Even Gary Bekkum is skeptical

Gary Bekkum’s  STARpod.org’s site is usually replete with government conspiracies, psychic spies, hamsters, Bigelow’s Skinwalker Ranch, Laura Eisenhower’s Mars Colony and other wondrous esoteric oddities that it’s hard to believe that Gary could be skeptical of anything.

But he is. He is very skeptical of the recent videos coming out on YouTube about the UFOs dive-bombing the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel. And I agree with him in that we should all be wise to question these events:

There is a dangerous new crowd afoot on the planet: weirdly twisted versions of our former selves roam at will, seeking to consume our rational minds.No, I’m not referring to extraterrestrial aliens sneaking their way into our bedrooms in the darkness to poke our bodies and steal our souls.

The new crowd is far more insidious than the alleged kidnappers from Planet Ten (or was it Planet Thirteen?). They lurk in the subconscious shadows of cyberspace, ready to pounce from the safety of their anonymous smirks, as their fingers tap dance across keyboards on all sides of the globe.

They are the Cyber Tricksters: Shadowy Avatars tracing their thoughts into your home as a play of light and shadow.

Some are artists; some are cons; some are, apparently, quite clever, indeed.

And some are making and distributing videos of alleged encounters with something unexplained: perhaps even something from beyond this world.

The question at hand: what are we to make of all the videos of alleged encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects?

The latest ‘contact’ with ‘the otherworldly’ reportedly took place in Jerusalem over the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. As of this moment, at least four videos have appeared on YouTube. Each of the videos appears to show a brilliantly illuminated object descend over the Dome of the Rock, and then zoom upwards at what appears to be an enormous velocity, disappearing into the blackness of the night sky.

We certainly cannot dismiss the possibility of alien life (even intelligent aliens) living on other worlds, somewhere else, ‘out there’ — besides UFOs, seriously bad weather, and confrontations in Egypt — today’s news includes the discovery of at least 54 potentially habitable planets by NASA’s Kepler space telescope.

Now it is also true that we have heard stories from former senior US intelligence types concerning a now-legendary tale of extraterrestrial contact with something not-of-this-Earth. We have also heard that no one really has a handle on the reality behind the tales, beyond a few rumors shared amongst the senior ranks. (We anxiously await Colonel John B. Alexander’s new UFO book to compare notes with our own sources.)

The latest Internet video craze should leave you in a similar state of mind: the visual displays are intriguing enough to fire up the engines of your imagination (or ire-up the engines of the skeptics) — but do you really want to believe?

Any intelligence capable of imagining their way from the depths of interstellar space to arrive here on Earth would be more than intelligent enough to play mind-games with the human race. Rather than bright lights in the sky, I would expect our new friends (enemies?) to employ a more covert and stealthy approach in their dealings with human beings. To further complicate the situation, consider recent developments in the breakthrough science of invisibility. Indeed, the reports of encounters that we have heard (from semi-official sources) fit the ‘high-strangeness’ profile better than any ‘nuts-and-bolts’ spacecraft explanation.

By all means enjoy the show, but keep in mind even if the alleged sighting is real  — and there are always reasons to doubt the veracity of even the best video evidence — seeing is not believing in the murky dark strangeness of paranormal activity. Just ask those who have been ‘down the rabbit hole’ for the US government.

In this age of PhotoShop, is any video real? Should we question any and all photographic proof of any type?

I’m afraid the answer is yes.

Do you believe your lying eyes?

Extraterrestrial Rapture: Will spooky Jerusalem UFO videos entice believers in aliens?

2 responses

  1. Yeah, it’s a safe bet (I wish the lottery was so easy!) it’s all bullshit, Dad. I mean, even checking out all the videos showing it for what it is, c’mon… how hard it is in this day and age to get a clear shot of anything? It’s not like we’re still running around like in the old days with Polaroids and Brownie cameras! And, EVERYONE has some kind of camera on them, these days, even in their cellphones.

    No. When something is hazy and undefined (which UFO/BIgfoot-type pics always are) and otherwise has to be obscured, it’s a dead give-away that it’s bogus. I don’t even notice these things, anymore. If something were real, they could get a decent, convincing shot of it with no room for speculation. It’s just too damned convenient having everything out of focus and distant.

    1. In this Age of PhotoShop, anything posted to the InnerTubes is suspect, even perchance it was real!

      I dunno, the furor has died down somewhat but now folks are making a connecting between this and the unrest in Egypt.

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