Richard Dolan and the Secret Space Program

It’s been quite a while since I posted my thoughts about the US secret space program. In fact, it’s been covered up even more by the ongoing fight over the puny mainstream NASA budget in Congress, which is only $19 billion.

Hard to believe isn’t it? NASA’s budget over the past 30 years have averaged $17.5 billion/year. From that little amount we got the International Space Station and flew the shuttle at least twice a year, if not three.

Compare that to the DoD (Pentagon) budget ($700 billion) and DARPA ($50 billion), taxpayers got alot for little money (which probably gave the illusion of larger budgets).

But the secret space program has a black budget, which means the money just plain disappears off the books. By the trillions.

Rumors and rumors of rumors abound around the secret space program. Large spaceships in orbit, extraterrestrial “officers”, secret Mars bases, secret alien cities on the Moon, ancient derelict spaceships in orbit around Mars, UFOs and the list goes on about connections to it.

Now author and researcher Richard Dolan puts forth his theory about the secret space program and the possible links to back engineering UFOs and the national security state:

Slowly, by degrees, I have come to the opinion that there is a secret space program. I recall, for instance, wondering about the alleged anomalies on Mars early on in my research. Back then, I was in correspondence with an individual who had impressive scientific and intelligence credentials. Attempting to feel him out on the topic, I wrote something a bit flippant about Mars, primarily to see what his reaction would be. Sure enough, he replied soberly that I should not dismiss these anomalies, that there were in fact many people within the classified world who took them seriously.

That’s when I realized, very concretely, that the notion of space anomalies was indeed a serious topic. I began to consider: if there is covert interest in the anomalies on Mars, would there be a covert space program to investigate? To this day, I don’t know the answer with certainty, but over the years I have encountered no shortage of quiet, serious-minded people who tell me of their knowledge that there is such a covert program. One component of this, it appears, has to do with the Moon. Are there bases on the far side of the Moon? Again, I do not know for sure, but I cannot rule it out. More than once, people I consider to be informed insiders have steered me in this direction.

There is another reason to suppose the existence of an advanced, clandestine space program. An enormous amount of video of space missions has been downloaded and is available for anyone to see. These include missions of NASA, the European Space Agency, Russia, and China. Much of this was downloaded and made available by a gentleman named Jeff Challender, who unfortunately died in 2007. Jeff spent an enormous part of his life downloading and reviewing – very carefully – video recordings of those missions. There can be no denying that there has been a great deal of activity in Earth’s orbit. Much of what was recorded undoubtedly has conventional explanations. But, frankly, many events do not offer easy explanations. I firmly believe there is something unusual going on in Earth’s orbit. Fortunately, after Jeff’s death, I was able to upload his entire site and attach it to my own. His site, known as Project Prove, now has a permanent home at

Look at it this way. If you believe there are anomalies on Mars, and if you acknowledge strange activity in Earth’s orbit, you would have a very good reason to initiate a secret space program, would you not? You would want a way to investigate these things in a way that would not be seen by the prying eyes of the public.

I’ve also come to the opinion over the years that part of the classified world – the part that deals with the ET reality – has essentially “broken away” from our own conventional civilization. That is, utilizing the jumpstart they received by studying exotic, alien technology, they have very likely achieved scientific breakthroughs that they have not shared with the rest of us. I think that these breakthroughs have enabled them to employ technologies substantially beyond what we are using, and that in all likelihood this too has contributed to their secret space program.

It’s important to emphasize that the above is primarily conjecture on my part. I consider it my working hypothesis. Proving it will to take a great deal of effort and dedication. It also means not being sucked in by every new person who has claimed to have traveled to Mars. We need to remain clear headed.

The “core story” concerning the secret space program, aliens and UFOs parallels the TV show ‘Stargate SG-1.’

Is this an intentional attempt by the corpo-media to acclimate the public to the idea of alien cultures and our interaction with them?

Or is this just so much science fiction and wishful thinking?

Is Dolan correct in being a little skeptical?

Musings on a Secret Space Program

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  1. what is the name of other space program?

    1. There’s the mainstream program, NASA.

      Then there’s the secret black budget military programs.

  2. goto google images and search “we own the night patch” … National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

  3. This is a direction to dig which should encounter real
    Pay-dirt. But of course, hitting a mother-load in this regard changes everything; even our observing “miners'”.

    1. Interestingly enough, this is a central theme in the updated X-Files show. Art follows life, or vise-versa?

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