Huge Metal Spheres Orbiting the Sun?

NASA has a reputation for evading questionable anomalies that have cropped up on their own film in their instruments since the early Space Age.

Many astronauts have witnessed weird things running along side their space capsules and the space shuttle and although all communications with manned spacecraft are recorded, some of the more “interesting” communiques get “lost” in archive hell, sort of like that huge warehouse the “Ark of the Covenant” is stashed in at the end of the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’

Not only these get saved, but unmanned spacecraft’s information get the treatment too. As you see from this YouTube presentation, NASA’s ‘Stereo’ spacecraft takes some amazing film of the Sun and some interesting “things” are caught.

My disclaimer is that I don’t know if these things are Photoshopped, or if it’s possible to Photoshop them.

Decide for yourself.

Images from ‘Stereo Spacecraft’

VIDEO: Huge UFOs Orbiting the Sun

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  1. Read about this and saw images the other day. I don’t know what to think.

    May be the Empire built back-up death stars?

    1. I have a theory, but it isn’t a total feel good explanation if you know what I mean.

      Think of it like this; if we’re witnessing alien god-tech, they would’ve strangled us in our cradle 100 years ago if they wanted us gone.

      Feel better?

      I know, I’m an ass.

  2. A close look shows that light shining on the objects appears to be coming from other directions than the sun. That fact makes it hard to accept that these are real. However, any idiot trying to fake these would recognize the need to rotate the objects so that the “shine” would be on them in the correct attitude…right???

    1. So in your opinion it’s a fake Jim? Is it Photoshopped? Can you tell? I can’t because I’m not versed in it.

      If it’s a Photoshop job, it’s a good one!

  3. I’m no expert, and I think anyone who has studied art and light sources could see this, but I just looked at some of the orbs again and I’m stumped as to why the light “shining” on the orbs appear to be from a direction other than the sun and, on some orbs, where the sun “should” be shining, it’s not. What stumps me is why or how NASA would do this (I don’t believe they care enough about any of this to even make the effort.), and if they were going to do it (Photoshop), why they wouldn’t do it better. The whole thing is confusing to me, because if the orbs are there, they would have to be empty, useless shells.

    1. I don’t believe they care enough about any of this to even make the effort.

      You make a good point there, if anything, NASA has always downplayed anomalous things that were witnessed by the astronauts or captured by space probes.

      Willful denial? Could be.

  4. These photos are absolutely real. Don’t be stupid. You have to expand the photo and then focus it. You will see a portal in th lower center. They look like spheres but they are actually more than that. Their technology must be millions of years ahead of us. They are probably not even interested in our rucked up planet.

    1. These photos are absolutely real. Don’t be stupid.

      Why? Are you an expert?

      Even if we take these photos as genuine, you say our planet isn’t interesting to them, our Sun certainly is.

      Could the ‘spheres’ be actually wormholes?

      And using the Sun as a gravitational anchor?

    2. Well, they’re advanced enough to figure out how to travel through the galaxies and do so without the need for a tanning bed.

  5. Today I,m seing something interesting. At the south pole of the sun a very dark spot with a sphere hovering in the corona. This one gets near to the dark spot in the next image. 6:05:30 and 6:15:30. This could mean they have the technik to open a cold hole in the sun and get into it. Maybe travel all the way to another dimension. You guys take a look at it.

  6. Moreira,

    Hey send out a link….I’d like to take a look.


  7. Jim, you just look at the
    Then you go to Browse Data and then to stereo image search tool. You go then to EUVI 195 Behind, resolution 2048/2048
    and then click on search. You,ll see them.

  8. I,m sorry Jim They,re not Behind but Ahead.

  9. Moriera,

    I went behind and saw plenty, as many as 5 on one image. If you include other blurry areas, it could be more. So, I emailed Mr. Gurman at NASA for an explanation, because I don’t understand why some of them don’t have light/shadows that accurately correspond to the light source. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. If I get an answer, I’ll post it here.


  10. Moreira,

    Try the link below. This would explain why some of the objects have rotated, or reversed light shadows that are inconsistent with light source. If the cosmic ray images shown below are an aggregation of data, vs. actual photo, it is possible they would be reversed on occasion in the images, I believe. Still no reply yet, though…

  11. From Mr. Gurman you wont get a proper answer , he allways comes up with the pixels , the compressed artifacts, the beams, and so on,etc..If these things are able to create cold or dark spots in the sun , that wouldn,t bother me if they create also dark or cold sides on their own structure. Or shall we think this is nothing but alice in wonderland? I,m getting dizzy with it…

  12. Cosmic rays? I don,t believe these are cosmic rays.

  13. What you showed me from Nasa the one picture with the two spheres with poor resolution is not the same picture as the other one with the full resolution. No way.

  14. Cosmic rays have tails… Who are they trying to teach lessons?

  15. Beg your pardon, comets have tails, cosmic rays are rays, not spheres.

  16. Moreira,

    The images you’re seeing are made up of digitized, aggregated data that, when assembled into a viewable picture have been “translated” into what appears to be orbs. I think there is enough evidence provided by NASA to create serious doubts about these being real, though I deeply respect your personal position.


  17. The objects don,t follow the pixels pattern, they,re always sloping. and most of the spheres are surrounded by a power field or something. It looks like a kitcar with 4 large wheels on the sides. The most part of them reflect the light of the sun. It is very obvious. In the pictures with the better resolution we see even more objects, they are the same spheres and so on… they move. I have an image from 2008 from EUVI 195 Ahead, and I notice that the same objects are also there but manipulated so we don,t see them clearly. Why don,t they manipulate this time?For sure they want to show us something. Some people have eyes wide open, some others hide themselves in exagerated and blind objectivity and rationality, otherwise they see themselves as poor idiots.That,s what NASA wants.Period

  18. Quite interesting video… I wonder why I havent noticed it before. I think they could be real. I dont give it much speculation here..

  19. Call me an idiot, but is there no chance of it being the planet Mercury? Or is there even a slight possibility of it being an undiscovered dwarf planet or asteroid? In the last decade many have been discovered out past Pluto. These explanations seem more plausible than alien spacecraft. Then again, think about this. If an alien civilization had the technology to visit our solar system, why wouldn’t they visit us? Well, such an advanced civilization might have the foresight to realize that their contact could be detrimental to us. It could have profound political & social effects, or unleash unknown viruses on any/all earthly species, or the aliens themselves. Also, they just might not be interested in us. We would be so beneath them technologically, they wouldn’t make contact for the same reason a geologist studying rock formations somewhere, doesn’t initiate formal contact with the local insects in the area. Or maybe they are just doing routine solar information gathering/survey, or even collecting “fuel”? Point of thought on the orb theory, & it’s reflection/shadow. IF it were alien, who knows what it is made of? Maybe some material with properties that interact with light differently then we understand? Then again, maybe it’s all a hoax. In any event, the chances are we will never know. The governments of the world would never admit knowledge of, or contact with, aliens. It would make them appear helpless. They could lose face, or even control over the population. If there are aliens & contact were a possibility, it wouldn’t be until space travel was as common as air or car travel & people unavoidably started bumping into them on a regular basis.

  20. Not Mercury, there are hundreds of them, all around the suns surface and corona. I,m not saying these are aliens, I,m just saying these are not compression artifacts,these are not asteroids( too close to the sun, and they all have more or less the same pattern), not cosmic ray particles. They are all more or less spherical, most of them have a pattern around them that looks like a Kit car. I was wondering if it would be possible to change this pictures digitally, and if so ,maybe NASA has a hand on that…

  21. You know anything about Spectra?

    1. Hey, Anonymous, I Googled “Spectra” and got 59,900,000 hits. Do I have to read each and every one of them to play your guessing game or will you be more specific?

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