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Rings of the Universe

In spite of all our travails on this small, blue water world in this huge daunting Universe, nature shows us beauty everywhere:


Cassini’s continued mission

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The rings of Jupiter, as explained by Stephen Smith of Thunderbolts.info:

Conventional theories assume that the universe is electrically neutral, so when observational evidence confirms electrically active plasma for instance, localized phenomena no matter how improbable are invoked. Tidal forces and volcanoes are presented as the cause for the activity seen on Io and the evidence for electric circuits is ignored. In the case of Jupiter’s rings, the same thing is happening. The ring charge is said to be caused by sunlight and shadow rather than by an electrically active circuit between Jupiter and the Sun.

Jupiter is connected with the Sun and the Sun is connected with the Milky Way – and the Milky Way is probably connected with the Local Group and then with the Cluster and so on and so on. That idea is what forms the basis of Electric Universe Theory that all things throughout the cosmos are composed of electrically quasi-neutral conducting plasma – extremely diffuse on the large-scale but capable of transmitting currents powerful enough to energize stars and the galaxies.

An electrical interaction between Jupiter and its moons means that they are charged bodies and are not electrically neutral. Jupiter exists in a dynamic electrical relationship to the Sun and it is now known that charged particles from the Sun and not “electric dynamos” power the planetary aurorae. Just like the aurorae, the ring system on Jupiter is probably behaving in similar fashion to what is seen on Saturn, so a similar explanation is most likely correct.


The more I read from these Electric Universe guys, the more sense they make.

But they have a tough row to hoe if they think they’re gonna usurp Hawking’s black hole theories any time soon, especially since the guy just beat the Reaper again! (No, I didn’t wish the guy dead, I have the utmost respect for someone who thumbs his nose at Death numerous times!)

But they’ll have their day soon I suspect!

Shedding Some Light On Jupiter


Oh hell, might as well add this ring for extra measure:


The submitter states that:

“That thing went miles in a matter of seconds. Just doesn’t seem to wanna go away, what a pest.”

The post also goes on to mention that this could be a hoax.

Oh well. I thought it would be fun.

Blame my dry sense of humor.

California – Video of Rare Ring UFO

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