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Binnall of America Season 7: Jim Marrs

Once again one of my favorite podcasters, Tim Binnall launches his seventh season foray into the esoteric with his annual interview with journalist Jim Marrs:

BoA:Audio begins another journey into the world of the esoteric, the unknown, the paranormal, and the parapolitical as we launch Season 7 of the program with our traditional premiere guest: the legendary Jim Marrs. Among the topics discussed in this freewheeling conversation are ancient aliens, UFOs, the nefarious New World Order agenda, technology and surveillance run amok, weather manipulation, population control, Ron Paul and the 2012 election, and how dire the geopolitical landscape looks for those of us hoping to see a better tomorrow. Alongside the doom and gloom are plenty of laughs, sober reflections, and nostalgic looks back at how the world has changed since we sat down in August of 2005 to begin this program.Buckle up for another wild ride, because BoA:Audio, Season 7 has arrived !Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out what Jim Marrs has been working on since he helped us launch BoA:Audio, Season Six, including the completion of his next book: Our Occulted History. Jim details what the new book will cover and how it will connect the ancient aliens concept with the New World Order. He talks about how there are a number of ancient anomalies which suggest some kind of higher intelligence at work as well as how that raises questions about what became of that intelligence. Tying this in to the NWO, Jim talks about what the ‘powers that be’ may know about the ancient intelligences. Feeling nostalgic, we look back at Jim’s first appearance ever on BoA:Audio, in 2005, when we pondered 2012 and he predicted a world we’d hardly recognize. This leads to some discussion on how America has slowly evolved over the last seven years as we’ve “spread democracy” around the world while curtailing it here in our own country. Continuing a talking point that emerged at the end of Season Six, we explore the increasing envelopment of mankind by technology. Jim talks about how he moved to the country and even the rural parts of America are seeing the encroachment of technology and the surveillance capabilities it affords the government.

This leads to a discussion about how there is a “gulf of ignorance” between those ‘in the know’ about the machinations of the ‘powers that be’ and the general public who have yet to ‘wake up’ to the current situation. Jim then laments how government laws created in the name of “national security,” like the National Defense Act, have resulted in Americans losing the vast majority of our freedoms, whether we realize it or not. Drawing attention to the fixed nature of American politics, Jim details how Ron Paul should be the ideal Republican candidate but has been marginalized by the media and establishment. Jim then shares a personal anecdote from Texas about chicanery involving voting and counting those votes.

Continuing our reflection on how times have changed since our first conversation, we reflect on the days of military imperialism of the 2000’s have given way to social tinkering in modern times. This leads to some talk about how it seems like the ‘powers that be’ are anticipating something on the horizon which would explain their desire to exert even more control than ever. Jim then details the ongoing development of scalar weaponry and how such technology can move hurricanes, for good or for ill. Making things even more dire, we talk about how population control remains a key driving force behind the New World Order.

Looking ahead to the future of America, Jim talks about why the idea of “getting used to a lower standard of living” is a mindset being forced upon people. This leads to some reflection on how people, unaware of the growing police state, don’t seem to care until their own personal liberties are taken away. Jim talks about how people ‘waking up’ is a growing phenomenon, but one that media continues to under report.

The conversation then turns to UFOs and we talk about how it seems like UFOs are now seen as more commonplace or socially acceptable than they were even a decade ago. We then talk about disclosure and the idea of a “conditioning program” where the reality of UFOs slowly becomes generally accepted. Talking about how nobody should believe the federal government, even in the event of UFO disclosure, Jim details how unrelenting dependence on the government is part of a larger, socialist agenda.

Taking a look at the history of the US, Jim details how the ‘powers that be’ in Europe have been trying to recapture North America ever since the revolution. This segues into discussion on how thousands of Nazis came to America after WWII and how the current activities of the American federal government appear to mirror those of Nazi Germany. Jim also discusses how, despite the idea of a New World Order, the geopolitical landscape will actually feature a handful of smaller regional empires that battle each other.

Heading towards the close, we reflect on how, although UFOs have been around for eons, the human race finally has begun to look at and try to understand the phenomenon. We then talk a bit about the stagnation of Ufology and how that may be a more personalized perspective rather than a reflection of the phenomenon. Jim also talks about what area of the UFO phenomenon deserves greater scrutiny as an outlet for research. This segues to us musing about how the ‘powers that be’ have purposely suppressed knowledge of ancient advanced civilizations.

Wrapping up the conversation, Jim details how rugged individualism in America has been stifled as a result of the academic and government bodies which regulate research and ideas. Closing out the conversation, Jim notes how the enthusiasm and likely subsequent disappointed over Ron Paul’s presidential run should serve as a catalyst for waking more people up to the fact that the election system in America is a fixed game. And, finally, we thank Jim for helping us kick of Season 7 of the program and wish him well until he returns for our Season 8 premiere.

Jim Marrs Site

Jim Marrs Interview – Binnall of America

As usual, hat tip to the Daily Grail.

Is Phobos Artificial?

On March 7, 2010, the ESA (European Space Agency)’s probe Mars Express performed a fly-by of Mars’ moon Phobos to take pictures and check its mass using radar. The camera was able to measure a field 15 feet across, quite an accomplishment on a small object 15 miles long. The amazing feature of Phobos however is its layered striations and lateral pockmarks:

Quite interesting, is it not? Not surprisingly, that purveyor of Lunar crystal cities and Mars faces, Richard Hoagland, points out these features prove that Phobos is artificial!

To be fair however, Hoagland uses the probe’s radar readings to measure the moon’s mass to make his point. Amazingly, he could actually have something to go on here!:

[…]By extremely careful measurements of the actual “radio frequency drift,” recorded during these Phobos “close-approaches,” and by then plugging that data into sophisticated ESA computer models of Phobos interior mass distribution, each varying slightly, and designed according to “Newtonian and Einsteinien Laws of Gravity” … the ESA folks expected to not only be able to measure accurately the overall MASS of Phobos far more precisely than ever before … but, even more importantly–

For the first time, resolve”how” that detected mass was arranged — INSIDE — as measured against the Mars Express “gravity tracking data.”

Normally, even the first results of such a delicate experiment would “wait weeks before it was posted … if it ever was”; ESA this timeposted the “early Doppler results of this ‘super close’ Phobos March 3rd pass” … on March 9th–

Barely one week after the fly-by itself!

And then — described in detail, the science behind the published radio-tracking graph (below):

“ … The Mars Express Radio-Science team, led by Martin Pätzold (Cologne University), has performed a preliminary analysis of the radiometric data recorded during the evening of closest approach, 3 March 2010 …

“The grey line in the image [above] shows the frequency change due to Phobos during a 20-minute window, centered on the closest approach. Before closest approach, the effect of Phobos on the spacecraft is negligible. Then there is a clear jump in frequency at closest approach. This is Phobos slightly changing the orbit of Mars Express.

“The blue line is the expected frequency change assuming the mass of Phobos, as measured during a previous flyby, is evenly distributed throughout the moon’s interior. There are clearly small differences between the blue and grey lines. The challenge now for the Radio-Science team is to dig into these small differences to pries out information on the mass distribution. “The real work starts right here,” says Pätzold.“It may take a few weeks for the extraction of precise information on the interior of Phobos,” says Tom Andert, from Munich University [emphasis added] ….”

One of the responders to this post, on the official ESA “Phobos Blog,” shrewdly observed

Posted by: Daniel Fischer • Thanks for sharing these data! • reply

09-03-2010 • 17:37:42

Thanks to the Cologne people and ESA for sharing these hot non-imaging data, even without vertical scales – a clever (and accepted) way in showing success without compromising scientific details.

Though, as the total mass of Phobos and C/A distance are both known, reconstructing the ‘missing’ Hertz residuals scale in the 1st plot should be possible for any physicist, right [emphasis added]?

By putting out the actual raw “gravity tracking” data this early, ESA was (apparently) “hedging its bets”; if it WAS planning to release ALL the data, from ALL the experiments carried out during this unique “dozen Phobos fly-by orbit sequence …” — revealing that it IS an “ancient, manufactured object” (as I was beginning to seriously suspect …), this was a MAJOR, additional step in signaling thatultimate intention ….

Providing the perfect segue into what came next–

The Phobos Blog — published on March 25th … posted this “little bit of ‘tracking news'”:

General , Science 25 March, 2010 17:21
Radio science result from 2008 Phobos Flyby now accepted for publication

I’ve just heard that the technical paper discussing the mass and density of Phobos, as determined during the 2008 flyby, has been accepted by Geophysical Research Letters. The abstract is:

We report independent results from two subgroups of the Mars Express Radio Science (MaRS) team who independently analyzed Mars Express (MEX) radio tracking data for the purpose of determining consistently the gravitational attraction of the moon Phobos on the MEX spacecraft, and hence the mass of Phobos. New values for the gravitational parameter (GM=0.7127 ± 0.0021 x 10-³ km³/s²) and density of Phobos (1876 ± 20 kg/m³) provide meaningful new constraints on the corresponding range of the body’s porosity (30% ± 5%), provide a basis for improved interpretation of the internal structure. We conclude that the interior of Phobos likely contains large voids. When applied to various hypotheses bearing on the origin of Phobos, these results are inconsistent with the proposition that Phobos is a captured asteroid [emphasis added] ….

No … this was NOT “the rest of the radio-tracking results” from the March 3rd fly-by, that we were all eagerly anticipating ….

But rather–

A nominal announcement of “scientific journal (peer-reviewed) publication” … of earlier Phobos “gravity-tracking” results–

From data acquired two YEARS earlier by Mars Express … back in 2008!!

Another major clue that … the political goals of the current, ultra-close Phobos “fly-by campaign” were predicated on the provocative results discovered earlier … in the 2008 fly-bys ….

Which, quoting from the just-published abstract–

” … provide meaningful new constraints on the corresponding range of the body’s [Phobos’] porosity (30% ± 5%), [and thus] provide a basis for improved interpretation of the internal structure. We conclude that theinterior of Phobos likely contains large voids. When applied to various hypotheses bearing on the origin of Phobos, these results are inconsistent with the proposition that Phobos is a captured asteroid[emphasis added] …”

Inconsistent … that Phobos is a captured asteroid …?”

There … the “ticking time bomb to Disclosure” —

For, Phobos IS — according to these officially-published ESA 2008 Mars Express tracking measurements–


Precisely the same result … as the Soviets reported from their own “mysteriously lost” Phobos-2 Mission — back in 1989 (below)!

Which, of course, is how we at Enterprise have KNOWN about “the reality of an artificial Phobos …” since “Bush 1” … for 21 years–

From correctly interpreting official Soviet spacecraft findings at Mars, in 1989 — data published openly in “the most prestigious science journal in the world,” Nature — of the observed, artificial nature of the evidence transmitted back from the Soviet’s first “Phobos Mission” … Phobos-2 … before it “disappeared.”

Findings which now — from ALL the political clues and “dots’ we’ve been publishing here at Enterprise on “real disclosure,” for months on end — are about to be openly confirmed by ESA [….]

I have serious doubts about any “disclosure.” The word leaves a bad taste in my mouth in that the Euros, or any world government for that matter will admit finding any exo-archeological artifact, no matter how old, dead or benign the object appears to be.

People on Earth aren’t ready to share the Universe yet, especially the radical extreme Abrahamaic religious types.

But if true, this would be the type of proof the SETI types need to prove their hypothesis.

I don’t think so though. They can be just as dogmatic and extreme as the above!

For The World Is Hollow…

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Thursday High Strangeness

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard recently shot down some UFOs according to them:

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has targeted and downed an unidentified shining object after sighting it over Persian Gulf waters.

“Glowing objects were sighted over the Persian Gulf. IRGC air defense targeted one of the objects successfully, forcing it to plummet and sink in the seas off Boushehr (Province),” said top regional commander, Brigadier Ali Razmjou.

“The three bright objects were detected by our radars when flying over the Persian Gulf Islands of Khark and Khargou,” he added, according to a Monday report posted on IRNA.

Brig. Razmjou explained that when the radars indicated that they were not Iranian aircrafts, the IRGC fired at the three objects. He also added that the fallen objects’ remains have not been found yet.

The exact time and location of the sighting and downing of the weird aircraft has not been announced.

They’re not claiming the UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin and the objects were very likely unmanned spy craft, but the Iranians say they can’t find the remains.

Not that the parties involved, no matter what or whom they are, would claim responsibility anyway.

Iran downs strange bright craft over Persian Gulf

Nazca lines in Kazakhstan?

Media outlets as well as the official government website in Kazakhstan are reporting the surprise discovery of local geoglyphs or ‘Nazca Lines’.  Geoglyphs are drawings created on the ground by arranging stones or removing the top layers of earth. These designs typically cover large areas. The most famous geoglyphs are those found in the Nazca desert in Peru. These show hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, llamas, and lizards.
The Kazakhstan Geoglyphs (photo above, thanks to photojournalist N. Dorogov) appear to depict a humanoid figure wedged between two unusual structures. The drawings are located in the remote Karatau Mountains in South Kazakhstan.
Geoglyphs are of interest to UFO researchers, some of whom believe they might be messages or markers created by ancient people for the benefit of visiting extraterrestrials.  It is alleged by these UFO scholars that in times of distress these were a way of asking ‘Star Gods’ to return and Assist these early societies, however this hypothesis has not been proven.
It is expected that some scholars of extraterrestrial matters will claim that the being shown in the drawing might well depict an alien that once visited the area and interacted with the locals.
Kazhakstan is an area of intense UFO sightings and activity. Recently the Kazakhstan Government toyed with the idea of creating a UFO landing field and an alien embassy.
Not once is there a mention of any archeologist, or geologist for that matter verifying this claim.
I think the government of Kazakhstan is just scrounging for the tourist business.

The criteria for looking for extraterrestrial life has always been this; water as a solvent, carbon and oxygen.

This is simply because we only have a sample size of one to compare our results with; Ourselves.

Finally, mainstream science has decided to broaden the search criteria somewhat:

In the search for extraterrestrial life, some scientists say we’re focusing too much on finding signs of existence as we know it, and in the process, we may be missing more strange forms of life that don’t rely on water or carbon metabolism.

Now researchers from Austria have started a systematic study of solvents other than water that might be able to support life outside our planet. They’re hoping their research will lead to a shift in what they call the “geocentric mindset” of our attempts to detect extraterrestrial life.

“With our current measurement strategy for life on other planets, we will only be able to detect life which shares most of its parameters with terrestrial life,” astrobiologist Johannes Leitner of the University of Vienna, who presented his research Friday at the European Planetary Science Congress in Germany, wrote in an e-mail. “Presently we will not be able to detect exotic life, because we have no idea of its potential properties and by this, our probes to planetary surfaces do not carry instruments which can look for something exotic.”


For instance, Leitner said, we can send rovers to Mars carrying antibodies that detect traces of chemicals and bacteria that would indicate life. But because we can only make antibodies to known substances, this method will be limited to finding Earth-like life.

“When we try to find a definition for life, in most cases, such a definition is more a summary of the specific properties of terrestrial life,” Leitner said. Because life on Earth requires water, most of the search for extraterrestrial life thus far has focused on the “habitable zone,” or the relatively narrow region around a star where liquid water could exist.

But while water is liquid only between zero and 100 degrees Celsius, other solvents are liquid over a much larger temperature range. For instance, because ammonia stays liquid at a lower temperature, an ocean of ammonia could exist on a planet much further from its host star. By exploring the properties of more potential solvents, such as sulfuric acid and formamide, the researchers hope to expand the potential life-supporting zone.

This is certainly an improvement, but will we still be able to decipher what we’re looking at?

Probably not.

Read the comments at the bottom of the post, pretty entertaining it is.

The Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life Gets Weird

Thanks today to The Anomalist.

Ancient Aliens 2009

Here are some links to a History Channel show, “Ancient Aliens 2009” which features some of my favorite researchers mainstream scientists love to hate; Erik von Daniken and Zecharia Sichen.

Love ’em or hate ’em, this is a good show.

Part 1: http://disclose.tv/viewvideo/26661/Ancient_Aliens_2009_part1/

Part 2: http://disclose.tv/viewvideo/26663/Ancient_Aliens_2009_part2/

Part 3: http://disclose.tv/viewvideo/26664/Ancient_Aliens_2009_part3/

Part 4: http://disclose.tv/viewvideo/26665/Ancient_Aliens_2009_part4/

Part 5: http://disclose.tv/viewvideo/26666/Ancient_Aliens_2009_part5/


Good stuff. Makes me wish I still had cable. LOL!

UFOs, history and the hardware

Ancient UFOs were my first ‘esoteric’ study, but looking back on it, there was nothing esoteric about it. Erich Von Daniken was pretty clear in his assumptions that what ancient peoples took for “gods” or “god’s chariots” were mechanical, material contrivances. Von Daniken’s photographic proofs of many ancient sites, stone architectures/carvings, artifacts and paintings of strange, hard to explain objects that could only be used as examples of ‘flying objects’ in relation to our own present day aircraft technology could these things only be hoped to identify.

Von Daniken was immediately poo-pooed by the mainstream archeology community of course and in later years, many in the so-called esoteric community did the same. It must have been his rather flambouyant style that did Von Daniken in. There could only be one P.T. Barnum.

Zecharia Sitchen is another proponent of the ancient UFO theory, only his was more refined and specific to one area, the Middle East. Namely the old Tigris/Euphrates valley cultures of the Sumerians, Ur, Uruk, Umma, Lagash, Nippur and Kish. The Sumerian city-states are reportedly the first (ur)ban cultures to arise from the Neolithic and the first to arise fully armed for advanced civilization, i.e., writing, numbers, laws, brick and stone buildings, roads, farming communities supporting the city, a ruling elite and most of all, standing armies.

Sitchen’s contention is that the Sumerian culture arose so quickly, so advanced and so complete with no traceable primitive cultures to track back to means that maybe, just maybe, they had some help. So he studied the most obvious telling feature of the Sumerian civilization, its writing and language. Heck, why not? Let the Sumerians themselves explain how they came about!

And here is how we know about the Annunaki, Nibiru ( Planet X ), Tiamat, the Adamu, Nephilim and other stories that have been handed down to us through Jewish and Christian scholars over the millenia into our Western Culture. Almost all the early chapters of the Torah and Bible are copies of the much older Sumerian texts, word for word, story for story practically. Scholars, both secular and theological have their disagreements with that statement, but I’m not going to go over that at this time. I’m going to comment on the hardware of the Annunaki.

Below is a carving of the Annunaki giving the ancesters of the Sumerians (the Adamu) laws and civilization. Notice the obvious ‘manufactured’ look to it.

Sumerian deity Ianna (?) or Dumuzi bringing the gift of culture to Uruk.

Check out this site here if you wish to study more about the Sumerians and the Annunaki.

In modern times, the nuclear engineer turned UFO investigator Stan Friedman is the most ardent supporter of the ‘nuts and bolts’ theory of UFOs, his studies go back to the time of the original nuts and bolts theorist J. Allen Hynek in the late 1950s, early 1960s.

Friedman’s technological take on UFOs in understandable in my view because, let’s face it, how can a nuclear engineer look at it otherwise? C’mon! But the man is labeled a ‘fossil’ in some circles ( okay, he’s a senior citizen, but who ain’t gonna be unless ya die first, WTF! ) and a new wave of UFO theorists are taking the field, or already have taken the field, and have been advocating the ‘paranormal’ theory.

But I wouldn’t throw Friedman’s studies out with the bathwater just yet if I were them. Check this out:

Bird strike, or something else?

Looks like something pretty solid hit here, huh? WTF was it?

Is it paranormal, para-metal or Memorex?

Read Ted Twietmeyer’s essay about this here.

So what can we conclude from this evidence? The mainstream says, “What evidence?”, and then stick their heads back in the sand or posteriors. But what about my fellow skeptics out there, machine, or mental manipulation? Both maybe?

Both? “C’mon Dad, yer over-dosin’ on yer seizure meds agin” you’re thinking.

But maybe that isn’t such a wild idea after all. We’ll check that out later!

Update: Check out Lloyd Pye’s site, http://www.lloydpye.com/ and click on the ‘Intervention’ then ‘Sumer’ slideshow links. Pye is an advocate of Sitchen obviously, but the site is full of good information.

Will the Japanese find Nibiru?

From Physorg.com:

This illustration released by Kobe University shows a planet -- half the size of Earth -- which is believed to be in the outer reaches of the solar system. The researchers at Kobe University have said that their theoretical calculations using compute ...

This illustration released by Kobe University shows a planet — half the size of Earth — which is believed to be in the outer reaches of the solar system. The researchers at Kobe University have said that their theoretical calculations using computer simulations lead them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the long-awaited “Planet X” was found.
The researchers at Kobe University in western Japan said calculations using computer simulations led them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the mysterious “Planet X” was found.”Because of the very cold temperature, its surface would be covered with ice, icy ammonia and methane,” Kobe University professor Tadashi Mukai, the lead researcher, told AFP.The study by Mukai and researcher Patryk Lykawka will be published in the April issue of the US-based Astronomical Journal.”The possibility is high that a yet unknown, planet-class celestial body, measuring 30 percent to 70 percent of the Earth’s mass, exists in the outer edges of the solar system,” said a summary of the research released by Kobe University.

“If research is conducted on a wide scale, the planet is likely to be discovered in less than 10 years,” it said.

So the possibility of a ‘Planet X’, or ‘Nibiru’ isn’t so much tinfoil hat semi-religious crap anymore, ay?

Ever since Zecharia Sitchen proposed the theory of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient Sumerian culture over thirty years ago and the story of the aliens’ home, Nibiru, many points and counter-points concerning the existence of such a planetary body have been written. As astronomers and astrophysicists studied the Solar System through improved ground and space based telescopes and robotic probes in recent years, more has been learned about planetary motion, gravity, cosmic radiation, solar wind and materials that make us and the planets up than in the previous 400. The discovery of the Kuiper Belt at the fringes of the Solar System was an extremely important one because a whole new class of objects gave space scientists a larger backyard to play in. The relegation of Pluto and its moon Charon to Kuiper Belt objects instead of regular planets (because of their Neptune crossing orbit) was a huge step in recognizing the larger outer solar system as a harbinger of objects that might be as large, or larger than our Moon and planets the size of Mars.

Although the Sitchin Sumerian translations indicate that Nibiru might’ve had a breathable atmosphere that required ‘gold-dust’ to maintain its planetary temperature in a kind of controlled ‘green-house’ effect because of the planet’s long elliptical orbit taking it to the outer depths of solar space, chances are that Planet X has an atmosphere that will be frozen onto its surface until it gets closer to the Sun and starts warming up. A ‘coma’, or a cometary effect might become evident when the planet comes closer to the Sun, if its orbit brings it in that way. It’ll definitely be a show!

Planet X, or Nibiru has always been the stuff of legend and myth. The Japanese proposal threatens to make fantasy into fact. And they did say it could be confirmed in a little under ten years. A little, like say give or take six years?

In time for 2012 maybe?