Did HAARP Cause the Chile Earthquake too?

Once again the possibility that HAARP is reeking havoc to earthquake-prone zones to serve some purpose.

Lately, HAARP has been accused of causing the recent Haiti disaster in order to gain access to rich undersea oil reserves there for the US (link).

Usually just before a HAARP attack, unusual lights are seen in the sky, typically over the target area.

This time, weird lights were seen in the skies over Chile before the monstrous 8.8 R quake hit:

A video has emerged of strange lights in the Chilean sky on the day before the massive 8.8 earthquake, causing speculation about whether the apparition was a HAARP projection or UFO warning related to the impending disaster.  Others point to similar videos taken in China and Haiti prior to the recent earthquakes in those countries, and the possibility that shifts in the earth’s crust have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere.

Whatever the case, there is at least one eyewitness account of strange lights being present in the sky at the time that the ground opened up in Chile.  Cecelia Lagos, a Chilean reporter, was interviewed by CNN and described seeing the sky change colors outside her window as her house shook.  Although the CNN clip wasn’t available, here’s an MSNBC video of her telling a similar story and the transcript from the actual CNN interview, in which she compares what she saw to a seen out of the big blockbuster disaster film, 2012:

Cecelia Lagos – “Besides, I saw through my window, while I was still in bed, I saw the sky changing colors, it was absolutely surreal. I really thought it was the end of the world…I don’t know I hope you understand me because I’m not exaggerating really because I saw it through my window like that. That was the most terrifying thing seeing the sky changing colors with the terribly, amazingly,strong movement of the earth, I thought, ok…this is mother earth… the earth opened up and buildings crumbled into the earth …like in the movie 2012…”

The question here is…why?

What does Chile have the American Federal Empire might want?

Does Chile have undersea/ground oil reserves like Haiti?

Or is this purely political, a warning to Hugo Chavez to mind his “P’s-n-Q’s” and stay in his place?

It could be nothing at all, odd lights in the sky, especially over earthquake prone volcanic areas historically have had anomalous ‘sky lights’ before catastrophic events occur (link).

Curiouser and curiouser…

Surreal Chilean Skies

The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti

12 responses

  1. I’m gonna go with “No” for 500, Alex.

    1. Hey, that’s cheating.

      Jeopardy only uses even numbered denominations!

      It’s either 400 or 600.

    2. Mexico, Central and South America being geological subduction zones have always had strange lights in the sky before earthquakes and volcanic explosions, no need for HAARP here.

      But you never know.

      1. Yes, this was my thought as well when I saw the video. Which is an interesting visual and admittedly does make you go ‘hrm’.

  2. The world is going through hard times and it’s happening because God is revealing His presence, and we must serve Him alone. It’s time to change our ways!!

    1. Yes and Nibiru is coming too.

    2. Do you believe God presence?

  3. I’m dìsagree with you about nibiru ;-). My idea is that these are only false front. Nothing else. Your tone sounds you were just mocking. Earthquake was sad one. ..:-(.

    1. Yeah, I was a little snarky Bruce, didn’t mean to offend.

      Earthquake was bad and sad. 😦

  4. well when you realise that the US has had anti-gravity technology since the 60’s, then it is hardly surprising that they have been conducting HAARP tests for ages now, without anybody knowing a thing about it. Do some more research…its all a game to them and human lives mean nothing. They make movies like 2012 to make people believe that what is portrayed in the movie is what will happen!!! come on people wake up! hollywood is financed by the biggest players in the US, who most probably fund the HAARP project as well. Stop watching movies and start becoming aware of the technologies used to trick and deceive people. All the UFOS are man made, and the whole ‘first contact’ scenario will be played out by professionals. HAARP will bring ‘GOD’ to the sky so everyone can see him (using light) and trick everyone into thinking the second coming is at hand….oh im so thankful im not a sheep

    i was born with a gift of questioning the establishment, and it has led me down a very dark path to the inventors of our current society and the high-tech tools they use. You think lab rats are experiments? haha you will be amazed at how big an experiment the world population is. They have 25 years technological advancement ahead of the rest of the world and are not afraid to use it. Ignorance is bliss

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