Baseball and Freemasonry?

In the past two years, I have run across many interesting things that come to the esoteric; syncronicities between mundane subjects that one could never have put two and two together to equal four ( or if you’re into neocon-fascist philosophy, two plus two equal five and the sheeple believe such ).

One such subject is the supposed American past-time, baseball.

In history, Abner Doubleday is the father of American baseball and the first game was played in Cooperstown New York in 1839, the reason the Baseball Hall of Fame is located there.

According to Todd Campbell of Through The Looking Glass however, “baseball” has a more “basic” reason for being:

“Shortly after posting “America’s “PAST” Time?” earlier this afternoon one of the most active Masonic based blogs out there [The Burning Taper or perhaps the HOT COCK] picked up on my article and posted the following response…it would seem that Masonry and baseball for that matter have more to do with Sex Magick than my supposed preoccupations with “numerology” and all things “conspiracy” related. Well duh…thanks for the ENLIGHTENMENT guys. I’d love to see the Burning Taper give us the “ins and outs” of Masonic sex practices on a more regular basis.

Yesterday’s Sports Illustrated ran a story, and the BBC posted an interview with historian Julian Pooley, indicating that “America’s pastime,” the game of baseball, may actually have been imported from England.

A diary entry from 1755, 84 years before Abner Doubleday mythically “invented” baseball, suggests that it was commonly played in the British Isles. (I found no evidence that Doubleday, the U.S. captain later promoted to general who fired the first Union cannonball at Fort Sumter which began the American Civil War, was a Freemason, but he was a prominent member and president of the Theosophical Society.)

During this time period in Britain, a “new” group called the Freemasons was also became popular way to wile away the hours.

The numerology-and-conspiracy obsessed blog Through the Looking Glass today upped the ante with a reference to baseball’s origins being Masonic. Quoting Randy Lavello’s article on, they give us:

“Baseball was obviously created by Freemasons, as it bears the unmistakable marks of Freemasonry. The field, from home plate to the left and right field wall forms a compass; the entire outfield wall is the semicircle which this compass draws. Upside-down, overlapping this compass, the bases form the square. Thus, the baseball field is the emblem of Freemasonry. Three strikes and three outs were assigned because three is the principle sacred number of Freemasonry. Four is a number of significance because it represents a square (the shape) and deals with the four directions, thus: four balls, four bases. Nine is sacred because it is three squared… there are nine fielding positions and nine innings. This brings us to a total of twenty-seven outs per team a game…and guess what? Twenty-seven, along with eighty-one, are the only two sacred numbers greater than ten. Though eighty-one doesn’t occur in baseball, because of the presence of two nines (fielders and innings) it’s appropriate to mention the reason eighty-one is so revered: the multiples of nine, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90 form a mirror image between the numbers 45 and 54. Also, each one of these numbers equal nine when adding the two integers which comprise the number: 18- 1+8 = 9; 27- 2+7 =9; etc. Because of this, nine times nine was deemed a ‘high’ number. This further explains the near obsession with numbers surrounding baseball averages, home runs, ERA’s, etc. It is truly a game for numerologists.

The diary entry by English lawyer William Bray dated Easter Monday, 31 March 1755, reads like this:

Went to Stoke Ch. This morning. After Dinner Went to Miss Jeale’s to play at Base Ball with her, the 3 Miss Whiteheads, Miss Billinghurst, Miss Molly Flutter, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Ford & H. Parsons & Jelly. Drank Tea and stayed till 8.

Six women, four men, and jelly? Hmmm….

As most of us know, playing baseball has another meaning, a sort of code for sex...”


A Freemasonry site that admits that “baseball” is code for sex-magic?

It makes sense, as the post states, “Remember the first time you “got to first base”? Or “scored”? Or “drove it home.”

I guess the “play-offs” and the subsequent “World Series” are Masonic code for orgy and gang-bang?

Ooooh baby! Pass the Viagra and pine-tar!

Hitting a Homerun


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  1. […] In the past two years, I have run across many interesting things that come to the esoteric; syncronicities between mundane subjects that one could never have put two and two together to equal four ( or if you’re into neocon-fascist … Continue here: Baseball and Freemasonry? […]

  2. Well, this societal construct we call reality, is, for the most part, built upon the premises and designs of pagans, who LOVE to flaunt their naughtiness in front of the chattel. Nothing surprising, here, in fact, I believe I’ve heard of this somewhere, before.

    The elitists really do love rubbing our noses in it. The architecture of government buildings, the layout of city streets, symbols of corporations, etc, often reflect some elitist’s cunning. They seem to get a high off of pulling the wool over the dumb sheep’s eyes!

    Guess I can’t really blame them, there! We’re such dolts when it comes to implicit trust in authority… even after all of the times we’ve been royally and blatantly screwed up the ass, and despite a cursory and half-assed irritation we display toward the antics of bought-and-paid-for politicians and other public servants, we wouldn’t even think of attributing acts of terrorism to our hallowed leaders.

    Denial is big business in the NWO.

  3. I was actually surprised about this, but when I think about it, it makes sense in a perverted kind of way.

    Which I guess is the way of the elitists, the more perverted the better!

  4. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Maybe the reason the power elite get away with so much is due to the fact that 25 plus percent of Americans are functionally illiterate; ie., cannot read or write, and a whopping 50 percent have reading comprehension levels to that of an eigth grader…!? I’ll post a link from a 1998 article concerning this issue. It will also explain why candidates who talk in the simplist terms repeating lies often, over and over are able to get elected or reelected more often than not.
    Ignorant , less educated folks enjoy down home, aw shucks euphemisms as uttered from the likes of McCain/Palin, the Bushistas et al. all cut from the same cloth.

    The more wordy and “heady” a politician’s presentation might be such as Obama’s as opposed to McCain’s simplistic repetitive messages causes many of those in the functionally illiterate zone to shut down. You don’t need to be literate to vote. Your only qualifier is to “see lightning, hear thunder, and be warm to the touch” and of course be able to know the difference between yes vs. no and how to shade the proper block on the ballot, to punch out the chaff or to god forbid be required to use one them thar new-fangled votin’ machines … : ))

    The U.S. has become a nation of the idiots, by the idiots, and for the idiots…no?! Meanwhile they are being sheparded by evil NWO facilitating pricks who pretend to be loyal honorable citizens of the U.S. Evil, educated literate opportunists will continue to control the ignorant and apathetic as now, as forever…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Maybe the reason the power elite get away with so much is due to the fact that 25 plus percent of Americans are functionally illiterate…

    That goes along with Highwayman’s assessment that the North American population has been “dumbed down” due to the crappy, unfunded mandated, government run school system we have now.

    The television and other popular media has been used to great effect by elitists to shorten already weakened attention spans into blocks of a few seconds at a time, just enough to take in “sound bites” of propaganda and other elitist B.S.

    The great Mid-West of the US is the hot-bed of this morass and the most easily manipulated, a ready recipe of disaster waiting to happen at the drop of the hat.

    Got Apocalypse?

  6. wow I was only going to comment on baseball/masonry…but I guess the anti Americans here have a forum to spew simplistic critisisims with out solutions yes we have problems,and we are trying to work on them…on base ball most baseball scolors (in the US) debunk the Abner Dubelday theroy and admit to the idea that baseball came from rounders, cricket,and early forms of stick and ball games from the uk…but like masonary base ball just showed up….during the us civil war,webmaster you have my e-mail please feel free to contact me i would like to discuss the baseball /mason /numbers idea further,reguards lenny

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