Will the world keep financing the American Federal Empire?

During the last six months or so, I catch the CNBC International reports every morning while getting ready for work. The show covers the European and Asian stock exchanges in great detail and I have learned quite a bit about globalism and its’ relationship to the New (One) World Order. I have discovered that the world is already broken up into economic zones loosely. Probably not as united as the NWO would like it, but its’ roots are firmly in place.

With that in mind, finally a little over 60% of the public in the United States are aware of  the nations’ precarious economic position, and their own financial place in the global scheme of things.

And they are finally scared. Not only are they scared, they are coming to the realization that there is little they can do about it. Some are pinning their hopes on the upcoming Presidential Elections, but as the past year has shown, both major political parties are in the back pocket of the Globalists/Militarists. If there are those of you reading this who currently still believe the US is a Democratic Republic, I put this question to you; “Has the Congress performed the wishes mandated them by the 2006 Congressional Elections?” No? I thought not.

So obvious to me anyway, politicians will do little to change the status quo. Why should they? They gain mightily by serving and preserving the military-industrial-congressional-complex. Iraq War II has been a bonanza to the global militarists and their sycophants. But this was done with the blessings of the NWO and its present useful tools, the neocons and the private Federal Reserve Banks. Without globalist(globalism) financing, the continuing Iraqi Occupation would not be possible according to Paul Craig Roberts:

 In the 21st century, the US economy has been driven by consumers going deeper in debt. Consumption fueled by increases in indebtedness received its greatest boost from Fed chairman Alan Greenspan’s low interest rate policy. Greenspan covered up the adverse effects of offshoring on the US economy by engineering a housing boom. The boom created employment in construction and financial firms and pushed up home prices, thus creating equity for consumers to spend to keep consumer demand growing.

This source of US economic growth is exhausted and imploding. The full consequences of the housing bust remain to be realized. American consumers lack discretionary income and can pay higher taxes only by reducing their consumption. The service industries, which have provided the only source of new jobs in the 21st century, are already experiencing falling demand. A tax increase would cause widespread distress.

As John Maynard Keynes and his followers made clear, a tax increase on a recessionary economy is a recipe for falling tax revenues as well as economic hardship.

Superpower America is a ship of fools in denial of their plight. While offshoring kills American economic prospects, “free market economists” sing its praises. While war imposes enormous costs on a bankrupt country, neoconservatives call for more war, and Republicans and Democrats appropriate war funds which can only be obtained by borrowing abroad.

By focusing America on war in the Middle East, the purpose of which is to guarantee Israel’s territorial expansion, the executive and legislative branches, along with the media, have let slip the last opportunities the US had to put its financial house in order. We have arrived at the point where it is no longer bold to say that nothing now can be done. Unless the rest of the world decides to underwrite our economic rescue, the chips will fall where they may.

Of course the main NWO plan involves more than the expansion of Eretz Israel. In the elites view, the serfs of the world are to be taxed and cannon-fodder, Israel’s included. That’s for a later discussion though.

Paul Craig Roberts was a St. Ronnie Raygun follower and still touts the Sainted One as a True Conservative. We all know that Ronnie was a neocon tool, even if he himself believed otherwise. Roberts has tried to redeem himself the past few years by recognizing that the present regime is a faux conservative imposter and has worked tirelessly to expose them. Even while he has come to see that “deficits do matter”, he has not admitted his own “Reagonomics” started this slippery slope to begin with! Oh well, better late than never.

The globalists are determined to control the American economic landing into a recession because while fueled by debt, the American Economy is still the world’s largest and the prime mover of globalism. If the US crashes too hard, so will others, and the NWO doesn’t want the global network to collapse too quickly. They still need serfs who are employed to pay taxes that support their various agendas.

You wouldn’t want them to dirty their dainty paws, would you?

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  1. Paul Craig Roberts is a regular commenter on Prison Planet.

    I wonder if the neocons vilify him?

  2. They’re probably seeing him as a ‘weird uncle’ not to be taken too seriously! What I have a hard time taking seriously is a society of middle class trying to live like the elite, and it is destroying them and their country!

    We’re in the mess we’re in because we’re trying to live a fantasy, and fantasies need financing – enter the international banker and his ‘cheque book’ of digital riches that appear AND disappear at a keystroke!

    We’ve been trading promissory notes for long, we come to think of THEM as money, and countries do the same with one another. Problem is, a note must be backed my hard currency, and though they might dole out promissory notes in abundance, (the Federal Reserve) THEY expect to be paid in REAL money… in this case gold and silver. America has no significant reserve of gold, the bulk having been funneled back to elitist headquarters in London, to the offices of the international banking cartel located there. (The Middle Temple.)

    See here: http://nesara.insights2.org/CrownTemplars.html

    Interesting when you understand how international finance works, that all debts can be written off with a keystroke, because all transactions are digital, anyway! No actual ‘money’ changes hands, it’s all ‘virtual’ money. The Fed generates ‘cash’ the same way, when it bolsters other bank’s ‘cash’ reserves. The only real wealth is gold, and if the country has no gold, all it has is debt – unpayable debt.

    America’s debt resides only in the imagination of it’s people. Meanwhile, they’ve been robbed of their gold reserves by international pirates, and they themselves reduced to a life of servitude; they AND their posterity, to pay off a debt that can never be paid.

    All countries with central banking as their economic mainstay have the same problem. Credit, in any form, is the downfall of any society.

  3. When a person’s debt becomes unpayable for lack of funds, foreclosure is inevitable. America will then forfeit her land, all international holdings, the private property of her citizens… it all goes to the bank. This was the objective from the beginning, anyway.

    One eminent statesman (Jackson, I believe) summed it up perfectly, when he remarked that if central banking were allowed to come into America, Americans would one day wake up and find themselves homeless in their own homes.

    Another prophecy fulfilled, and very soon! A reality for many, even today!

  4. It doesn’t serve the NWO to totally break the back of the US economy, they still depend on us to supply missiles for the bankers to control various nations. Like I said, the world economy is now just that, world economy. Even though the elites have all the hard currency, they still rely on us serfs of the world to provide for them.

    The US economy is headed for a downturn in order to usher in the North American Union, while pushing consumerism onto the growing “middle-classes” of China and India to pick up some of the slack.

    This is one of the goals of the Bilderberg Meeting of 2007 for fiscal year 2008 according to Daniel Estulin. Seems to be working out that way so far.

  5. Hey dudes, What’s the good news? I come in search of the truth and have found it, now I’m crying all the way back to fantasy land.
    I’m sitting here with the headlights on and the radio playing, while not even worrying about running down the battery. Maybe I had better consider where I’m parked. It’s a long walk in the cold to find anyone thats gonna give me a jump start. Could ya turn the heater on and pass me another Corona while I check to see if there are any $$ in my Social Security cache…G:

  6. Yes, even slaves have to be looked after, but their mobility is severely limited, as are their social and economic freedom. World domination is the ultimate goal of the NWO.

    Geez… *scratching head* we all may need some of that shit you’re smokin’ before this is over!


  7. Hi dad2059 et. al. …

    We actually find ourselves as a nation in an interesting position. There’s an old saying that if the debtor owes the bank a small amount of money the bank owns them, but if the debtor owes large amounts to a bank the debtor owns the bank.

    Individuals and corporations can declare bankruptcy, but when it comes to entire nations unchecked bankruptcy could devolve into war and in these times WWIII.

    Many times South American nations have gone bankrupt or suffered hyper-inflation in the past 100 years and the large center banks in the U.S. have jumped to their aide, rescheduling debt and many other gimmicks to prop up a failing currency.

    Prior to Ronald Reagan’s presidency we were the worlds largest “lender”. After eight years of this neocon stooge as president who was controlled by Mr. CIA; ie., H.W. Bush we ended up the worlds largest debtor nation. They poured trillions down the MIC rathole fighting the crumbling Soviet Empire which was already in the last stages of collapse due to the inefficiencies of communism. Our NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) said as much, but Reagan either ignored it or the truth was kept from ol’ wobble-head…!

    With the current wrap-up under Bush II we’ve been “finished-off” as a nation. If, this was part of a plan to destroy our country and to bring us to our knees and seemingly the NWO/AIPAC/PNAC crowd have succeeded. I simply cannot believe it was unintentional.

    So the Chinese and just about everyone else that we owe money have to walk very gently in a world whose economic system revolves around the health of the U.S. economy, if it should die like a slug in the noonday sun.

    Visualize that we owe astronomical amounts of money and the busted U.S. moves into a hard recession/depression along with a failing currency. We are the equivalent of a “black hole event horizon” and we’ll take the entire world with us as we implode. I’m not joking either. If the U.S. dollar fails the Chinese Yuan won’t be worth asswipe, nor the yen, the Euro nor anyone else’s fiat, fru-fru currency. If the bankers want to save their bacon then they need to reschedule all debt at much lower rates and the principals will have to simply take their medicine or lose everything as an alternative. I guess we could call the process a international banking based bankruptcy proceeding. They the G8 nations will also have to curtail printing currency like there’s no tomorrow and to index their currency printing to national inflation which must absolutely maintained below a certain level. Those nations that fail to do so need to be punished through trade embargos etc. Our national leaders will have to adopt a balanced budget policy and to imediately curtail their tax and spend ways. This was the original design behind the creation of the Euro; ie., all member nations must maintain their inflation below certain established levels or lose Euro advantages and privileges. Inflation destroys the value of all fiat currencies equally due to the large price increases in commodities across the board from which everything is manufactured or consumed.

    China is our largest direct creditor with Japan through their investment in U.S. Treasuries and the yen carry trade.

    The yen carry trade is unwinding as a I write this. The carry trade is one where a speculator borrows Yen which pays almost zero interest and then converts it to USD or some other currency that pays fairly high interest. They deposit the converted Yen to USD into an interest bearing instrument and enjoy the spread yield on the investment. When the higher yielding investment matures then it can be converted back to Yen with the yen loan liquidated and the speculator makes money on the spread and so on it goes, but when the currency you invest in such as the U.S. dollar starts tanking against the host currency the Yen or any other borrowed currency you start losing on your interest income bet so you decide to unwind the carry loan asap so you don’t get burned.

    Most people don’t understand what interest is about. The amount of interest either paid or received is linked to “risk”. The higher the rate the greater the risk. The U.S. is becoming a high risk investment because of it’s unchecked national profligacy both at government and personal levels, while it’s national banker; ie., the Fed is “lowering” rates and running the printing presses like mad. The crooks in DC are trying to pay back debt in ever-cheapening dollars, but their plan is doomed to fail. In a fiat currency world they should be doing the opposite, raising rates curtailing the the printing of new money and creating a situation where money is dear causing a shakeout of excess in the capital markets, consequences be damned. Instead they are doing the opposite to shore up our phony butt stock market and our quite weak “real” economy which has been nothing but smoke and mirrors for a number of years.

    America’s manufacturing infrastructure has been gutted mightily with most of our industrial base now offshore. We have a trade deficit approaching one trillion per annum and the most important export from the ports of Long Beach and New York are scrap metal and cardboard. Our nation of debt addicts buys stuff made in China and elsewhere, rip open the boxes to get to their toys that have simply been charged to a card and then ship the scrap containers and dead metal from junked auto’s containers etc. back to the nations that are now producing the goods for the world; ie., China, India, Malaysia, et. al.

    America has become nothing a giant consumeristic “feedlot” of deadbeats. Would any sane person or nation want to continue to lend to such out of control losers ? I think not…!

    “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth; take it away from them but leave them with the power to create credit; and, with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you want to be slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers control money and control credit.”… Sir Josiah Stamp, Director, Bank of England, c1940.


    Carl Nemo **==

  8. […] ianward2 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDuring the last six months or so, I catch the CNBC International reports every morning while getting ready for work. The show covers the European and Asian stock exchanges in great detail and I have learned quite a bit about globalism and its’ relationship to the New (One) World Order. I have discovered that the world is already broken up into economic zones loosely. Probably not as united as the NWO would like it, but its’ roots are firmly in place. With that in mind, finally a little over 60% of the public in the United States are aware of  the nations’ precarious economic position, and their own financial place in the global scheme of things. And they are finally scared. Not only are they scared, they are coming to the realization that there is little they can do about it. Some are pinning their hopes on the upcoming Presidential Elections, but […] […]

  9. Captain Nemo

    Sir Josiah Stamp said a mouthful about banking. I’ve never trusted the banks but didn’t know why untill I started hanging out around these jar heads here on Dads blog. I think that I can see clearer now, and at the same time I’m scared sh*tle$$. My only knowledge about money was that Egypt had the first cashless society and that the value of goods was determined by the relative value of a bag of wheat, and was carefully evaluated by the scribes who worked for the Pharaoh. If I remember correctly the Pharoah recieved about 4% of whatever goods were produced by the sheeple. It almost seems better than the evil doings that are going on today…G:

  10. We realize here the global “banksters” are the real powers behind the various thrones of the Earth. Slowly, but surely the governments of the planet are merging with corporations (either financial or manufacturing) to become as one. Mussolini called it fascism or corporatism. Corporate monopolies merging with governments is also a form of Communism. In the old USSR and Maoist China, companies were State owned. Now the State is Corporate owned. The NWO got what it wanted, only through the backdoor of “capitalism”. Corporate Monopolies are the new Socialism and the Chinese Technocracy is the NWO’s ideal model.

    When Bu$hco talks about “free enterprise” needing tax breaks, this is Newspeak for “The Masters don’t pay taxes, serfs do”.

    I don’t do medieval, it tends to give me a bad attitude.

  11. Also Google “sovereign wealth funds”. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, India and China that are flush with cash are bailing out near broke financial corporations hit by the subprime “crisis”.

    It’s just another way to combine governments with mega-corps.

  12. Hi Wordgeezer…

    Thanks for the feedback. Notice that the Egyptians were intelligent enough to link their monetary system to something of value; ie., wheat whereas all modern currencies are simply linked to “faith”. In the case of the U.S. it’s simply linked to the “full faith and credit of the United States” which has not defaulted on any of its national debt since the founding of the Republic. Franklin Roosevelt confiscated the gold from the pockets of everyday citizens, Lyndon Johnson cut silver from backing the dollar “silver certificate” and Richard Nixon cut the dollar away from gold. When nations start debasing their currency it’s the first signs that they are headed for the ashbin of history. “We the People” are on the brink of our national demise…!

    In the past we would compensate our creditors with higher rates for accepting loan risk, but Bushco with Fed puppet Bernanke are trying to stiff the lenders with by paying ever less vigorish on the debt. They are backing away to the exits as I write this since they no longer trust the mythos of the “full faith and credit of the US” as being something they can count upon.

    The PNAC, AIPAC stoked neocon ideologues with Bush/Cheney as their front men refuse to extricate or at least tone down our presence in the Middle East and in fact or still baiting for a confrontation with Iran.

    Basically they want to fight wars engaging in national “credit card fraud” as far as I’m concerned; ie., max out the card and skip by paying back in super-inflated, worthless USD or even go to war; ie., WWIII resulting in no pay back at all…?!

    Lincoln was dogged by the bankers during the Civil War with interest demanded by the banks both domestic and foreign at a whopping 26 percent. It’s understandable because a nation engaged in civil war is on the utmost shaky terms in terms of its future. I mentioned in my commentary that interest rates are tied to risk.

    In our times we owe truly astronomical amounts of money. Our nation has rapidly lost its manufacturing base and other than the weapons of war, aircraft, agricultural, mineral and timber commodities, but our great blue collar supported manufacturing base has dried up like a slug in the noonday sun.

    Regardless of who ends up in the Whitehouse in January 2009 they basically have a nightmare on their hands. I have ideas on how to solve the problem, but alot of folks would to lose their cell phone accounts among other things… :))

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country… Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

    Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865
    Carl Nemo **==

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