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Dio, the last Neon Knight falls

Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona in 1942) was a local hero here in these parts in Upstate NY. When he passed away this past Sunday on May 16th, it represented in a way a passing of an era here, that he was the last of the Old Industry that comprised Wickwire’s, Brockway, Smith-Corona and others.

Those companies have been long gone from here, and so was Ronnie in a way, since he made his home in California after leaving and finding his fortune. But he still had ties here since he had a father, son, grandchildren and a former band-mate making his home area their home too.

So here’s to you Dio, the Last Neon Knight, may you find that home on Silver Mountain!

Neon (K)Nights


Steam-Punk Nemo, Early Led Zep

In a mood for steampunk sci-fi?

Check this out from Boing-Boing:



I’m not a fan of Second Life, but this is pretty artistic!


Ever wonder what early Led Zeppelin sounded like, you old burn-outs?

Check out this clip from Boing-Boing:

Led Zeppelin, 12/30/1968


Yeah, I Boing-Boinged out today.

They have good stuff though!

AC/DC: In Your Face!

It has been said during the almost 40 year career of the Young Brothers, Angus and Malcolm, that their band AC/DC plays the same stuff over and over again. To that Angus responded: “…it´s something I´m very proud of. You know what an AC/DC album is going to sound like when you buy it, but I think we always provide just enough new twists to make the fans happy. We´re just not a very clever band, what can I say?…”

So after an eight year hiatus the Boys from Oz have put out a new album dubbed “Black Ice”. The following song, “Rock n Roll Train” is the first release from it.

So to all those old 1970s rockers like me who still appreciate the old stuff, ‘We salute you!’

Rock n Roll Train



Man, what a depressing day today, working at my wage slave job, tired, reading about zionist-NWO warwongering bullshit, it’s enough to suck the life right out of your carcass!

So here’s some post-apocalyptical music, just what the warmongering banksters love!

Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days


Alice In Chains – Man In The Box


Nirvana – Something In The Way


Vintage Monterey and Woodstock Tunes

As per request from Brother Geezerpower, some vintage 1967 Monterey and 1969 Woodstock Arts and Crafts Festival music.

Now where’s my EZ Widers?

Canned Heat live at Woodstock 1969


Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (Monterey 1967)


Country Joe McDonald – I Feel Like (Woodstock 1969)


Too bad we don’t have the fighting attitude we had then.

The programming has been successful.

Rock ‘n Roll Sunday

Time for some music today, I’m kinda lazy and I might work on some Trek stuff. Or catch up on reading.


The Band – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down


Motorhead – Ace of Spades


Motley Crue – Hooligans Holiday


Heart Shaped Box | Nirvana | VH1 Classic

Religious symbolism was more endemic in the 1990s than any other time. The grunge band Nirvana used it as much as anyone, and to great effect.

P.S. Pause all commercials on the other vids!

VH1 needs the money to fund the classic rocker’s old folks home, LOL!

Metal Classics

I’m burned out from all this NWO, UFO, science and other crap today. I’m for listening to a little classic metal this afternoon.

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Judas Priest – The Green Manalishi – VH1 Rock Honors Version


AC/DC – Bon Scott Era – Highway To Hell

Alice In Chains – Man In the Box