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The Next Bilderberg Conference

To the best info I have, the 2007 Bilderberg Conference is in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey has been in the news quite a bit lately, mainly over whether to have an Islamist leader in their government as the Turks have the only secular democracy in the region. They are as of this moment fighting over whether or not to have more elections.

I wonder if they are making such a fuss over this because the Bilderbergers will be in town, and they know Bilderbergers don’t like the Abrahamic religions much. Hmmm…

Tony Gosling is the journalist tracking the Bilderbergers this year, here is his site

And there’s good Bilderberg stuff here: http://bilderberg.org/2007.htm

Some of his stuff is dated, but there is more current fare to see. Also he has a YouTube presentation (oh boy I get to try again).

I couldn’t hear the video, the sound card took a crap. I’m sure it’s cool though.

Aldous Huxley: Prophet of the NWO?

In 1999, I wrote an essay about hallucinogenic drugs for a health class I was taking during summer school (when I was working toward my associates degree). One of subjects in the paper was when Aldous Huxley experimented with mescaline. He kept a record of his experience and the result was The Doors of Perception. Of course I heard about Brave New World, but it wasn’t required reading in high school, or any of college English classes I had taken. Plus I considered since 1932 when the book was written, it was dated anyway.

But Huxley is but one of many famous British authors from the early 20th Century whose writings  openly advocated the coming of a One World Government and how the population might be controlled because of our violent nature:

“After police quell the riot with Soma vapor, John is arrested and taken to see the regional leader, Mond, who discusses the hedonistic philosophy behind the Utopian World State and how it was in the interest of keeping everyone happy that all strong emotions are erased with Soma and that religion, art, and science be eradicated from public consumption. John, however, argues that Soma is dehumanizing and how life is not worth living without creativity and spirituality… “

Somehow I think if only 28% of Americans can be convinced that G.W. Bu$h talks to God and thusly is God’s chosen leader to the United States, I’d say the NWO’s mind control methods are breaking down.  There’s that pesky 72% that says “Bu$h as God? You gotta be shittin’ me!”

I’d say their technique needs some tweeking. Revolution of the Mind: The Dreams of Aldous Huxley

Army of the Dominion

The first time anyone heard of Blackwater Security was when four of their employees were killed, burned and hung up on a bridge for all to see.

Then Fallujah paid the price.

The following is my first YouTube presentation. (Hope it works)