Is the nanotech “gray-goo” disaster already here?

From The Daily Mail :

A breed of Frankenfood is being introduced into human diet and cosmetics with potentially disastrous consequences, experts said last night.

Academics, consumer groups and Government officials are warning that the arrival of nanotechnology threatens dangerous changes to the body and the environment.

The particles it uses are so small – 80,000 times thinner than a human hair – that they can pass through membranes protecting the brain or babies in the womb.

Nano health supplements, such as antioxidants, are already on the market while the first of hundreds of new foods are expected to arrive in the next 12 months.

However, the products are being introdeduced without any regulation or independent assessment to ensure they are safe – mirroring the controversy over the launch of GM foods ten years ago.

The stink over Genetically Modified foods still rages. Monsanto has been severely scrutinized the past few years over it’s GM seeds at home and internationally (link).

Unregulated nanotechnology is akin to playing Russian Roulette with two loaded chambers instead of one. Nanotech can be one of the greatest tools ever invented by mankind, but do I need to say it? Every one of Man’s inventions can be either tool or weapon. And as the article states, it’s already used extensively in cosmetics and paints. It wouldn’t take much for an unscrupulous government (or the NWO if they haven’t already) to weaponize nano.

Visions of Greg Bear’s Blood Music Michael Crichton’s Prey come to mind.

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  1. Medical nano is almost here too:

    I wouldn’t mind that. Except I’d be nervous about the stuff turning me into the Blob or a giant bacteria! 😎

  2. Ever since the days of fluoridation, they’ve been screwing around with our food. How ironic, that they can pass anything they want to us without approval, and the true natural health aids and medicines are stopped by a bunch of Neo-Nazi ‘doctors’ that comprise the AMA, who are nothing more than paid dupes of Big Pharma.

    Well, I know that anyone that bucks the status quo is considered a nut, but I’d sooner be called a nut than be a sheep.

    Alex Jones for prez!


  3. Understatement of the year:

    I’m going to enjoy watching them go down.

  4. Yeah, Uncle Al has expounded on that for years, but I think he hasn’t ranted about nanotech much.

    Neoconmunists point their fingers at “liberals” and say “nanny state, nanny state, nyah, nyah” but these bastiches are the biggest nanny-state, militarist expansionists ever. They arrest parents who don’t want their kids vaccinated with certain vaccines, they add stuff to the food chain unbeknownst to the public and they experiment their new weapons on the conquered populations. Plus they want to tell me how to have sex with the wife. Now that burns my ass!

    You know me, I’m a techno-geek to a certain extent. I love this advanced stuff. People should be given a choice is all. Not forced down their throats or snuck (sneaked?) into sh*t.

    But of course, choice isn’t what the NWO is about.

  5. Hi dad2059…

    The Highwayman pretty much summed up the ugly connections. The Euro-Union has shunned/banned GMO’s and I suspect they’ve done so with “nano-products” too without proper oversight.

    We’re simply witnessing what the world is like with a corporatist/fascist paradigm in place; ie., a bunch of “pirate capitalists” that not only believe in laissez-faire trade, the same for product development and oversight. Hey, what the hell do the super-rich cognoscenti care if the unwashed masses end up turning to goo, or mutant ninja-turtles?! They have a staff of five star chefs preparing them nutitious haute’ cuisine 24/7/365. The cars they drive have burlwood (real wood) dashboards… : | Truly, they are a nasty, greedy lot of eco-unfriendly “stuff” acquisitors …no?!

    Here’s a link to a collection of links covering everything you either wanted to know or not know abou nanotechnology. I’m enthused for these techniques when it comes to constructing super efficient PV’s and strength of materials apps etc., but I have reservations about products that will be taken into the human body. Obviously too much is unknown about the future impact of this engineering technology. No doubt, like most if not all of modern mankinds discoveries will turn out to be our worst nightmare in some way or form.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Like the elite aren’t rich enough already Carl? LOL!

    That would be a mistake for them to assume they would be immune from a nanophage. Something that small and programmed to change atomic structures would get those assholes too!

  7. Hi dad2059…

    They live in their secluded moutain estates, helicopter access only, in faraway hideaways from the madding crowd, their homes are built to industrial strength standards with lab grade super-sub micron HEPA electrostatic filtration systems. No doubt they’l have engineered nano-vaccines to counteract any personal issues. They can also afford a staff of the best doctors and cutting edge scientists to intervene on their behalf. As they watch the unwashed masses being reduced to twitching piles of nano-jello they’ll no doubt laugh maniacally as their plan to cull the billions of useless eaters has finally come to fruition…no?! ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Hi dad2059…

    “Like the elite aren’t rich enough already”

    My apologies for not answering your question. Actually they never have enough money. Their wealth accumulation simply keeps score while their main interest is the acquisition of evermore power. Power to them is the ultimate head trip and aphrodisiac.

    The sorry state of the U.S. and the world in general attests to the fact that these shadowy oligarchs never have enough of either; ie., power or wealth. These people virtually “own” everything you see in your vision field, the land, the minerals, the timber, the banks and even the little people that populate the surface of their land.

    Even if a person owns their home, mortgage free, they still don’t own it. Quit paying your property taxes and you’ll find out why.

    Everyone has the boot these shadowy people on our collective necks. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, the wealthy potentates of the Middle East and Old European gentry who are sitting on “trillions” of old wealth including the absolute ownership; ie., the “deed” to everything in our vision field.

    Politicians, lawyers, scientists, think-tankers etc. are nothing but their “running dogs” for the facilitation of their plans to consolidate their power and their holdings reducing peoples of the world to the level of abject serfs in time. Evermore of everything in the world is moving into the hands of the few at the expense of the many…!

    Carl Nemo **==

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