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Louisiana Zombie Photo Viral Marketing

From Mysterious Universe:

Recently at my blog The Gralien Report, I took a moment to touch on a story pertaining to a strange trail camera photo, supposedly obtained near New Orleans, Louisiana. The strange image seemed to depict an emaciated, naked, pale-skinned humanoid with large “bug eyes” somewhat resembling a stereotypical “gray alien,” who was leering at the camera.

According to the anonymous individual who obtained the photograph, the camera itself was destroyed (presumably by the creature), but after extracting the memory card from the device, he was shocked to find the strange creature in the last photo the camera had taken.

I found this story interesting right off the bat, since earlier this year Mysterious Universe readers may recall an article I featured here called Lens Flare: Year of the Trail Camera UFOs. The piece detailed a number of incidents involving the way strange phenomena are occasionally captured using motion-sensitive trail cameras used by hunters and wildlife photographers. Though in most every instance the anomalies in question were proven to have fairly mundane explanations, the creature I referenced above, as seen in this recent photograph, is obviously one of two things: a hoax (most likely), or perhaps it is some odd looking “being.” But could there yet prove to be a deeper modus operandi for this curious case of a cold-weather critter in the American South? Perhaps so… at least according to some.

While the astute Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo provides information suggesting the veracity of one of the photo’s supposed locations (all the while linking to photographs that, to me, clearly show digital manipulation was involved), elsewhere a few bloggers have begun to assert that this weird image may actually be part of a “viral marketing campaign” for the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Super 8, which presumably deals with some form of uber-secret government project pertaining to aliens. The websiteio9, quoting MovieWeb, has said the photo is indeed associated with marketing for the Abrams film:

Now, a strange photo has come forward, which is purported to be from Super 8. It first appeared on Wildgame Innovation’s Facebook page. It is a picture reportedly snapped by a deer hunter on a reserve in Berwick, near Morgan City, Louisianna. It was originally being passed off as real, but now inside sources close to the production say its actually a viral image from Super 8.

Of course, none of the inside sources are named, nor can their testimony be confirmed. An earlier post at MovieWeb featured a slightly different take on the monster alleged to appear in the Super 8 film, although this looks curiously like the style of a well known graphic artist who received notoriety a few years ago after paintings surfaced on the web depicting his own speculation as to how the monster might appear in Abram’s last mysterious monster flick, Cloverfield. The drawings, if anything, might have made for a better monster than the one appearing in the completed film; but unfortunately bore no resemblance to the famous “Cloverfield monster.” What cannot be argued, however, is director Abrams’ tendency to go out of his way to create buzz for his films using viral marketing… does this circumstance involving an alleged “swamp monster” represent nothing more than the same, or was this ghoulish image actually a part of a different scheme to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Fortean researchers?

In the meantime, you may be interested in viewing the film’s trailer, made available at the Super 8 official movie website.

Man, I hate PhotoShop, you just can’t trust any kind of photographic “evidence” at any time anymore!

It wouldn’t surprise me at all this is viral marketing spread by YouTube. It’s cheap and quick.

I have to figure out an original way to get in on this racket!

Was Ghoulish Trail Camera “Zombie” a Publicity Stunt?

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The UFO Invasion That Wasn’t

When retired military officer Stanley Fulham predicted a massive UFO display over major cities (U.S. or world?) last week, I was glued to my computer all day checking any news out.

I didn’t hear about any kind of UFO activity until the balloon UFOs over New York City last Friday. I was bummed.

A few hours ago, mainstream news writer Alan Boyle goes through last week’s UFO displays, and their explanations:

Alan Boyle writes: The Internet has made it easier for reports of UFO sightings to make it into the media mainstream, but it’s also easier to track down the truth that’s out there. The past week’s X-Files from New York and El Paso are two classic cases that demonstrate how perfectly natural phenomena can lead to way-out interpretations.

Take the New York sightings on Oct. 13, for example: The strange lights visible in daytime skies above the city sparked TV reports from Manhattan to Moscow, particularly because a retired military officer named Stanley Fulham predicted there would be a “massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities” on that day.

The likelier explanation, however, is that the lights were actually party balloons glinting in the sun. The New York Daily News went so far as to pinpoint the source of the balloons: a party held at a suburban New York elementary school in honor of a teacher’s engagement. A parent bringing 40 of the iridescent pearl balloons lost a bunch of them on the way in to Milestone School in Mount Vernon, N.Y., about an hour before the sightings began. The wind would have taken the balloons southward at just the right time.

“UFOs? They’re crazy — those are our balloons,” Angela Freeman, the head of the school, told the Daily News.



The local TV report shown above embellishes the balloon report with a shot of a bright blip in the evening sky, surrounded by a few smaller blips. “Was that anything? Was it what people saw earlier? I don’t know, I can’t tell you,” the reporter says. But what’s on the video is a classic close-up of Jupiter and its largest moons. Jupiter happens to be about as close to Earth as it ever gets, which means the planet would be big and bright in the skies over New York. That seems to prove the point that planets are often mistaken for UFOs. Or does it?!

Just a couple of days later, the UFO buzz picked up again, with claims that strange lights had been seen in the skies over El Paso. The video at the very top of this item presents a report from KTSM-TV about the sightings. It looks as if a bright spot breaks into three teardrops of light that float earthward. Britain’s Daily Mail gushed over the incident, showing a picture of three shining specks over New York as well as the three specks in Texas. “They said the ‘UFO’ over New York was just balloons … so how do they explain the mirror image over El Paso?” the Mail asks in its headline.

Here’s how: It didn’t take long for folks to recall that there was an air show in El Paso over the weekend, and that one of the featured attractions was a nighttime parachute show by the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights. The YouTube video below, captured a year earlier, shows three members of the parachute team falling through the skies with flares blazing, a sight very similar to what was seen in El Paso over the weekend.


I’m not a real huge fan of Faux News and I’m sure Boyle linked to them to stress the point that the UFOs had a mainstream explanation. I’m not convinced of the parachutist’s flare business because it reminds me of the Phoenix Lights, but the New York City balloons are the likeliest explanation for the Manhattan UFOs.

Again, no landing on the White House lawn. These guys are just as bad as the End Times Apocalypse people!

UFOs Explained, From N.Y. to Texas

Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbeck Video

Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbech, two of alternative research’s leading personalities get together to discuss various topics of esoterica, history, and science. This is a rare piece and probably should be viewed a couple of times to fully take in the subject matter. Very entertaining.