The New World Order of the Coming Neo-Middle Age

History repeats itself. Any person with a modicum of common sense or awareness knows that. Human civilization is replete with mighty empires and kingdoms that have over-extended themselves and suffered a fall; either slowly or spectacularly. Recently, it was the mighty USSR ( Soviet Union ) that suffered the inevitable fall of empire, leaving the ‘Stan’ Republics to fend for themselves.

Now, it is the American Federal Empire that is feeling the pressures of over-extension, currency devaluation and economic fatigue. The AFE is the largest Western Empire to start disintegrating since the Romans 1570 years ago ( Unless you count the British Empire, but in comparison of  political control and era in time, the Roman Empire had greater influence ). The Empire’s leadership and population are currently going through the ‘denial’ stage of this Fall and like in all deaths, this is grief in the fullest.

So how does the NWO fit in all this? Well, the elites historically have always been ‘ultra-national’ or more likely ‘ultra-sovereign.’ They have hidden in priesthoods, ministries, lodges, secret societies, brotherhoods and more recently; banks, financial institutions and multinational/mega-corporations.

In other words, the power behind the thrones.

When the AFE finally Falls, there will be many power vacuums throughout the world, but not too many governments are going to shrink and die away since the AFE is an Empire of military bases. Now some countries might try to fill in the power vacuum, like when America draws back from the South China Sea leaving Taiwan, Japan and South Korea vulnerable to Chinese advancement. That doesn’t mean that China will aspire to World Empire, it’ll merely be taking back what traditionally has been its sphere of influence.

More than likely it’ll be more likely that ‘city-states’ will re-emerge as power bases for a time, since mega-corps are borderless and have cities like New York, London, Brussels, Geneva, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo as their main base of operations.

Author Parag Khanna of the elitist think tank ( To me, all think tanks are elitist! ) New America Foundation puts this to the point:

[…] The classical world is defined by the flourishing of Greece; the Middle Ages followed the sacking of Rome; the European Renaissance led to the formation of nation states that organized the world in their image; and in the 21st century, Europe is pioneering the post-nation state regionalism and corresponding postmodern governance that is also being adopted around the world. Already we can see hints of the world going Europe’s way. Just consider the ongoing global financial crisis: ever more observers foresee the need for a balance between American capitalism and inflexible, overly managed statism. The right mix is European-style, social democratic capitalism.

First let us take a step back and see how the global landscape has already come to resemble a crucial period of European history, namely the Middle Ages. It was a long and uncertain period, and thus an ideal metaphor for our times. It was an age of plagues and progress, commercial revolutions, expanding empires, crusades, city-states, merchants, and universities. The new middle ages — synonymous with our postmodern globalization age — have already begun.

What makes this an NWO affair is this distinct Eurozone style “neofeudalism” that might result from the dominant American style of laisse-faire capitalism that has influenced the world for the past sixty-five years that is currently crashing down about its’ ears. The Rothschilds will probably re-emerge to claim a more socialistic world that will demand it and the Rockefellers will be left the dregs of the American continent.

So what will the future world look like?

Today’s list of “global cities” — New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Sao Paulo, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo — will also include Alexandria, Karachi, Istanbul, and others. Then as now, city-states are commercial hubs all but divorced from their national anchor, reminding that corporate actors will be paramount well into the future. Today’s sovereign wealth funds, fused with city-state savvy, will be tomorrow’s Hanseatic League, forming capital networks that radiate the newest technologies to those in their proximity. Hamburg and Dubai have just signed an agreement to boost bilateral trade and technical cooperation. City-states will pay for their protection as global security privatizes further into corporate hands, the knights, mercenaries, and condottieri of the 21st century.The Middle Ages witnessed innovations from the cannon to the compass, all geared toward enhanced global exploration. So too will the speed of communication and transport bring us ever closer toward simultaneity. As the ranks of billionaires soars beyond Gates, Branson, and Ambani, mega-philanthropists will become the postmodern Medicis, financing explorations in outer space and the deep sea, governing territory and production like medieval princes.

Okay, so the Rothschilds will have to share the world with the nuevo-riche Gates and Bransons, but the thing is, there’s only so many billionaires!

So much wealth will be in the hands of so few!

And that’s what will make the world feudalistic and give much joy to the NWO elites!

As history has shown, there will be an apocalypse after the Fall of Empire, there always is. And there will be proclaimations of the Second Coming of Christ, the Twelth Imam, the Technological Singularity or Alien Brothers that will come and save us from our travails.

But there will be no saving.

Just the living, struggling and suffering there always has been during human history.

Until the next Empire comes along.

A postmodern Middle Ages

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