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Are We Witnesses To The ‘Cosmic Coincidence’?

Cosmology has taken on the aspect of religion and philosophy lately. There are various camps of scientists who don’t hold the candle of empirical science up high for all to see. One such camp holds to the theory of the anthropic principle . Basically it means that human beings as observers to events in the Universe actually impose constraints on our observations. Simply put, we only see a Universe that supports our kind of life. Also it means we effect the Universe itself by our observations. With that in mind, here’s part of an article posted in Cosmos Magazine:

Vacuum energy itself acts like a kind of anti-gravity pushing space-time apart. Calculations suggest that only when the density of this vacuum energy is larger than the density of matter in the universe will the expansion of space-time accelerate – but this is what we are currently observing.

The cosmic coincidence is that we are living at precisely the time when vacuum energy is starting to dominate. This drives some experts crazy because statistically, there’s less than a one per cent chance that this would be the case. Why, they ask, is this momentous event happening now, precisely when humans are alive to witness it?

It’s as if someone has just stepped on the accelerator of the universe, claim Charles Lineweaver and Charles Egan, astronomers at the Australian National University in Canberra and the University of New South Wales in Sydney, respectively.

In order to explain this so-called ‘cosmic coincidence’ problem, some scientists have proposed the idea of a ‘multiverse’, where different parts of the universe have different values of the vacuum energy.

The article states further that certain parts of the Universe “…physical laws can differ in different parts of the universe, and that what holds true for our corner of the cosmos might not be applicable in a different part …”

This is a huge boon to the anthropic principle people and possibly to scientists who hold to a belief system of a God or Creator that tweaks the laws of physics from outside of our known observed Universe. But the question I would ask of these scientists and God for that matter is, “Why tweak certain parts of the Universe and not others?”

It is stuff like this that causes more questions than answers. Combining philosophy and cosmology? It’s nothing new, the Sumerians, Egyptians and Mayans did it all the time.

Maybe they knew something we’re just starting to rediscover?

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