tractors.

    And there are plenty of illegal immigrants willing to work for three dollars an hour to monitor the equipment!

    Obama Camp Closely Linked With Ethanol

    FAO Takes on Biofuel Subsidies, U.S. Claims 2020 Climate Targets “Unachievable”

    Why Monsanto loves ethanol 

    Creative Destruction

    Kirn floated above the swollen red disk of the star in resplendent glory.

    E was clothed in golden light from head to foot ( or analogs thereof ) and soaked velvetly through all the firmament in a heavenly haze. The landscape ( if viewed three dimensionally ) emitted a preternatural sheen that would’ve blinded an ancient baseline humans eye. To Kirn, it was the scene E personally selected for this moment in time, which was all aspects of the term “now.”  Quantum states froze and wave functions collapsed as Kirn viewed the scene in its normal 4D state, but from Er position in 5D, Kirn discerned the coming events in the infinite possibilities the unfrozen quantum states presented.

    A human being from five billion years ago would’ve been driven mad from miscomprehension. Or not perceive anything at all because the brain was still too primitive.

    But Kirn saw it in all Eternities.

    The star in question was ten billion years old and dying. The huge gaseous red sphere was way past fusing hydrogen anymore. It started dining on helium and lithium about two billion years ago, now those elements were exhausted. Further cannibalizing itself, the outer shell of red gases was expanding out further from the stellar center, encompassing the orbital distance of what would be Saturn in old Earths System.

    In fact, it was old Earth’s System.

    Sol was the aging, rapidly dying elder nearing the End of its sequence.

    No longer the bright yellow orb of its youth, Sol was entering the terminal stage in which it was a swollen gas giant star that was going to blow off its outer layer of gases in pseudo-nova glory, incinerating everything that was left in the ancient Solar System.

    The resulting nebula will reach out from 1000 AU to about a half a light year initially, rapidly spreading to where Proxima Centauri once was in about twenty to thirty years. Then the nebular gases will thin out and slow to about 200 AU an Old Year, carrying elements of ancient Sol to a nearby stellar nursery two hundred and twenty old light-years out. Sol will feed new children.

    Kirn’s job is to record this event for all Eternity. Eternity in this case is beyond the Death of the Universe. The Heat Death. Final Entropy. Omega Point.

    The Children of Eternity they call themselves. They try not to call themselves “God” or gods for that matter. They learned from past experience that there’s always a bigger kid on the block willing to knock that galaxy size chip from their shoulders. But they learned, sometimes the easy way. Mostly the hard way though, as with most of human history.

    The Children are the Last Human Intelligence though. To call them human is a huge misnomer, because there is billions of years separating them and the original baseline human being.

    It’s like comparing an anerobic bacteria colony with 21st century New York City. Not even close.

    But observing an event like the Death of the Parent Star isn’t Kirns only job. Oh no.

    It’s not even Er main job. Kirns primary duty is to use the energy that is to be created by the blow-off of Old Sols’ outer layers of gases to create an artificial Hole in Time.

    A wormhole. A time-gate.

    Actually, a natural rip in the normal four dimensional fabric of space would be a result of the semi-nova energies anyway. Kirn is just there to control the energy release in order to form the shape of the rip and use the matter from the explosion and convert it into a negative matter cage to hold the wormhole open.

    Sounds good in theory.

    The Children are proven stellar engineers though. Creating wormholes, albeit small ones, are a matter of course for multiple-Singularity non-corporeal entities who reside in a higher dimension. Or dimensions.

    But there’s one thing the Universe beat them at, aggravating the Children to no end and smacked their left-over human hubris right between the proverbial eyes.

    And that was the ever accelerating expansion of the Universe.

    Secret NASA

    Lately I have been railing against NASA’s covert space program and related cover-ups. “Covert space programs”, you say? “Dad, you’ve really taken a turn around the deep bend this time”, you’d note.

    Well, maybe I have. NASA claims that it would be the first to proclaim that there’s other life in the Universe from the highest roof-tops and towers, given the proper evidence. One must remember NASA is a government agency, and thusly subject to orders from said government, or an entity that really is the government! If NASA is told to cover something up because the entity deems it so, they will.

    The following are two videos that show that NASA is very aware there is life outside of Earth, and is actively covering it up, at least from the Apollo days (probably further back).

    The question you want to ask yourselves are, “Is this all just disinformation to spread virally throughout the ‘Tubes, or is this possibly real?”

    You be the judges.

    Fox Anchor Laughs, Animals in Space Theory…
    Video: Truth About the Moon