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More Moon Anomalies

Most folks believe since Mr. Obama’s FY11 Budget for NASA cancels the Constellation Program leaves Moon exploration out in the cold.

It could be no further than the truth.

Johnson Space Center’s Project M, which utilizes robotic and telerobotic technologies, forcasts a return to the Moon is feasible using such tech by 2013, returning to the Moon sooner by two decades than by using Constellation tech.

In doing so, many old Surveyor Lunar Maps have been recovered and redone, plus the Indian probe’s Chandrayaan-1‘s photo survey are being studied and utilized.

But many folks have some of the supposed recovered photos and discovered many anomalous things, such as towers, old bases, spaceships, stacks, arches and other proofs of previous civilization.

Are these possible? Are these true? Are we seeing things?

You decide.


Here is a link to NASAWatch and a lecture by Dennis Wingo, a technoarcheologist who has worked on recovered Surveyor Probe photographs and upgraded them to today’s standards digitally.

Disclosure and Avatars?


Here we go again. More disclosure stuff.

But this site has piqued my interest lately in that it’s not the ” in your face ” type of disclosure meme. This seems to have some synchronicity on its side.

Well, see for yourselves:

After more than 210,000 page views of the April 26, 2010, article “Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S?”it seems clear that there is significant public interest in the topic of possible extraterrestrial visitation to Earth, UFOs and equally possible activities of the U.S. defense and intelligence communities regarding these subjects.

The article was about an account of a reported effort by U.S. authorities – Operation TANGO-SIERRA – to investigate a human-looking extraterrestrial who had made contact with a federal employee.

Are people who consider tales like this too gullible? Or, are they open-minded and increasingly aware of highly unusual possibilities?

The same information sources for Operation TANGO-SIERRA are reportedly also those who released information about the alleged Project SERPO. That account involved a mission that allegedly sent 12 specially-selected and highly-trained U.S. military personnel to another planet as guests of friendly extraterrestrial visitors as part of an exchange program.

When we see news about calls for more openness and disclosure about possible government activities in these areas, it also seems clear that human psychology and our preparedness to deal with such possibilities are major elements to consider.

In fact, it might be fair to say that disclosure about possible extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is directly tied to the emotional, spiritual, psychological and social readiness of the public to handle this kind of news.


How would we measure public preparedness? Should we conduct more surveys and public opinion polls about people’s feelings and perceptions of UFOs and ETs? How can we be sure that there would not be panic, distress, disorientation and turmoil from such disclosure?

We must also be concerned with children and youngsters who could be affected by fearful reactions. Has our educational system prepared them to handle such a situation? Even our colleges and universities do not routinely delve into these kinds of topics in classes related to science or the social sciences.

However, some higher education institutions are looking into frontier-science areas of various kinds. Conventional colleges and universities are exploring the nature of human consciousness and mysteries of space and the universe.

Now I speculate that real ETIs wouldn’t be humanoid what-so-ever. What ever the theories of evolutionary convergence say, intelligence wouldn’t necessarily follow the humanoid body plan. Sorry, Star Trek be damned. *sniff* 😥

But, that doesn’t preclude the use of humanoid avatars (Thank you James Cameron!). It wouldn’t be beyond the capabilities of a post-Singularity Type III intelligence who might want to study a pre-singularity culture incognito to use avatars. In fact, it’s probably desirable to do so.

In fact, in the new FY2011 NASA budget that cancels the Constellation Program to build human heavy-lift rockets to the Moon is more or less replaced by smaller projects that utilize humanoid robots which can be controlled from Earth or the International Space Station.

So it’s not such a far-out thought experiment.

Time will tell if this is just another disclosure bullsh*t meme. We’ll see.

UFO, extraterrestrial disclosure linked to public readiness

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Who Does MUFON Represent?

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is one of the various UFO researching organizations still in operation. It has membership in many states and actually has some funding by a mainstream aerospace company (Bigelow Aerospace).

Unfortunately as my previous post indicated, the field of UFO (and paranormal) studies in general is fraught with danger, infighting, nepotism, fraud, lies and just plain old wackiness.

Believe it or not, it all helps promote the “field” and it brings the meme into the overall gestalt of the subconscious (Jung would’ve loved it!).

Anyway, the bedrock of the study of ufology and is the foundation of MUFON are the eye-witnesses. Well, it seems that a director of MUFON in Texas, a person by the name of Ken Cherry has taken the position of “debunking” some Stephenville eye-witnesses and radar evidence that has been studied by MUFON in the area.

This just doesn’t cut it according to UFO witness advocate Joe Capp on his site UFO Media Matters:

MUFON “members” are in an “uproar” over a series of videos on You Tube which showcase and critique Texas MUFON Director Ken Cherry. (Presentations below) Cherry decided to point out what he thought were some real problems inside MUFON and he did it the old fashioned skeptic/debunker way: by attacking the people.

Some of the members are angry because some Stephenville witnesses and the examination by MUFON of radar tests were his main targets. He went on to smear the pilot who he thought had mental problems because he wanted to seek counseling over the close encounters. Oh, what a cold hard world Cherry lives in where everyone has to conform to his idea of what a “normal” witness is.

Cherry claimed Puckett, a meteorologist who did independent analysis of the radar tapes, showed how MUFON’s analysis was greatly flawed. But Puckett is quoted as saying basically that there was some problems with the radar measurement and MUFON fixed it and that is was no big deal. Cherry had admitted in his presentation that there was a great deal of pressure to get the results out quickly so the mistakes made were probably innocent human error. Cherry, using quotes out of context, innuendos and sarcasm, paints a self serving portrait of himself that leaves only Cherry, and those that agreed with him, standing.

There are actions taken by many MUFON professionals, who we all respect, which I believe can be counterproductive toward good potential UFO witnesses. However, we find good old Cherry is part of the problem. In his presentation, Cherry relates how he was chasing potential UFO witnesses (to be interviewed for UFO Hunters) out of the room because of his two second psychological profile and mind reading. Cherry considered these “weirdoes” undeserving of going on TV. . After all these years of MUFON experiences (humble) Cherry doesn’t realize UFOs appear to the strange also! First of all, if you are a good hoaxer, would you act strange? Suppose a kind of weird person had entered the room with almost smoking gun evidence. This character, good old Kenny, would chase them away because of the strange glint in their eyes.

His whole attitude is one of dismissal and sarcasm. The bottom line is: how this is helping MUFON?

How indeed does this help MUFON?

Obviously it doesn’t. Clearly Mr. Cherry doesn’t back anything his local chapter does, at least this particular, very public incident. Perhaps he figures it’s not his job to “rubberstamp” anything that might bring ridicule to the local chapter of MUFON and most importantly himself?

The Stephenville Incident was a very weird, scary occurrence that was witnessed by a large number of people, one of which could have been the President of the US at the time and a local news-person who eventually lost her job because she covered it. In order to understand such events, especially in this day and age where we have the tools to truly investigate them, we need brave people to step forward and give their statements to organizations like MUFON that claim it’s their job to do just that, take witness information for future study.

In my view, MUFON should represent the individual who ignores the ridicule and stigma of being a “witness” to any strange event through no fault of their own. And to report it with no fear of recrimination.

Cherry did his local chapter a disservice.

And you go Joe!

MUFON’s Bonfire of the Vanities

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Is There a Ufology “Hate Meme?”

It has recently come to my poor addled mind that David Biedny is no longer on the Paracast.

I don’t listen to the show much anymore, for reasons I don’t particularly know why, but I have listened to a couple more recently. And I’ve wondered why Gene Steinberg has had guest hosts on. Now, I don’t really find that strange, David had spoken before about taking a hiatus. But quitting the show, I found that curious.

It could be because of Gene’s personal problems, but I won’t go into that here. If anyone has kept track of the show recently, they would know what I’m talking about.

It seems lately to some folks however, that since David left the Paracast, he has been casting aspersions on Ufology in general, calling it “entertainment.”

I would have to agree with him on some aspects of this; the Billy Meiers, Steven Bassetts, Michael Sallas and others of this ilk I could probably put into that category. It is tough to fight to get some respectability in a field in which you have folks who claim that Earth governments are in contact with humanoid aliens, of which there are 57 varieties of. And all are part (or most) of an enlightened ‘Galactic Federation.’

Four years ago I would’ve believed it, but not now.

Anyways, there are folks who still take the field of ‘ufology’ seriously and take exception to folks who leave the field and  loudly proclaim it is “entertainment” :

Recently, David Biedny referred to the Paranormal as no different than, “…any other form of Entertainment.” I was already accepting the idea that many people were and still are turning their collective backs on the Paranormal until Paul Kimball said we Ufologists eat our own, and now with Biedny’s thoughts —all too readily solidifying the contempt for the field— it’s time I put my two cents in.

All of a sudden, it has become popular to denigrate the field. Now everyone from every corner of the field is turning their back and turning up their nose. When did this start exactly? Who was the first person to knock down a domino? And why is it that the Ghost Hunting Field isn’t following suit?

In fact, even the Cryptozoologists are separating themselves from the negativity, which has me considering a new field in which to focus my time and energy. But everytime I entertain the thought of leaving Ufology, I think about all the other people walking away and I start to see Ufology as this once full house that is now almost empty and on the verge of collapse.

The researchers who were the foundation aren’t doing their job. The researchers who furnished this great house of Ufology have left dust in their place. You would think younger researchers would rally together and proclaim this a small blemish on the field that can be easily fixed. But no, instead half of them are growing weary with the backstabbing, the lack of viable information and worse, the fallen (once) heroes of the field.

It is now acceptable for Ufologists/Paranormal researchers and investigators to talk shit about the field with no consequence. And why should there be? It’s not a ‘real’ field of study. It’s just a hobby for rejects. It’s one of those fields you ‘fall’ into when you’re a kid, dabbling with the occult and getting your ass kicked in the school yard for being a little too smart.

It’s the red-headed stepchild of Science. The Paranormal is where all the freaks go when they want to feel special. I get it now. It’s reject central. So if you make it out of freakdom—if you write a book, or two—if you start a successful blog—if you get a TV Show/Radio Show—you become too cool to be in the Paranormal field. You just have to get out and spread your wings.


I so totally get it now!

The problem is, I don’t think many of you should be allowed to walk away so easily. In fact, I think some of you should be held accountable for what you have done. This is the Paranormal Fields version of Arthur Andersen. There is plenty of fraud in the field, committed by the people who ‘supposedly’ helped to build it in the passed few decades.

Some cases that were absolute bunk were given too much attention. Other cases weren’t explored enough. Some researchers backed fraudulent claims and hoaxers and even created hoaxes. I am not going to waste time naming names, because frankly, right now I just don’t give a shit. But I am trying to make a point, and the point is the people who started this shit need to clean it up.

It has become acceptable to just walk away from the field and turn a blind eye at what previous generations have done to a field that could have gained more respect, if not for certain people’s inclination to share the spotlight and make shit up as they went along. Ufology/The Paranormal could have been something more. And it’s not like I didn’t see it gaining ground.

Heck, the Vatican said, ‘Yes, there might be ALiens!’ And then their are various projects enacted for Disclosure, like the Freedom of Information Act. And no, we didn’t exactly figure out what happened at Roswell, but everyone and their mother has heard about it. Alien Invasion films are usually blockbusters. Little kids follow the adventures of Invader Zim and every other animated Alien.

And why? Because Ufology/The Paranormal broke ground somehow. The field slowly but surely seeped into the Global subconscious so that many more people believe in other life in the Universe. More people report UFO sightings. More people talk about their Haunted houses. More people want to know about Life after death, and that curiosity is why shows like ‘Medium’ and ‘The Ghost Whisperer’ have ratings.

The fact that some researchers have been on Larry King and that NOVA and the History Channel cover UFOLOGY (no matter how biased, warped or critical it may all be) is enough to confirm we have come a long way baby and we are making great strides. But somehow, somewhere, people started getting weary and greedy and dispassionate. Fine. I am not saying no one has the ‘right’ to walk away.

That was never point to begin with. My point is, clean up your shit on the way out. And once you are gone, stop talking about it. We don’t need your bad vibes, and we certainly don’t need any more ill repute because the only thing you can find to talk about is how much Ufology/The Paranormal sucks. Because it doesn’t. It is just another outlet for solving the mysteries of this world we live in. Until someone can definitively give us all the answers, I suggest we stop acting like one method or one particular field is more important and respectable than the other.

Because at the end of the day, whether you leave UFOLOGY/The Paranormal behind or not, it’s still a part of your legacy. The shit storm you left behind will haunt you.

Nice by Tina. She makes some good points, but leaves out the ones I posted above. But is there a “hate meme” against ufology in general?

I don’t think so. As she points out, more people are thinking about life in the Universe more seriously now, to the point which the Vatican acknowledges it (although Christianity as a religion has always accepted the existence of higher creatures). Even in the mainstream science, Stephen Hawking told us to “beware” of advanced aliens bearing gifts.

If there is a ‘hate meme’, it is against those who are perceived to be P.T. Barnum types who use ufology to the point it’s ‘ufoology’ at conventions and on the media, mainstream and alternate.

And even then they serve a purpose.

The Ufology Hate Meme

hat tip The Cosmic Thunderbolt

The Electric Universe Theory has had many supporters and detractors. The detractors are mainly mainstream cosmologists and astrophysicists and have for many years tried to debunk the theory, but not usually to any satisfaction and ends with the typical name calling.

As for myself, I find the theory intriguing and very credible. I think in a way, it’s the simplicity and beauty of it that is the draw. And it seems more common sense also.

Here is a pre-release trailer of‘s planned release of Episode Two in the “Symbols of an Alien Sky” video production this summer. Part of the theory of the Electric Universe asks, “Why did ancient Babylonians worship Saturn?”

Saturn still figures prominently in esoteric symbolism.

The Cosmic Thunderbolt


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Venter’s Artificial Lifeforms

Craig Venter finally accomplished his goal of creating an artificial lifeform.

Yesterday, his company posted a paper on how they did it, and it’s implications:

The first microbe to live entirely by genetic code synthesized by humans has started proliferating at a lab in the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI). Venter and his colleagues used a synthetic genome—the genetic instruction set for life—to build and operate a new, synthetic strain ofMycoplasma mycoides bacteria, according to an online report published May 20 by Science.

“This is the first self-replicating cell on the planet to have a computer for a parent,” said J. Craig Venter during a press briefing on May 20. “It’s also the first species to have a Web site in its genetic code.”

For the past 15 years, the genomes of thousands of organisms have been sequenced and deposited in databases. “We call this digitizing biology,” JCVI molecular biologist Daniel Gibson told Scientific American. “We now show that it is possible to reverse this and synthesize cells starting from this digitized information….We refer to the cell we have created as being a synthetic cell because it is a cell controlled by a genome assembled from chemically synthesized pieces of DNA.”

In other words, a chemical synthesizer stitched together various short iterations of man-made adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine that were then assembled into a working genome that can successfully produce the proteins that enable life. Using stretches of DNA, known as cassettes, roughly 1,000 base-pairs in length, the researchers assembled a simplified version of M. mycoides genome from scratch in a succession of E. coli and yeast cells. The final synthetic genome—more than a million base-pairs long—was then inserted into an existingMycoplasma capricolum cell. The synthetic cell then went on to behave as a M. mycoides, producing proteins from the instructions encoded by the synthetic genome and even dividing and growing.

“It is a big deal,” geneticist and technology developer George Church of Harvard Medical School says of the achievement. “It’s not incremental, but it’s not final either,” noting that other groups are already delivering useful products from partially reengineered genomes, such as biofuels from engineered E. coli.

Biological engineer Drew Endy of Stanford University clarified how to think of this creation. “It’s not genesis, it’s not as if mice are coming from a pile of dirty rags in a corner,” he says. “The correct word is poesis, human construction. We can now go from information and get a reproducing organism. It lays down the gauntlet for us to learn how to engineer genomes.”

Getting to this point was not without its challenges, including requiring at least $40 million in investment into relevant experiments over the past 15 years, primarily funded by Venter’s private company Synthetic Genomics and the U.S. Department of Energy, among others. The researchers started with the intention of synthesizing the genome of Mycoplasma genitalium, which has the smallest known natural genetic instruction set. But that organism’s slow growth and other properties led them to ditch it in favor of genetically more complex cousins such asM. mycoides and M. capricolum. To simplify things, they deleted 14 genes from M. mycoidesnatural genome, leaving behind hundreds.

Then the researchers could not find a way to transfer genomes from one bacterial species to another, eventually enlisting the yeast as an assembly waystation, permitting easier manipulation of genetic material and overcoming natural resistance in the microbes to tinkering with their DNA. The yeast also copies the synthetic genome numerous times with its own to allow spares for experiments, while adding its own genetic twists, such as eight single nucleotide polymorphisms now found in the synthetic genome. In fact, there are 19 total nucleotide sequence differences between the synthetic genome and its natural analog. And, thus far, genomes can only be swapped between closely related species. “Right now, we don’t know how far phylogenetically speaking the donor and recipient can be,” said JCVI microbiologist Carole Lartigue at the May 20 briefing.

But once this synthetic genome was inserted—the would-be host cell failed “and we did not know why,” Gibson says. By cross-checking the entire genome gene by gene, they found the fatal flaw after three months of work: a single missing base in the dnaA gene, which is required for life. “Accuracy is essential,” Venter said. “There are parts of the genome where it cannot tolerate even a single error.”

Of course, the rest of the original cell remains “naturally” made, from the cytoplasm on down, but the billions of daughter cells are assembled entirely from proteins encoded by the synthetic genome. Once the perfected synthetic M. mycoides genome was inserted into M. capricolum, on March 26, it booted up the natural cell’s machinery and busily set to work living, making proteins and, ultimately, dividing and thriving. By March 29, the researchers found a thriving blue colony of M. capricolum living as synthetically driven M. mycoides. “The cells with only the synthetic genome are self-replicating and capable of logarithmic growth,” the researchers wrote, and grow “slightly faster” than their natural peers.

Venter and his colleagues also included four “watermarks” in the code to distinguish the synthetic microbe—dubbed Mycoplasma mycoides JCVI-syn1.0—from natural organisms, including 46 names of scientific contributors to the synthetic genome, an email address and a web site based on a code derived from the four letters of the bases and 64 combinations of the four letters, or triplets, possible in the genetic code. “When you put English text into [the code], it generates very frequent stop codons in the genetic code and won’t produce big proteins,” said JCVI microbiologist Hamilton Smith, a Nobel Laureate in medicine. “It’s designed to be biologically neutral.”

Gibson adds: “If one is able to translate the watermark sequences, they will be able to send us an email and prove that they decoded the sequences.”

The man-made genetic code also includes three quotes: “To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, and to recreate life out of life” from James Joyce; “see things not as they are but as they might be” from Robert Oppenheimer via the Ethical Culture School in New York City; and “what I cannot build, I cannot understand” from physicist Richard Feynmann.

The dream of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ is finally realized and the Age of Nanotechnology can begin in earnest now.

“For I have survived multitudes of quantum deaths to witness the truly absurd.”

Man-made Genetic Instructions Yield Living Cells for the First Time

Contact Consciousness

Steve Hammons of the Joint Recon Study Group is thinking about ways an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence would possibly interact with us humans on a daily basis and how modern science is bringing our own awareness to bear on studying the “unconventional intelligence.”

The apparent growing awareness of the possibility or probability that we are being visited by extraterrestrial and other unconventional intelligences seems to pose some important questions.

These questions take us beyond the discussion about if we are being visited or if UFOs are exotic spacecraft of some kind.

Anyone of average intelligence who has done a moderate amount of research on the subject can safely conclude that something along these lines is going on.

If we were to request a “SitRep,” a situation report, about where we find ourselves, what would it say? What really is going on? How does it affect us? What might happen in the future? How will we adjust to a changing reality?

To deal with these and other interesting questions, we will probably need to improve and enhance our “situation awareness.”


Limiting the discussion to UFOs and extraterrestrials might be too narrow a focus. Those topics certainly seem to be part of the overall scenario at hand. But what other related factors are in play?

Certainly, modern scientific theories of multiple dimensions or a “multi-verse” appear to be significant. Other elements of modern quantum physics bring to mind the ideas of wormholes and star gates.

Then there are anomalies regarding time, some kind of “unified field” of energy or “zero point energy,” a possible higher intelligence or several higher intelligences, and of direct interest – human consciousness.

What is going on in the biological sciences that might be relevant? Studies of the human body and those of the animals, plants and other life forms that share our Earth are revealing fascinating secrets and discoveries.

In fact, it might be wise to pay attention to the many kinds of scientific study about our planet and the life on it before serious climate change, pollution, overpopulation or some other cascading or sudden catastrophe create very serious problems for the human race.

Do we really want to reach the tipping point of dangerous developments for the human species, as well as other animal and plant life on Earth?

Maybe a more positive tipping point of some kind is a more useful goal. This brings the circle back to the important discussion of human consciousness.


If extraterrestrials – the good, the bad and the ugly – angels and/or other unusual intelligences are conducting activities in and around Earth, what impacts will there be on us average humans going about our daily lives?

In the end, Steve notes, we need to bring all of our tools in order to focus on studying and communicating with non-terrestrial intelligences.

Even our consciousness.

Beyond UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Human consciousness may be key

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Pacific Rim NWO

Singapore is a city-state in the Pacific Rim near Malaysia. It is an economic power-house nearly on par with Hong Kong and is touted as the consummate 21st Century State.

Below is a video from an anniversary celebration last August. Notice all the Big Brother symbolism and the happy sheeple.

Is this our future?

Singapore National Day Parade 2009


For a more involved treatise on the symbolism used, go to Ignorance Is Futile! IIB is a student of esoteric NWO symbolism.

Dio, the last Neon Knight falls

Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona in 1942) was a local hero here in these parts in Upstate NY. When he passed away this past Sunday on May 16th, it represented in a way a passing of an era here, that he was the last of the Old Industry that comprised Wickwire’s, Brockway, Smith-Corona and others.

Those companies have been long gone from here, and so was Ronnie in a way, since he made his home in California after leaving and finding his fortune. But he still had ties here since he had a father, son, grandchildren and a former band-mate making his home area their home too.

So here’s to you Dio, the Last Neon Knight, may you find that home on Silver Mountain!

Neon (K)Nights


Blimp Shaped UFO Meme, Thirty Years Apart

From the “you gotta be sh*ttin’ me” department:

Somerville police were flooded with phone calls this morning after residents reported seeing a large tube-like object fluttering through the sky.

Police said they were swamped with phone calls after a flurry of callers reported to radio station NJ 101.5 that a UFO was flying above the area. Residents then began calling the Somerville Police Department to report the object.

“I first noticed when all our mechanics started looking up at the sky,” said Terry Weil, a sales associate at Honda Autosport in Bridgewater. “It looked like a big black strip fluttering in the air. Maybe a cylinder.”

Somerville Police Lt. Donna Young said authorities were not sure what the object was, but said it caused no problems other than tying up police phone lines shortly before noon.

“We have no idea what it was but it did not cause any problems here in Somerville,” she said. “We are under the impression that it might be a weather balloon or something like that, but regardless, it did not cause any problems whatsoever.”

The Air Traffic Control Tower in Morristown did not have any pilot reports of the object, nor did officials at Solberg Airport in Hunterdon, Somerset Airport in Bedminster and Blairstown Airport in Warren County.

Read the comments at the site also, it’s a hoot!

Police flooded with UFO sighting reports after residents see large, tube-like object over Somerset County

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Here’s an UFO sighting from thirty years ago of the same thing almost.

Is it a continuation of a meme? Hallucination? Balloons? dirigibles?


First of all, let it be known that I am not a UFO “believer” per say.

Although this occurred approximately 30+ years ago, I thought it’s time to report to various UFO investigation organizations. I hope this is worthy.
Thank you.

Around the winter of 1980, January perhaps, I just got off work at 9:30 P.M. from the auto dealership. I was a car salesman at the time. I started driving towards the city of Toronto, Canada, on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) eastbound to meet some friends at a bar on the Esplanad (a street lined with nightclubs). I didn’t have anything to drink, medication and didn’t smoke any pot.

As I was driving, I noticed a string of lights slowly rotating counter clockwise over the city of Toronto, at about the ten o’clock position from my point of view. This caught my eye because these formation of lights were very unusual. The lights were evidently in a circular pattern with about two thirds visible as the other third rotated out of view. Imagine a pie plate with about 25 lights around the circumference of it. As this “pie plate” would revolve, a third of these lights would be hidden from view as if they were obstructed by a solid body. It was at night so all I could see was these rotating string of lights but they were definitely on a “fixed” platform as the lights were revolving in unison.

Although I’ve heard of UFO’s and was curious, at that time in my life, I didn’t really give that much thought about them. I’ve always been interested in nature and especially about the universe. I’ve seen all kinds of aircraft and advertising blimps at night before. I drove taxi’s off and on for fifteen years on the night shift and have seen countless meteors, lightening, satellites etc. On two occasions I’ve even seen extremely bright, slow falling, green fireball meteors lighting up the ground, for a couple of seconds, as if it was daylight . I’ve read, in later years, were other witnesses reported green fireballs as UFO’s. I chuckled to myself thinking how easily “UFO believers” can be fooled by natural phenomenon.

Anyway, these circle of lights were slowly descending and approaching towards me (westbound), while I was driving about 115 kilometers per hour on the highway (eastbound). These lights were getting closer and closer as “we” approached each other. I recall thinking to myself that this must be some kind of advertising balloon and those lights were letters. As I kept driving, I was paying more and more attention to this object because the closer it was getting, the more unusual it looked. I kept glancing at it, while driving, waiting until it was close enough to read what these letters were saying, still thinking it was some kind of advertising blimp. The closer it got, the more I looked at it. Now at my nine o’clock position, the string of rotating lights appeared to bank left like an airplane would “turning right”. Actually it wasn’t banking at all. It was dipping forward pointing towards the ground. At this point, I realized that these lights were not letters at all. They were different shaped, yellowish white lights. The reason these lights were different in shape was because they were “inset” into some solid body. When the lights were seen head on, they were circular. But as they rotated out of “direct” view, they changed shape like the different crescents of the moon. That’s why they appeared to be all different shapes.

During the time when this object started to bank left, or I thought from my point of view, I was struggling with myself trying to understand whether this was a plane, blimp, or a balloon. It was flying too slow for a plane, yet, too fast for a blimp. Also, it didn’t appear to be flying or floating. The best way I can describe it’s motion is that it looked like it was “sailing” in the sky.

What’s interesting here is that the human brain tries to associate what the eyes are seeing, to something already seen or experienced before. That’s why I was at war with myself trying to decide whether this object was a plane, blimp or a balloon. Every time I resigned myself to what I must be witnessing, I jumped to another conclusion. This jumping from one conclusion to another occurred during the whole experience. I was imagining all kinds of things. For example, if it was a plane, the only way these lights could have been positioned was in a circle because this plane must have had some kind of supporting structure in a circle from wing tip to wing tip. This didn’t make any sense at all. I’ve seen advertising planes before. This was nothing like this. Not even close. Than I was trying to imagine a “Goodyear blimp” with these letters going across it’s side. This was nothing like it either. So here I was, trying to drive and watch this object at the same time. As I was driving, I started to slow down because I kept looking at this circle of lights more than the road ahead of me. In retrospect, I don’t even know how I kept my car on the road because I was so awed by this display in the sky.

Here is the killer.

As the object kept dipping forward more and more, it eventually ended up totally perpendicular to the ground! The first thing that came to mind was a big Ferris wheel rotating in the sky. At this point I slowed down to about 50 KPH (30 miles an hour in a 60 MPH highway for my American friends) and put my four way, flashing hazard lights on my car fearing that another car would crash into the back of me for going so slow on a 100 KPH highway.

Here is another shocker.

As I was mesmerized by this strange looking object, a surge of adrenaline hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t realize how BIG this thing was. At first I thought it was the size of an airplane fairly close. IT WAS GIGANTIC! At least twice the size of a football field, bigger than an aircraft carrier!!! I don’t know what gave away it’s size. Maybe the reflections of light on the ground. The best way I can relate this sudden realization is like one of those illusions most of us have seen. You know, when you look at a pixel drawing with an image you can’t see until you stare at it for a while? After a period of time, you make out the face of a women or something like that? That’s kind of the transformation I experienced. At first I thought the object was the size of a large plane than suddenly I REALLY saw it. IT WAS HUGE!!! I yelled out loud to my self, “Holey F**k, IT’S HUGE!!!”. I don’t F***ing believe it, it’s F***ing HUGE!!!. I thought it was fairly close at first, than bang!, it was much farther away and larger than my brain first comprehended it. Speaking about this surge of adrenaline. Have you ever had a really close call having a car accident? When your heart rate skyrockets to about 180 beats per minute? That’s what I felt when I realized how GARGANTUAN this object was! I could actually feel my heart pounding like crazy. To be frank, it literally scared the hell out of me, when I realized how big it was. At this point, I rolled down my window and pointed to this giant “Ferris wheel” in the sky to the other motorists, but it appeared no one seemed to notice as they screamed by me at regular highway speeds. I remember how cold it was when I rolled down my window. It was something like minus 30 Celsius below zero.

After, I don’t know how long, probably only a few seconds of rotating in this perpendicular position, this thing started to climb and right itself and “sail” back to the direction it originally came from. I rolled up my window, turned off my hazard lights, and started to speed up to chase it. Still it seemed other motorists didn’t notice this object. It still irks me to this day. As I was approaching the city limits, this object was in it’s flat position again climbing over the city. Then, all of a sudden, the rotating lights turned off except for a red “aircraft like” blinking light (which I never noticed before). After a few seconds, the rotating lights turned on again. It was like in the movie “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”. The lights just blasted on. Than after a few seconds they turned off again as it seemed to be right over the city. Strange behavior. Now I was exiting off of the highway on to Spadina Rd. I lost track of these lights because of the tall buildings. When I was on the street where I was going, I saw a cop parked on the other side of the road writing a parking ticked. I stopped in the middle of the road and ran over to him. He was quite taken aback by my seemingly aggressive approach. I asked him, “how long have you been here?” I forgot what he said, but I asked, “did you see that big circle of lights flying in the sky? He said “no”. After parking my car, I met my friends at the bar, “Baily’s”, and told them what happened but they didn’t take me seriously as they’ve already had a few and were more interested in the ladies.

After sitting at the bar by myself for a couple of hours I went home. I was living at my parent’s house at the time, temporarily, so when I got home around 1 A.M., I called the police. I didn’t know who else to phone at the time. They didn’t take me seriously of course so after that, I phoned the Toronto International Airport and managed to get through to Air Traffic Control and asked them if they had anyone call in with a UFO report. Nothing. So I called the police again and convinced them to take me seriously as I wanted to make a report. They told me they can send a couple of officers to my house. As it was late and my parents were asleep, I told them I’d rather come to the station the next day to report. Next morning, when I contemplated going in I decided not to, fearing they would think I’m some kind of wacko.

As the days went by, scanning the newspapers looking for a “UFO sighting” to no avail, I started doubting myself. I was trying to convince myself that perhaps I was somehow mistaken. Maybe it was something not out of the ordinary at all. Maybe it was a balloon or airplane of some kind. Maybe like thousands of others, I witnessed something that I misinterpreted for something else.

The common link is the fact is that all the observers thought that they saw a large balloon, not an actual nuts and bolts spaceship, if not for the movements of the object.

Are our perceptions being played with by super beings? Or are we all taking in the equivalent of DMT without realizing it?

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: “It Was Gigantic! Twice The Size of a Football Field, Bigger Than An Aircraft Carrier!!!

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