Week of January 19th, 2009

As the time ticks down to the end of one of America’s most reviled regimes, (Carter’s Administration is thrown in with this bunch, but I can’t see why when compared to Bu$hco’s) , the US is ready to inaugurate its first African-American President, a true novelty given the nation’s history, but probably inevitable none-the-less.

History is my profession (more like a hobby) by training, so I’m interested in the symbolism that pervades the incoming Obama Administration and how it might relate to future of the US.

Symbolism? What? How could the future President Obama be related to esoteric symbolism in any way, much less the relationship thereof?

According to Chris Knowles of  The Secret Sun , Obama’s “election” might actually have been preordained as a reincarnation of the “Osiris Cult” and is full of Masonic “Phoenix Rising” symbolism.

Crazy? Maybe. Knowles isn’t the only one to point out the obvious. Check this out at Red Ice Creations. Change? The Velvet Glove instead of The Mailed Fist maybe.

Not to mention the Inauguration is taking place after The Martyred Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s nationally recognised birthday. Osiris/Christ Resurrection and Phoenix Rising symbolism here folks? Sweet syncronicity!

Coincidence? Hmmm…

Even if one doesn’t believe in esoteric relationships, syncronicity and symbolism, it doesn’t matter one bit if you’re just one of the masses.

Because the people who are actually pulling the strings of finance, politics, religious institutions and yes, science, surely do!

BAB/Dad2059 😎



Weird Things


Centauri Dreams

James Essig


Graham Hancock


Science Fiction

Mac Tonnies

Karl Schroeder



The Illuminata

Gateway Monthly

Sci-fi News

Peter Watts: “Starfish” ( If you want your science fiction straight up and in your face, with no mixers, ice or water, anything by Watts is good shit )

Project Gutenberg Classic: Murray Leinster ( William Fitzgerald Jenkins ): “The Machine That Saved the World” ( 1957 )



The Secret Sun

New Discovery in Yemen Supports the Belief the Ark of the Covenant is There 

China: Dazzling UFO Seen and Filmed by 8 Firefighters

The Bosnian Pyramids

Millions See UFO Crash in Saudi Arabia

Call For Obama To Open UFO Files

Semantics of Alien Visitation

( Hat tips to The Daily Grail and The Anomalist for the above )

Stars Bring Glitz To Washington ( Obama Inauguration )

Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’ to combat anti-Zionist websites

Global Systemic Crisis: Tipping Point by March 2009

( Hat tip to Red Ice Creations )



Alex Jones

Jeff Rense

The Highwayman

American Free Press





Norse Berserker



Carl Nemo: Rain on the Parade…

Anti War

Raw Story


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  3. You said it Dad. This Obamarama presentation was carefully staged and has produced the needed effects on people all over the planet. He made a lot of promises that we all know will require change like never seen before, but, for now, the spirits of a downtrodden people have been lifted. The pharoahs of old would be impressed, or maybe…are?

    My favorite part is when the Dalek wheels out somewhere behind Bu$h looking every bit like he might start shouting, exterminate…exterminate!

    Bu$h’s legacy, “America has gone more than seven years without another terrorist attack on our soil”, is turned to compost as Obama casualy mentions “what the cynics fail to see is that the ground has shifted beneath them”.

  4. Hi dad2059…

    The “Red Ice Creations” link concerning Obama’s handpicked team truly sums up where we’re headed in the next four years.

    The more things seemingly change, the more they remain the same or worse…!

    It has the Clintonista ‘watermark’ all over it. Obama evidently is nothing but a stalking horse for the NWO. They’ve decided it’s time for a dose of the “good cop” routine, all the while they and their minions eroding our few remaining rights and freedoms. We’ll surely end up diminished as a nation even more so after four years of Obamafication!

    They’ve chosen any ethinically acceptable pawn as their front man. He may have high ideals etc., but no doubt he’s either been taken to their woodshed or will be taken soon to get his “marching orders”.

    Everyone and I mean every one of his cabinet appointments are nothing but retreads from the past that have all been instrumental in some way, to our current, abject, broken condition as a nation!

    I highly suspect we’ve been duped again when it comes to selecting a leader. Btw, McCain was no better either. He’s one uv’em too. So it’s always a win-win when it comes to the NWO, Bilderberg crowd pre-selecting then “allowing” us to indemnify either of their preordained choices… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Well guys, we’ll see how this Obamanator Administration works out during the next four years. It can’t be any worse than Bu$hco’s.

    This “bad cop, good cop” con-game has been the cycle for about a hundred years now, since the formation of the Federal Reserve Theft…er…Banks. It’s time for a little more socialism into the mix now because the economy got thrown under the bus ( intentionally ), so the sheeple can get sufficiently scared enough to demand more government intervention.

    It’s worked beautifully so far and Obama hasn’t even had to lift a presidential pen yet!

  6. Time for another false flag operation.

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