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Snowflake UFO

From Gather.com:

An amazing UFO video has been posted to YouTube showing what is described as a “snowflake” mothership dropping light balls over an unidentified area of South America. What is it?

In the video, taken at night, a man, speaking Spanish, is amazed by the sight of a lighted ship hovering over what looks like a farmhouse. The craft is shaped like a giant snowflake and appears to be throwing off smaller lighted orbs. It’s not like anything ever filmed before.

An interpretation provided by commenters on the channel is not really necessary, since the man’s amazement is understood in any language. But his family comes for a look and are amazed as well.

There’s just no way to describe this amazing UFO which defies explanation and does not appear to be a CGI hoax. At the end of the video, a separate segment renders the image in what looks like the infrared spectrum and the light balls dropping from the craft are more easily seen.

It’s just incredible.

I’m reminded of the Cordwainer Smith story “The Burning of the Brain” in which the starship is shaped like an old Southern manor. Starships in this far future time are held together by force-fields, not metal. Thus there is no need for pressure or vacuum hulls. The description of the UFO by the witness and its unorthodox shape is no surprise if the craft is built by a highly advanced space-faring civilization.


‘Snowflake’ UFO Drops Light Balls over South America