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Cool Colorado UFO Pictures

Let us take our minds off from the horrific event that took place a few days ago in Colorado and look at these UFOs flying formation in a thunder storm there last Friday.

If I was of a conspiratorial bent (LOL) I would ask if these UFOs were a portent of those events.

Some folks would say yes, some would say “are you nuts?”

You be the judges.


The Daily Weird     UFOs  Is the Media Ignoring a Stunning Set of UFO Images?      July 12, 2012 12:09 am     Greg Newkirk     9 Comments  Some intriguing images snapped by a photographer in Colorado have been causing a quite a bit of discussion online this week, but the real question is why they haven’t been causing more commotion in the media.  Professional photographer Greg Archer took a few shots of a lightning storm over Castle Rock, Colorado on the 6th of this month, but the most striking objects in the photo aren’t the streaks of lightning tearing through the sky, but rather the mysterious lights hovering uniform high above the tree line.

Some intriguing images snapped by a photographer in Colorado

Photos emerge of Colorado UFOs

Links courtesy of the Daily Grail.

Possible Aliens on Earth Not The “Cream of the Crop”

Many theories of UFO visitation have been pro-offered over the years, usually bumping up against the scientific rigors of the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation.

Now Pawel Sobkowicz, a Business Development Manager at Neoris, Warsaw, Poland, has written a paper discussing why the scientific community should take the UFO phenomenon, cattle mutilations and alien abductions seriously:

Popular culture (movies, SF literature) and witness accounts of close encounters with extrater-

restrials provide a rather bizarre image of Aliens behavior on Earth. It is far from stereotypes of

human space exploration. The reported Aliens are not missions of diplomats, scientists nor even

invasion fleets; typical encounters are with lone ETs (or small groups), and involve curious behav-

ior: abductions and experiments (often of sexual nature), cattle mutilations, localized killing and

mixing in human society using various methods. Standard scientific explanations of these social

memes point to influence of cultural artifacts (movies, literature) on social imagination, projection

of our fears and observations of human society, and, in severe cases, psychic disorder of the involved

individuals. In this work we propose an alternate explanation, claiming that the memes might be

the result of observations of actual behavior of true Aliens, who, visiting Earth behave in a way that

is then reproduced by such memes. The proposal would solve, in natural way, the Fermi paradox.

Read the full paper here. Of course  Sobkowicz only has one culture to draw from when he wrote the paper, our human one. But it makes for fascinating reading and gives good reasons for scientific inquiry of the UFO phenomenon.

Aliens on Earth. Are reports of close encounters correct?

Hat tip to The Daily Grail.