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Jim Moseley, Ufology Pioneer and Magazine Publisher, Passes into the Veil

Fortean explorer and UFO humorist Jim Moseley died of cancer this past Friday night ( 11/16 ) at the age of 81.

I never talked to, emailed, posted a reply or blogged Mr. Moseley at all since I’ve been posting on the Internet over the past five years, but I’ve listened to him and Gene Steinberg banter on Steinberg’s Paracast radio show enough times to know that he was a very fascinating and interesting folk character in his own right and that his influence will be felt in the UFO community forever and his type of humor will be greatly missed:

Fortean friend, ufology humorist, and writer James W. Moseley, 81, died Friday night, November 16, 2012. He passed away at a Key West, Florida, hospital, several months after being diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.

Upon hearing of the death of Moseley, Anomalist Books publisher and editor Patrick Huyghe said: “He was one of the last remaining old timers from the golden age of flying saucers. Goodbye, Jim.”

I, Loren Coleman, first met James W. Moseley (“Jim” to his friends) when he, John Keel, and I were speaking at a Fortfest in the D.C. area, in 1973. The most vivid memory I have of that time is sitting with these two gentlemen in the dark and shabby lobby of a motel, listening to the foremost scholars of ufology decide what they would do that evening. I recall politely excusing myself to finetune my next day’s presentation, as they skipped off, by foot, across the multilane highway, to visit a nearby striptease joint. And thus I was introduced to the braintrust of ufology, and knew what the end would look like – some sort of cosmic mix of humor and nudity galore!

For years, according to only a few readers, Moseley too frequently posted photographs of large-breasted women in his humorous ufology newsletter, Saucer Smear, confusing people who wished to claim that Moseley was gay, even though he was not, just because others wish to remain closeted for years.

Did it matter what people thought? Ufology historian and Moseley friend Jerome Clark wrote me: “Well, it did matter. It mattered to Jim, who was not gay and who did not like it when people spread such speculation.”

But it went beyond breasts: In the May 10, 2004, issue of Saucer Smear, Moseley highlighted the republishing of a book on three alien monsters raping a woman named Barbara Turner in her bedroom.
Actually, it was quite obvious. Moseley was a comic, extremely interested in women and sex, and loved to be the center-of-attention. Certainly, his lifestyle was secretive to some. For almost thirty years, Moseley lived in Florida.
Moseley with a large poster of marine treasure hunter Mel Fisher.

In 1984, Moseley established an antiques store in Key West, Florida. He also made money in real estate. In 1992, Moseley donated his Peruvian material to the Graves Museum of Archaeology and Natural History, located in Dania, Florida, where it is on permanent display.

James Moseley was a pivotal chronicler of a now-famed mystery that issued from his interest in ancient Peruvian artifacts. It is to be recalled that the Nazca Lines were first discovered by the Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejia Xesspe, who spotted them when hiking through the foothills in 1927. He discussed them at a conference in Lima in 1939. Maria Reiche, a German-born mathematician and archaeologist, first studied and set out to preserve the Nazca Lines in 1940. Paul Kosok, a historian from Long Island University, is credited as the first scholar to seriously study the Nazca Lines in the USA, on site in Peru, in 1940-41. But it was Moseley who first wrote about the Nazca Lines as an intriguing Fortean phenomena in Fate Magazine, in October 1955, suggesting a mysterious origin, long before they interested alternative writers such as Erich von Däniken (1968), Henri Stierlin (1983) and Gerald Hawkins (1990).

Binnall of America Season 7: Jim Marrs

Once again one of my favorite podcasters, Tim Binnall launches his seventh season foray into the esoteric with his annual interview with journalist Jim Marrs:

BoA:Audio begins another journey into the world of the esoteric, the unknown, the paranormal, and the parapolitical as we launch Season 7 of the program with our traditional premiere guest: the legendary Jim Marrs. Among the topics discussed in this freewheeling conversation are ancient aliens, UFOs, the nefarious New World Order agenda, technology and surveillance run amok, weather manipulation, population control, Ron Paul and the 2012 election, and how dire the geopolitical landscape looks for those of us hoping to see a better tomorrow. Alongside the doom and gloom are plenty of laughs, sober reflections, and nostalgic looks back at how the world has changed since we sat down in August of 2005 to begin this program.Buckle up for another wild ride, because BoA:Audio, Season 7 has arrived !Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out what Jim Marrs has been working on since he helped us launch BoA:Audio, Season Six, including the completion of his next book: Our Occulted History. Jim details what the new book will cover and how it will connect the ancient aliens concept with the New World Order. He talks about how there are a number of ancient anomalies which suggest some kind of higher intelligence at work as well as how that raises questions about what became of that intelligence. Tying this in to the NWO, Jim talks about what the ‘powers that be’ may know about the ancient intelligences. Feeling nostalgic, we look back at Jim’s first appearance ever on BoA:Audio, in 2005, when we pondered 2012 and he predicted a world we’d hardly recognize. This leads to some discussion on how America has slowly evolved over the last seven years as we’ve “spread democracy” around the world while curtailing it here in our own country. Continuing a talking point that emerged at the end of Season Six, we explore the increasing envelopment of mankind by technology. Jim talks about how he moved to the country and even the rural parts of America are seeing the encroachment of technology and the surveillance capabilities it affords the government.

This leads to a discussion about how there is a “gulf of ignorance” between those ‘in the know’ about the machinations of the ‘powers that be’ and the general public who have yet to ‘wake up’ to the current situation. Jim then laments how government laws created in the name of “national security,” like the National Defense Act, have resulted in Americans losing the vast majority of our freedoms, whether we realize it or not. Drawing attention to the fixed nature of American politics, Jim details how Ron Paul should be the ideal Republican candidate but has been marginalized by the media and establishment. Jim then shares a personal anecdote from Texas about chicanery involving voting and counting those votes.

Continuing our reflection on how times have changed since our first conversation, we reflect on the days of military imperialism of the 2000’s have given way to social tinkering in modern times. This leads to some talk about how it seems like the ‘powers that be’ are anticipating something on the horizon which would explain their desire to exert even more control than ever. Jim then details the ongoing development of scalar weaponry and how such technology can move hurricanes, for good or for ill. Making things even more dire, we talk about how population control remains a key driving force behind the New World Order.

Looking ahead to the future of America, Jim talks about why the idea of “getting used to a lower standard of living” is a mindset being forced upon people. This leads to some reflection on how people, unaware of the growing police state, don’t seem to care until their own personal liberties are taken away. Jim talks about how people ‘waking up’ is a growing phenomenon, but one that media continues to under report.

The conversation then turns to UFOs and we talk about how it seems like UFOs are now seen as more commonplace or socially acceptable than they were even a decade ago. We then talk about disclosure and the idea of a “conditioning program” where the reality of UFOs slowly becomes generally accepted. Talking about how nobody should believe the federal government, even in the event of UFO disclosure, Jim details how unrelenting dependence on the government is part of a larger, socialist agenda.

Taking a look at the history of the US, Jim details how the ‘powers that be’ in Europe have been trying to recapture North America ever since the revolution. This segues into discussion on how thousands of Nazis came to America after WWII and how the current activities of the American federal government appear to mirror those of Nazi Germany. Jim also discusses how, despite the idea of a New World Order, the geopolitical landscape will actually feature a handful of smaller regional empires that battle each other.

Heading towards the close, we reflect on how, although UFOs have been around for eons, the human race finally has begun to look at and try to understand the phenomenon. We then talk a bit about the stagnation of Ufology and how that may be a more personalized perspective rather than a reflection of the phenomenon. Jim also talks about what area of the UFO phenomenon deserves greater scrutiny as an outlet for research. This segues to us musing about how the ‘powers that be’ have purposely suppressed knowledge of ancient advanced civilizations.

Wrapping up the conversation, Jim details how rugged individualism in America has been stifled as a result of the academic and government bodies which regulate research and ideas. Closing out the conversation, Jim notes how the enthusiasm and likely subsequent disappointed over Ron Paul’s presidential run should serve as a catalyst for waking more people up to the fact that the election system in America is a fixed game. And, finally, we thank Jim for helping us kick of Season 7 of the program and wish him well until he returns for our Season 8 premiere.

Jim Marrs Site

Jim Marrs Interview – Binnall of America

As usual, hat tip to the Daily Grail.

More Paracast: George Filer

Yeah I know I’ve been lazy lately (or so it seems), but trust me on this one. You won’t be disappointed with this interview Gene Steinberg and co-host Chris O’Brien of the Paracast had with Eastern MUFON Director George Filer, who also has the website Filer’s Files (which caters to guess what? You got it!).

During this show Filer talks about his encounters with UFOs when he was an Air Force pilot, good stuff.

Paracast: George Filer Interview

The Paracast: Clifford Clift of MUFON

This week’s Paracast with Gene Steinberg and Chris O’Brien is a conversation with MUFON International’s Clifford Clift. Subjects range from the nuts and bolts aspects of UFOs to the possible paranormal links with ghosts, angels, demons and Sasquatch.

This was a down to earth and civil interview, even the subject of Disclosure was handled smoothly. Actually a very enjoyable show!

Clifford Clift Interview

The Paracast: Jerome Clark

This week’s Paracast with Gene Steinberg and co-host Chris O’Brien features Jerome Clark, author of “The UFO Encyclopedia” and “Hidden Realms, Lost Civilizations, and Beings from Other Worlds.”

After listening to this interview, I was kind of surprised by a researcher in present day ufology who still adhered to the “nuts and bolts” theory of UFOs. To him, paranormal activities are a separate animal to be explained differently.

All in all, a good interview.

Interview with Jerome Clark


I have to apologize to my regular audience for my sporadic posting this year, I have a close family member who is ill and most of my time is taken up with household duties, work, school and doctor visits. Blogging has taken a back-seat unintentionally.

I will post when I can, but they will not be very long and pithy (they’re not anyway! :lol:).

Binnall of America: Dr. Beachcoming

Are you interested in the oddities of history? Do you know about the NASA sandwich and the extinct kings of the Isle of Man?

Then you want to listen to this latest edition of Binnall of America.com as Tim interviews the mysterious Dr. Beachcoming (not his real name) and discuss the above items and more.

I’m a history buff and I loved this interview. I hope Tim has this guy on next year for season seven, he definitely deserves a permanent spot like Tex Marrs and Stanton Friedman!

Binnall of America: Interview with Dr. Beachcoming

Beachcoming’s Bizarre History Blog

Binnall of America: Christmas Annual With Stanton Friedman

Tim Binnall, that most erudite host of Binnall of America “dot com”, broadcasted his Christmas Annual with guest Stanton Friedman on December 23rd and discussed the usual fare; UFOs, MJ-12, nuclear physics, mainstream science his new book and takes email questions from the audience.

Tim outdoes himself with his early season picks usually and this show is one of his best. It’s hard to follow up his season(s) opener, who’s Tex Marrs.

And Stan Friedman fits the bill.

Season Six Christmas Annual With Stan Friedman

The Paracast: “In Search of the Men In Black”

This past Sunday (12/26/10) Gene Steinberg and co-hosts Chris O’Brien and Greg Bishop speak with Tim “Mr. UFO” Beckley , Claudia Cunningham, and T. Allen Greenfield about the ubiquitous “Men In Black” (not the movies) and the role they play in the paranormal.

As a subject, I know very little about the Men In Black, except what they do in the “Fringe” TV series. Theories go from government agents to servants of the grays. Listen to the podcast and decide for yourselves.

In Search of the Men In Black Roundtable

Paracast: The Kivas of Heaven

I was in an “Ancient Aliens” mood yesterday and caught up on some of the more recent Season 2 episodes on YouTube (and drove my wife nuts LOL). Some of them referenced the American desert Amerinds’ (Hopi, Apache, Ute, Navajo) legends of sky people and how they helped The People as they came out of the Earth to populate the world again after the destruction of the previous one (Hopi legends speak of the impending destruction of this one). Which leads into last night’s Paracast with Gene Steinberg and co-host Chris O’Brien as they interview researcher Gary A. David, author of “The Kivas of Heaven: Ancient Hopi Starlore” . In it David speaks of ancient desert Amerind legends and how they relate to other ancient cultures, specifically Ancient Egypt. Good show.

Paracast Interview with Gary A. David

Adam Gorightly on the Paracast

Esoteric writer of all things cultural and Fortean Adam Gorightly gives a good interview on this past Sunday’s (10/31) Paracast discussing astral travel, vivid dreaming, alien abductions and psychedelic drugs. Oh yeah!

Adam Gorightly Interview on the Paracast