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Tesla Tech and the NWO

Nikola Tesla, as an historical figure never got much press. His contemporary, Tom Edison, received all of the press because as a businessman and inventor, Edison had to dig up as much capital as he could in order to fund his research projects. Tesla, on the other hand, was more into research and theory than business, which was unfortunate for him. In fact, Tesla worked for Edison for a short time. But differing opinions about direct current (Edison favored direct current) versus alternating electrical current for home and industrial usage caused a split and Tesla ended up working for Edison’s rival, Westinghouse. To make a long story short, one of Tesla’s inventions was a generator that could suck the electromagnetic energy in the Earth’s atmosphere and convert it into useful power. In fact, Tesla had a brilliant intern by the name of Otis T. Carr who took the concept and made an experimental vehicle that could fly and it exhibited characteristics similar to “UFOs”!

How come nobody has ever heard of Otis T. Carr? Because as in things that would loosen the control of the NWO over the people of the planet, things and people tend to disappear, or gets pushed into the “conspiracy theory”, “tinfoil-hat” or just plain nutsoid meme spin of history. I’m just asking you to read this story of Otis Carr through the words of Ralph Ring, the pilot of the experimental craft and give it due consideration. Then you can decide whether it’s tinfoil or not.

How the
U.S. Government Suppressed
the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry

 The author of the article, Dr. Michael E. Salla is an interesting figure in his own right. He what as known as an “exopolitician”. This is a subject I will expand on at another time.