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Cryptoterrestrial in Louisiana

In the age of YouTube and photoshop, one must be leery of videos submitted as evidence anymore. But this little tidbit made the mainstream media (such as it is) in Louisiana where weird phenomena are common in the Bayou.


This looks like one of the late Mac Tonnies’ classic cryptoterrestrials. Was Mac on the money?

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The Denver ‘Peeping Tom’ Alien Controversy; The Final Word?

As promised, last Friday’s unveiling of Jeff Peckman and Stan Romanek’s ‘peeping tom’ alien vid presentation in Denver turned into a media circus. All that was produced was a still photo from the vid, with Peckman claiming he couldn’t show the vid due to a documentary deal being worked on.

Uh huh.

Peckman is the middleman here, much like P.T. Barnum was way back in the day. Only Barnum had more flair I think. How he got hold of this piece of cinema is anyone’s guess and Romanek has yet to make an appearance to defend his ‘evidence’ of ET life.

Romanek has an interesting history like Peckman does, here’s a sample:

“Let’s not forget about Mr. Romanek. The man who claims had contact with aliens since being a child. His website is cluttered with pictures of “UFOs” “Orbs” and mathematical equations that are thrown together to make them appear complex. Romanek claims that the equations came out in one of his hypnotic regression sessions. In fact, other claims of contact with human/alien/dog looking female things are on his website:

Drawing of female alien beings seen by Stan Romanek.

Another incredible claim by Mr. Romanek is that during his alien abductions, he learned of a new element. Element 115. Something he claims he had never heard of before, and was not “discovered” till years later. Well, it has been mentioned before. In fact, it’s been mentioned in the UFO community long before Mr. Romanek’s claim. Bob Lazar has claimed for years that he was one of the few chosen scientist to work on reverse-engineering an alien craft in the depths of Area 51. Lazar has claimed before that the craft that he and his team examined used Element 115. From his website: “The reactor is a closed system which uses the Element 115 as its fuel. The element is also the source of the gravity-A wave which is amplified for space/time distortion and travel.”

It looks like Romanek has a history of being an alien abductee, most of his life it appears. He claims he set the camera up in his daughters’ bedroom because he thought they were being eyeballed by perverts. Did he think ‘alien’ perverts instead? It’s claimed that alien abductions occur to whole families, over a span of two or three generations. Was Romanek simply trying his best to protect his family by trying to catch the perpetrators in the act? Or is it all a bullsh*t hoax to make a few bucks?

As an interesting note, Romanek has had this video since 2003. If he wanted to make money from it, wouldn’t he have done it back in 2003? Why wait until a shyster like Peckman comes along to promote it? Why take the ridicule and notoriety such claims often draw? And why potentially further marginalize  individuals who also had these experiences that is sure to happen if this proves to be a hoax?

To be sure Peckman to trying to grease his skids with this. He’s trying to get a commission set up on the Denver City Council investigating UFO/alien activity. All he needs is 4000 signatures on his petition to force a referendum. If this happens, he might get a cushy city job on the taxpayer’s dime. People aren’t too happy about this to say the least.

So what do you think gentle readers, is this a hoax or not? Is this the final word or is the media circus just getting warmed up on it?

Interesting times indeed.

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Special hat tip to the Anomalist this a.m.