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A 23rd Century Time Traveler in Communist Russia?

From Inexplicata:

High Strangeness: A Russian Time Traveler in Stalin’s Gulag?

High Strangeness: A Russian Time Traveler in Stalin’s Gulag?

High strangeness constitute the lifeblood of Inexplicata, and we thank our friends at Chile’s Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo for supplying us this tidbit.

The most recent update of the NOUFA blog gives us a newsclipping from Chile’s respected EL Mercurio newspaper, dated 12 March 1995, and from the files of Mr. Aquiles Castillo. We reproduce it here in its entirety:

EL MERCURIO – Sunday, 12 March 1995
Russian Journalist Purportedly Met a “Time Traveler”
MOSCOW, 11 (ANSA) – A man traveling from the future’s 23rd century landed in the Stalin-era Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, spending five years of captivity in a gulag and living for sixty years in the communist era without being able to return to his time. The news, published today by the presidential daily “Rossiskie Viesti”, is attributed to the testimony of journalist Vadim Chernobrov, who swears having met the mysterious – and disoriented – time traveler. According to the newspaper, Eugene Iosifovich hailed from the 23rd century, but arrived in communist Russia and was arrested for espionage. Apparently, those in the 23rd century forgot all about the unwary time traveler, thinking perhaps that a season in the Soviet Union would be punishment enough for going astray. Chernobrov also disclosed that the traveler had forecast the collapse of the USSR and Boris Yeltsin’s rise to power.

Time travel is best left to the Time Lords, or to the ever-dutiful John Titor.

I wonder if John Titor actually made it back to his own Time/Universe?
His predictions never happened in this branch of the Multiverse.

Mind controlled flying drones and time traveling lawyers

From Grinding.be:

Take the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset, connect it to an AR Drone using the dark magix of computer science and you get this:


I was amazed when I watched this video, you have to see it to believe it!


Lawyers have had a bad name for quite a while now, but Andrew Basiago from Seattle has an occupation on the side.

Time traveling.

A lot of people have a hard time trusting lawyers as it is, but what about one who claims he was part of a secret government time travel program when he was a kid?

Since 2004, Seattle attorney Andrew Basiago has been publicly claiming that from the time he was 7 to when he was 12, he participated in “Project Pegasus,” a secret U.S. government program that he says worked on teleportation and time travel under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

“They trained children along with adults so they could test the mental and physical effects of time travel on kids,” Basiago told The Huffington Post. “Also, children had an advantage over adults in terms of adapting to the strains of moving between past, present and future.”

Skeptical? You’re not alone. Hong Kong physicist Shengwang Du issued a paper last year saying time travel is impossible, because nothing moves faster than the speed of light, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Nevertheless, Basiago’s claim gets support from Alfred Webre, a lawyer specializing in “exopolitics,” or the political implications surrounding an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Webre said teleportation and time travel have been around  for 40 years, but are hoarded by the Defense Department instead of being used to transfer goods and services faraway distances.

“It’s an inexpensive, environmentally friendly means of transportation,” Webre told The Huffington Post. “The Defense Department has had it for 40 years and [former Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld used it to transport troops to battle.”

Basiago said he experienced eight different time travel technologies during his stint in the program. Mostly, he said, his travel involved a teleporter based on technical papers supposedly found in pioneering mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943.

“The machine consisted of two gray elliptical booms about eight feet tall, separated by about 10 feet, between which a shimmering curtain of what Tesla called ‘radiant energy’ was broadcast,” Basiago said. “Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.”

Basiago said project participants would jump through this field of radiant energy into a vortal tunnel and “when the tunnel closed, we found ourselves at our destination.”

“One felt either as if one was moving at a great rate of speed or moving not at all, as the universe was wrapped around one’s location,” Basiago said.

Basiago claimed he can be seen in a photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg in 1863, which he said he visited in 1972 via a plasma confinement chamber located in East Hanover, N.J.

“I had been dressed in period clothing, as a Union bugle boy,” he said. “I attracted so much attention at the Lincoln speech site at Gettysburg — wearing over-sized men’s street shoes — that I left the area around the dais and walked about 100 paces over to where I was photographed in the Josephine Cogg image of Lincoln at Gettysburg.” (The boy on the left in the photo below).

In addition, Basiago said he traveled to Ford’s Theatre the night of Lincoln’s assassination on five or six occasions. “I did not, however, witness the assassination,” he said. “Once, I was on the theater level when he was shot and I heard the shot followed by a great commotion that arose from the crowd. It was terrible to hear.”

Basiago said each of his visits to the past was different, “like they were sending us to slightly different alternative realities on adjacent timelines. As these visits began to accumulate, I twice ran into myself during two different visits.”

Being sent back in time to the same place and moment, but from different starting points in the present, allowed two of himselves to be in Ford’s Theatre at the same time in 1865.

“After the first of these two encounters with myself occurred, I was concerned that my cover might be blown,” he recalled. “Unlike the jump to Gettysburg, in which I was clutching a letter to Navy Secretary Gideon Welles to offer me aid and assistance in the event I was arrested, I didn’t have any explanatory materials when I was sent to Ford’s Theatre.”

And how did these alleged time travelers return to the present day or their point of origin? According to Basiago, some sort of holographic technology allowed them to travel both physically and virtually.

“If we were in the hologram for 15 minutes or fewer,” he explained, “the hologram would collapse, and after about 60 seconds of standing in a field of super-charged particles … we would find ourselves back on the stage … in the present.”

Basiago said the technology should only be used for real-time teleportation, not time travel, because, “It would be chaos.”

Basiago and Webre recently held a seminar in Vancouver, B.C., focusing on the need to disclose, deploy and declassify the technology, as well as the public policy decisions that would be needed to use it.

Webre, for one, said he wants teleports installed in every major city where people and products would be transported through the time-space continuum. “This would free up a lot of urban space that is currently being used by train yards or airports,” Webre said.

Of course, there are risks. Basiago remembered feeling extreme turbulence while going through the vortal time tunnel. Webre said one tragedy occurred in the early days of the technology in which a child in Project Pegasus arrived a few seconds before his legs.

“He was writhing in pain with just stumps where his legs had been,” Webre said.

Webre said problems like that have since been solved. Still, he said teleportation needs strict legal controls to prevent it being used for “for political control, economic control or illegal surveillance.”

All of this is fascinating stuff — if true. But experts who include retired Army Col. John Alexander, former director for the Advanced System Concepts Office, U.S. Army Laboratory Command, are, to put it mildly, skeptical.

“If this could be done, if anyone could go even one second into the future, we’d own the world,” Alexander told The Huffington Post. “There are computer programs on Wall Street that are hundredths of a second faster and provide a tremendous advantage.”

Basiago said that as many as 100 people worked on Project Pegasus. Alexander said he doubts that many people could keep the secret for 40 minutes, much less 40 years.

“There’s a saying in Washington: If two people know something, it’s not a secret,” said Alexander, author of “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities.” “If this was used by the Department of Defense, how did we miss the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or the fall of the Shah of Iran?”

Basiago said Alexander’s rhetorical questions can be explained by the paradoxes of the time-space continuum.

“I only know about how the time travel technology was used during my involvement with Project Pegasus, so this is only speculation,” he said. “But it’s possible that ‘forward intelligence’ showed [Iraq leader Saddam] Hussein using the weapons of mass destruction, but our military went in and toppled him before he could use them.”

Here’s a Youtube video in which Basiago is interviewed by Bob Tuskin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=p7lflso7mT0

I’ve been watching Basiago for a few years now and I’m pretty skeptical of his claims. But when it comes to the military-industrial-congressional-complex and missing trillions of dollars that fund black projects with no oversight, anything is possible!

Seattle Attorney Andrew Basiago Claims U.S. Sent Him On Time Travels

Hat tip to the Daily Grail.

The Large Hadron Collider and Time Travel Revisited

Remember the Large Hadron Collider? A particle accelerator built many miles underground near Geneva, Switzerland that was supposed to divine the nature of the Higgs Boson, otherwise known as ‘The God Particle?’

Well, after destroying a section of itself last year after it became operational, it’s slated to restart in December of this year and folks, it’s not really certain that it’ll run at all.

You see, something from the future might be coming to this time and stopping it from running:

More than a year after an explosion of sparks, soot and frigid helium shut it down, the world’s biggest and most expensive physics experiment, known as the Large Hadron Collider, is poised to start up again. In December, if all goes well, protons will start smashing together in an underground racetrack outside Geneva in a search for forces and particles that reigned during the first trillionth of a second of the Big Bang.

Then it will be time to test one of the most bizarre and revolutionary theories in science. I’m not talking about extra dimensions of space-time, dark matter or even black holes that eat the Earth. No, I’m talking about the notion that the troubled collider is being sabotaged by its own future. A pair of otherwise distinguished physicists have suggested that the hypothesized Higgs boson, which physicists hope to produce with the collider, might be so abhorrent to nature that its creation would ripple backward through time and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather.

Holger Bech Nielsen, of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and Masao Ninomiya of the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan, put this idea forward in a series of papers with titles like “Test of Effect From Future in Large Hadron Collider: a Proposal” and “Search for Future Influence From LHC,” posted on the physics Web site arXiv.org in the last year and a half.

According to the so-called Standard Model that rules almost all physics, the Higgs is responsible for imbuing other elementary particles with mass.

Isn’t that something? Even mainstream physicists think that there might be something more than just run-of-the-mill bad luck is jinxing the LHC!

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily classify quantum physicists as mainstream, their work is considered more esoteric and considers ‘spooky’ action at a distance as ordinary in their world.

And if one thinks about it, technically there is no ‘past’, ‘present’ or ‘future’, just a big “now!”

Yeah, there’s that entropy thing, but even that isn’t a sure thing in the quantum Universe.

So is the LHC permanently snake-bit?

Take a gander at Nielsen and Ninomiya’s paper and judge for yourself.

The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate

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Proving Shroedinger’s Cat and The Montauk Chair

Can a real world version of quantum theory’s “Shroedinger’s Cat” be finally realized and proof that ‘living’ objects can be subjected to ‘superposition?’

In quantum theory, a single object can be doing two different things at once. This so-called “superposition” is a delicate state, destroyed by any contact with the outside world. The largest objects that have been superposed so far are molecules. It is hard to put a much larger object such as a cat or human into a superposition because air molecules and photons are always bouncing off it.

But it might be possible with a small life form, according to Oriol Romero-Isart of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany, and his colleagues. They hope to prove the concept with the flu virus, which exhibits some properties of life, because it can survive in a vacuum – solving the problem of pesky air molecules.

Laser hold

Their scheme would use two laser beams, whose light exerts a gentle force on matter. Where the two beams cross they form an “optical cavity” holding the virus in place.

By adjusting the frequency of the beams, the laser photons can be made to absorb the vibration energy of the trapped virus about its centre of mass until it is slowed to its lowest possible energy state. In this “ground state” the virus is ready to go into a superposition.

Sending a laser photon towards the trap should do the trick. Since a photon is a quantum entity it has more than one option open to it. Thus it will be both reflected and transmitted at the trap, putting it into a superposition.

By impinging on the virus, it forces it into a superposition of both its ground state and next vibrational energy state. Now the virus should be doing two different things at once – the equivalent of you simultaneously mowing the lawn and doing the shopping. “They have come up with a really neat experiment – inventive and I think feasible,” says Peter Knight of Imperial College London.

Romero-Isart and his colleagues speculate that they could pull off the same feat with a tardigrade, or water bear, an animal less than a millimetre in size that can survive extreme temperatures and a vacuum …

Hmm.., could mainstream physics be finally catching onto what DARPA has been supposedly doing to human subjects (children) using retrieved (or traded?) UFO technology since the 1960s?

Listen to this podcast at Red Ice Creations as Henrik Palmgren interviews Andrew D. Basiago about Project Pegasus, Stargates, Montauk Chair and psychic powers!

Could we create quantum creatures in the lab?

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The Large Hadron Collider and Time Travel

This coming May in the European Union (Switzerland specifically) a huge circular particle accelerator will come on line. It will be the largest accelerator in existence and it has the potential to smash particles way past the current quarks, muons, gluons, leptons and any other kind of “-tons” a person can think of. One such possible particle that hasn’t been discovered yet is the elusive “Higgs Boson”, the Holy Grail of quantum physics and dubbed one of the prime particles of the Big Bang and could possibly explain how fast our Universe is expanding (disclaimer: I’m not a physicist, so don’t hate on me too much).

But the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) could do possibly more than discover the Higgs boson according to some Russian mathemeticians, chrononauts (time travellers) from the future could latch onto some “micro-wormholes” and use them to travel back in time:

…when the Large Hadron Collider comes online, but while most are hoping for data and praying for the bashful Higgs boson to finally show it’s tiny little face, some Russian mathematicians are warning that we might get more than we bargained for.  Specifically, time-travellers: futurenauts using our ultra-duper atomsmasher to punch a hole in causality and hop back from the future.

The idea dates back to Einstein’s explanation that spacetime can be deformed by large energies or masses.  Since the Large Hadron Collider is a twenty-six kilometer ring of superconducting magnets designed to do nothing but give a particle as large an energy as possible, that sounds like it could be an issue.  Small deformations in spacetime (like Earth) give us the force of gravity, severe deformations give the cosmological trash compacting black holes, and an extreme case could cause a wormhole – a link between two points as spacetime folds over to touch itself…

Wormholes are another Holy Grail of sorts, not only would they make some kind of time travel possible (assuming one could control the singularity), and they might make interstellar travel possible. But the problem I stated above (you have to expand the mouth of the wormhole) would restrict their use to either message sending, or use of nano-probes only.

But we could all be wrong and the LHC would produce no Higgs boson, nor micro-wormholes. It just might find a better way to atomize dirt out of your clothes instead!

All theories are just best guesses until they’re proven and repeated. When the LHC starts up in May, we may all be surprised one way or another!

Original article

Higgs boson

Large Hadron Collider


Parallel universe proof boosts time travel hopes

Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists that sweeps away one of the key objections to the mind boggling and controversial idea.

  David Tennant as Doctor Who with Billie Piper as Rose
Time travellers: David Tennant as Doctor Who with Billie Piper as Rose

The work has wider implications since the idea of parallel universes sidesteps one of the key problems with time travel. Every since it was given serious lab cred in 1949 by the great logician Kurt Godel, many eminent physicists have argued against time travel because it undermines ideas of cause and effect to create paradoxes: a time traveller could go back to kill his grandfather so that he is never born in the first place.

But the existence of parallel worlds offers a way around these troublesome paradoxes, according to David Deutsch of Oxford University, a highly respected proponent of quantum theory, the deeply mathematical, successful and baffling theory of the atomic world.

He argues that time travel shifts between different branches of reality, basing his claim on parallel universes, the so-called “many-worlds” formulation of quantum theory.

The new work bolsters his claim that quantum theory does not forbid time travel. “It does sidestep it. You go into another universe,” he said yesterday, though he admits that there is still a way to go to find schemes to manipulate space and time in a way that makes time hops possible.

If one believes the Internet legend/myth of John Titor, a visitor from 2036, the device that was inside the “trunk” of the Corvette he drove utilized a “micro-singularity”, which used Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity of Gravitation to bend space-time.

Also quantum tunnelling is another possible method.

As I have noted in previous posts and other writers have mentioned in published journels, if one is able to travel into the past, it’s not really the traveller’s world-line they’re going to, it’s one that closely matches their own. As mentioned in the article, this cancels out the Grand-parent Paradox.

Alot of physicists still dispute the “multi-verse” theory. As mathematical evidence keeps mounting, one can’t keep denying the evidence.

Maybe that’s why the neocons claim they can manufacture reality?


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