NWO Seniors Back Their Presidential Candidates

From Truth News:

As globalist tool John McCain rises to the forefront of the GOP party, it becomes increasingly clear that he will likely head off Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Behind the veil, this fixed-election might be indicated, at least for illustrative purposes, by maximum contributions from globalist kingpins David Rockefeller to Hillary, and from Henry Kissinger to John McCain.

Of course, pockets as deep as a Rockefeller can afford to back all the horses in the race– which, of course, generally happens through CFR and Bilderberg vetting, but perhaps David Rockefeller’s own donation gives away his selected choice for heir. (And all indicators have Hillary taking the crown).

At least two other Rockefellers have thrown money behind Hillary, though several other minor Rockefellers have contributed towards Obama, McCain, Richardson, and Edwards, all of whom are within the CFR-sphere of control as well.

What is the likely-hood that this news was ever broadcast by the corporate media? None you say? Get yourself a cigar! I listen to European news quite a bit and even they haven’t said squat about this. And the Europeans are more knowledgeable about the NWO, Bilderbergs and CFR than Americans are by far! That’s how far this is buried under the rug by the “media”.

I wonder how many Obama supporters realize how much support his campaign has received from the “minor” Rockefellers? None I’ll wager. And if they did know, it’ll be conveniently “ignored”. This is how tainted the American electoral process has become.

My guess is that the next cycle will be a “caretaker” neo-liberal leadership type government for the U.S., i.e., Hillary Clinton, reminiscent of the “gay 1990s” to get people distracted from the past eight year shake-down the neoconmunists just did. The economy may recover some, but be prepared for more North American economic zone integration, (SPP/NAU). And don’t get the idea that Iran is safe either, remember the “no-fly zones”, cruise missile attacks and U.N. sanctions Iraq got during the reign of Clinton 1? 500,000 Iraqi children died during that time I believe.

Of course this is all incumbent on the plans of the NWO leadership and their tool, the Bilderbergs. For now, the shooting war is done.

Next up are the neo-lib banksters and the “vice” to be clamped down to get at the “juice”.

3 responses

  1. Of course my prognosis could be wrong given the oh-so “come from the dead” rise of John McCain to become the darling of the neoconmunists and the bloody war machine.

    Does the NWO believe more blood is needed to slake their thirst?

    Rumor has it that the U.S. and China are going to have a staged shooting war in order to shift power to Asia and to finally balkanize America.

    With China being economically tied to the U.S. though I can’t see how they plan to pull that off.

    But you never know with the NWO! 😎

  2. Your prognostications make more sense than the ramblings over at A-Blog and other ‘fairy-central’ blogs! Yes, where the NWO is concerned, anything is possible… even a last-minute appearance by Al Gore in the race for the White House, because he is still the darling of the gay-ecofreak crowd. I’m not sure of that, of course, but he would be a shoe-in, having played both sides of the arena rather nicely with his environMENTALism.

    I haven’t been paying close attention to the esoteric community and their take on recent developments in the NWO. I guess it’s time to quit blogging so much, and start researching and following these guys around, and see what they’re up to. The intel changes rapidly in today’s information world… one can never be too up to date where the NWO is concerned!

  3. I don’t foresee an electoral appearance by the Gore-acle, he’s moved up the NWO food-chain via his daughter’s marriage to a prominent New York city investment bankster’s son.

    He’d much rather be a world cult leader than a leader of a dying republic, more power.

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